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Top songs by Sheffield band Pulp, formed in the '80s they finally got commercial success in the mid-90s, becoming a reluctant part of the Brit-Pop scene with the likes of Oasis, Suede, Blur and theaudience.

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1 Common People

Probably their best known song, their joint biggest hit reaching number 2 in the UK Charts and the Top 40 across Europe. Classic Brit-Pop up there with classics by Oasis and Blur of that era. From their No1 album 'Different Class'

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2 Disco 2000

Their 3rd Top 10 hit, about the past, love and loss and what the future might hold in the year 2000. From their No1 album 'Different Class'.


3 Babies

1992, re-release in 1994 on 'The Sisters EP' gave Pulp their first UK Top 20 hit and first real taste of commercial success.

4 This Is Hardcore
5 After You
6 Something Changed

Another Top 10 hit and great catchy poppy guitar music BRIT-POP RULES.

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7 Do You Remember the First Time?

It feels like your first love and those real happy days. No matter what happens you'll always know you loved each other.

8 Help the Aged
9 Like a Friend
10 A Little Soul

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11 Sorted for E's and Wizz

So catchy, with a haunting, ringing tone coursing through it, emerging the listener...

This is really good song, I suggest to you.

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12 Lipgloss
13 Razzmatazz
14 Underwear
15 F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E
16 Mis-Shapes
17 The Trees
18 I Spy

Dark and sinister. Moody and melancholic. Superb

19 Mile End
20 Birds In Your Garden
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