Best Pulp Songs

Top songs by Sheffield band Pulp, formed in the '80s they finally got commercial success in the mid-90s, becoming a reluctant part of the Brit-Pop scene with the likes of Oasis, Suede, Blur and theaudience.

The Top Ten

1 Common People

Probably their best known song, their joint biggest hit reaching number 2 in the UK Charts and the Top 40 across Europe. Classic Brit-Pop up there with classics by Oasis and Blur of that era. From their No1 album 'Different Class'

Best Pulp song by a million miles!

2 Babies

1992, re-release in 1994 on 'The Sisters EP' gave Pulp their first UK Top 20 hit and first real taste of commercial success.

An extremely catchy song about a teenager spying on a friend’s sister’s bedroom experiences.

3 Disco 2000

Their 3rd Top 10 hit, about the past, love and loss and what the future might hold in the year 2000. From their No1 album 'Different Class'.


4 Do You Remember the First Time?

It feels like your first love and those real happy days. No matter what happens you'll always know you loved each other.

5 Pink Glove
6 F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E
7 This Is Hardcore

I didn't take her to the motel, She Took ME! - Fuziion

8 Birds In Your Garden
9 Razzmatazz
10 Something Changed

Another Top 10 hit and great catchy poppy guitar music BRIT-POP RULES.

Absolutely brilliant song from sheffields finest

The Contenders

11 After You

Released in 2013, theiir first released in about 11 years with disco era sound infulence very catchy and great comeback. Peformed it on Johnthan Ross still got it

12 She’s a Lady
13 Pink Glove
14 Help the Aged
15 Sorted for E's and Wizz

So catchy, with a haunting, ringing tone coursing through it, emerging the listener...

This is really good song, I suggest to you.

Nailed the culture of the time

Should be higher

16 Like a Friend
17 A Little Soul
18 Underwear
19 Mis-Shapes
20 Lipgloss
21 The Trees
22 I Spy

Dark and sinister. Moody and melancholic. Superb

23 Sylvia

Great song.

24 Mile End
25 Happy Endings
26 Live Bed Show
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