Top Ten Fastest Rappers

The Top Ten
1 Eminem Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is an American rapper, actor and music producer born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Eminem has sold over 300 million records making him the bestselling hip-hop artist of all time. In addition to his solo career, he is a member of D12 and (with Royce da 5'9") half of the hip-hop duo Bad Meets Evil. Rolling Stone ranked him 83rd on its list of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, calling him the King of Hip Hop. Including his work with D12 and Bad Meets Evil, Eminem has had ten number-one albums on the Billboard 200 and 5 number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100, and 13 worldwide.

First of all I would like to say that I'm a BIG Fan of Eminem. Here are the reasons why Eminem should be the 1st or maybe 2nd on the list:
1)He don't rap About sex, Money, Drugs or what ever things that rappers Nowadays rap about
2) He raps about life. He sometimes can Describe people's Life.
3) He's a Lyrical Genius. If you don't believe you can Listen to his Albums "Slim shady LP, Marshall mathers LP" Or you can listen to all of his Albums
4) He can do real Freestyling Unlike Lil Wayne, just type "lil wayne fail" I don't even understand what the fk he is talking about
5)Most of all he raps Real fast.
There are actually more reasons why eminem should be the 1st in the list.
PS: Listen to Fast lane and you will be Amazed

Simply, I can call him the god! Just go and listen rap god it is great. 6 mins of continuous flow. He talks about life and the way which he raps he sounds even better. Busta rhymes is fastest rapper and you have to believe that. But spitting extremely fast is not Eminem style. His topics are so great on which he speaks. His music is inspiring. He does not just speaks any thing like the other rappers. He can take out probably all rappers in the world when rapping at "supersonic speed." and I hate twista because his face looks like a pumpkin. And because repetition of word's is noticeable. He raps only in one and one rhyme in a single. As compared to Eminem, hardly word's are repeated and the flow of his words is extremely great. Also, they adjust their songs in such a way that they take regular breathes at intervals (can be observed by smartly listening) like in mista tounge twista but Eminem does not. That kills the competition against Eminem. How ever they spit anything out of their ...more

It doesn't matter how often they rap fast, it's the fastest they've ever been able to rap. Also Eminem is just better in general anyways.
Rap God seals the deal, and he could make more songs like that but he prefers not to, because how fast you can rap doesn't make it as meaningful. His normal songs are still fast just not crazy, and it lets you focus on the lyrics and connect, something you wouldn't be able to with other rappers, and even if you could, you wouldn't want to because their songs really have no deep meanings.

Eminem proves that fast rap is not just about words throbbing out of mouth. He is Rap God for a reason that is he had mastered the art of word twisting, lyrical twisting ( esp.. in Slim Shady songs ), alternate speeding up of words, stanza change with proper rhymes and especial highlighting of funny words. No one can touch this guy P.S. give a try to his songs like NO LOVE ( Complexity & Speed ), Rap God ( fast lyrical content ), Not Afraid ( amazing flow ), Sing 4 the moment ( alternate speeding and flow ), without me, fastlane, W.T. P ( for amazing fast fitted rhyme throbbing rap )... Love You M&M

2 Busta Rhymes Trevor George Smith, Jr., better known by his stage name Busta Rhymes, is an American hip hop recording artist, actor, record producer and record executive.

Busta rhymes is the fastest rapper listen to all of his songs and look up busta rhymes is the fastest rapper and the rappers your saying don't rap about drugs and other stuff they do. Look up Look at me now or Break your neck or Thank you. Mostly look up look at me now cause he killed it. Really listen to all their songs. No offense to Eminem but he also used made up words like isumaluma something. Just saying.

Eminem is the best rapper alive, but Busta is the fastest. I'm sure everyone has heard him in Look at Me Now, and wow! Amazing! Speed is crazy and he doesn't choke once. Doesn't mess up nothing. I mean it took me multiple times to finally realize a portion of what he was saying in look at me now, I still don't understand all of it, but just his speed alone impresses me. It's pretty awesome

Busta raps the fastest of everyone, Eminem fast but he ain't got jack on Bus a Bus. He raps much faster for much longer times than the likes of Eminem. Listen to Why Stop Now, Can You Keep Up, Let's Go (Travis Barkers song) and Look At Me Now (Chris Browns song). His lyrics aren't to serious most of the time and are great to listen to whatever you may be doing!

Look at me now was fast, however that isn't as fast as what Busta Rhymes can do. I you listen to 60 second assassins, Busta makes Look at me now sound slow. Very talented rapper, and to me the fastest out there. by the way, 60 sec Assassins has Twista and Lazy Bone in it as well. Both two fast rappers, however they rap fast in spurts. Busta is fast throughout which gives him my vote.

3 Twista Carl Terrell Mitchell (born November 27, 1973), better known by his stage name Twista (formerly Tung Twista), is an American rapper. He is best known for his chopper style of rapping and for once holding the title of fastest rapper in the world according to Guinness World Records in 1992, being able to pronounce 598 syllables in 55 seconds

It's so sad that Eminem is number 1 on this list. Em has one fast song. And don't get me wrong I love Eminem but he is not the fastest rapper in the world. Just because he has the most fan boy stans doesn't make him the fastest. 280 words per minute. Listen to mista tung twista people. Do your homework before you vote. Rap god is an awesome song but one or two songs doesn't make him a chopper. List should look like this: 1: twista 2: busta rhymes 3: twisted insane 4: tech n9ne 5: krayzie bone etc. I left rebel off the list cause I haven't heard of him yet. Eminem shouldn't even be on this list. And as much as I love Marshall Mathers music you fan boy stans make me sick

Not only is Twista been the official fastest rappers for many years (now his record is broken) He uses very difficult and hard to combine words and still does it very fast. (listen "Twista - up to speed")
Besides his speed he is one of the fast rappers that you can still understand while he raps crazy fast which in my opinion is the hardest task. I realized this while trying to cover his songs. I can cover lots of bone thugs songs and some busta rhymes songs but Twista is think is on a whole other level.

Twista is the PERFECT STORM!

Twista is at least the third fastest rapper, only below Twisted Insane and possibly Crucified (I say possibly because, although Crucified is the "fastest", he seems to be layering words on top of each other so I don't think he could do it live). However, Twista deserves his name because, although he is not the fastest, his rhymes are harder to say than pretty much any other rapper. In my opinion, the list should go like this:

1. Crucified
2. Twisted Insane
3. Twista
4. Tonedeff
5. Flesh-N-Bone
6. Tech N9ne
7. NoClue
8. Busta Rhymes
9. Bizzy Bone
10. D-Loc

Seriously? Eminem higher for speed? Just because he had the record for most words in a number 1 song means nothing. Yes he is a top 10 for speed. But, Twista has such a clean flow and he has some of the fastest verses. He is not #1 but I know this comment will be seen here. I would put twisted insane at the top 100% he is the fastest rapper that is possible to make out what he is saying somewhat

4 Tech N9ne Aaron Dontez Yates, (born November 8, 1971), better known by his stage name Tech N9ne, is an American rapper. In 1999, Yates and business partner Travis O'Guin founded the record label Strange Music. He has sold over two million albums and has had his music featured in film, television, and video games.

He has to be the most intelligent and versitile rapper, his tracks are full of complex rhymes but this doesn't slow him down or effect his clarity. He produces fast rhymes without repeatedly using easy quick short words, which other rappers rely on to rap fast. This makes him the best of the fastest rappers, period! No one will ever be able to top him. There will never be another rapper like Tech, he is without doubt the greatest rapper there has been, it is not just the rhymes, it is the tunes and the way he puts a track together. The sad thing is most people don't hear that in his music they are too sold on mainstream rappers, which makes me wonder sometimes if they really like or understand the skilled composition of rap.

Unlike a majority of rappers on this list, Tech N9ne uses his speed liberally, in fact, his speed is so natural, it's how he usually flows, you can tell if a rapper wants to step up the speed, but Tech just raps like Tech, his fast flows is how he usually sounds and that's saying something, imagine if he actually tried to step his speed up, game over, I guarantee you.

Not only that, but he combines his high velocity with intricate rhymes schemes, versatile, creative flows, on point delivery and a clear enunciation, he might not be the fastest, but he is without a doubt the best to do this style of speed rapping

Tech isn't actually much faster than Bizzy or Krayzie. He's around the same speed actually. And Honestly, since you have Tech, Kray, and Bizzy on here, I think Flesh N' Bone should also be on this list. Unlike common belief, Flesh is just as fast Bizzy or Krayzie when goes all out. The reason he probably raps so slow:He probably doesn't want to overexert himself. Layzie has the same issue, when Lay and Flesh do deside to go all out with their speed, they run out air quickly. The thing with Flesh though is that he can rap in short super fast bursts. Bizzy and Kray can do it too, but Flesh's way of doing it is unique. Anyway, Tech is a great rapper. He earned his spot at number 4.

Tech not only raps hella fast, he tells stories in every song. People say Eminem has deep songs but they really need to listen to tech's lyrics and just how deep he dives into his life. Even when he raps fast you can understand all of the words, you may not be able to sing along but you catch them all. He is my favorite rapper because of his dedication to music and not only just his speed but how he puts out beautiful, deep, and super creative music. He is THE most lyrically talented rapper in my opinion

5 Twisted Insane

Without a doubt Twisted Insane should be number one. The first time I heard him was in Worldwide Choppers, and he blew all those other rappers out of the water. Then I listen to some of his other songs like Evergassin Gobstopper, Dome Split, and Spider In the Night and they were much faster than even his verse in Worldwide Choppers! He's so fast, in fact, that I can't even keep up with him by reading the lyrics! In my opinion, this is what this list should look like:

1. Twisted Insane
2. Busta Rhymes
3. Twista
4. Krayzie Bone
5. Tech N9ne
6. Bizzy Bone
And so on...

Eminem is very fast in his verse in Rap God, but he is not consistently fast like many of the other rappers on this list.

This guy can rap so fast he is not famous because of the fact that he raps so fast that it is almost impossible to understand a song of his without either slowing it down or listening to it repeatedly for a hour straight. This guy is the king of speed-rapping. All who appose this opinion, I have to say that you are wrong. Listen to Worldwide choppers and he will leave you changing your answer PERMANENTLY.

I remember listening to Worldwide Choppers and hearing some of those guys bring it. Busta went flat out, Twista was Twista, even that Turkish guy sounded like he had a second set of vocal chords. And I kept thinking 'how do they end this? '
And then Twisted Insane came on right at the end when you thought the song might be over, and 15 seconds later his verse was done. Mind blown. Easy number one.

Twisted insane is one of the fastest rappers by far! Don't get me wrong that other rappers are fast such as Eminem, tech n9ne, busta rhymes and all of the others but in my opinion Twisted Insane would destry them in a rap battle! If you don't agree then fair enough if you haven't heard him then search him up. The fastest I think he's done is dome split or worldwide choppers!

6 Crucified

I don't really like Crucified, I think is music is kind of annoying, but he is EASILY the fastest rapper. 24 syllables per second? That's just ridiculous! It's kind of embarrassing that Eminem is first and Crucified is down here at 13. Eminem is a great rapper sure, but Crucified can spit literally 3 times as fast as him. The only English speaking rapper who comes close (close still being a long shot away) to Crucified is Twisted Insane, who can say like 16-19 syllables per second. I thought this list said "Top Ten Fastest Rappers". I don't understand the comments that say Eminem is "clear" when he raps fast. When I listened to choppers like Crucified, Twisted Insane, Twista, Tonedeff, Tech N9ne, D-Loc, Bone Thugz, etc. I could at least understand some of what they were saying without looking at the lyrics. But when I heard "Rap God", he was slower than all these rappers and I couldn't understand a word he said. Still, don't get me wrong, Eminem is one of my favorite rappers, but ...more

Listen to the song "Smoked Out" Crucified hits 20 syllables per second repeatedly all while harmonizing and making sense on point and on beat that's the new fastest rap song ever also songs That Music (hits 24 syllables per sec., 830 Mic Pass (hits 21.5 syllables per second) go to there's footage of him rapping 15.2 syllables per second effortlessly and also there's a video of him in the studio rapping 17.9 syllables per second just practicing it's a video called Warm Up it's on his page! Buy. His album! Crucified "The Birth of Tragedy" Tech N9ne needs to SIGN THIS GUY!

This guy... Oh dear Lord... He's fast, like no joke. In Underground Choppers, he hit 25 sps, his fastest speed ever reached. And I still wonder why people even doubt him. Rebel? Rebel struggles to even rap 20 sps, his supposed fastest speed ever reached. News flash:He set that record in like 1998. He did break it again in like 2007, but Rebel just doesn't have it anymore. Crucified has can rap slow and he can sound good. One of my favorite rappers. Hands down.

Not a big fan of Crucified, but this list is based on speed, and he blows everyone else away in that category. Busta Rhymes isn't even CLOSE to being the fastest rapper. He can do like 8 syllables per second, but there are many others who can go much faster. Twista can do 10 sps, Twisted Insane can do like 14, Rebel hit around 20 on his world record rap, and Crucified can go well over 20 (he oughta go for the record).

7 Rebel XD

Rebel is faster than crucified or outsider, both of whom peak at 21 syllables per second. Rebel hits 22-23 at peak and averages 20.3 over 42 seconds, the people making the "Korean is harder to speak" statement are incorrect in the sense that Korean has syllables consistent of multiple consonant sounds (like the words "humble" "rhythm") much less frequently than they exist in english, those syllables being much harder to pronounce than any other. Rebel is and will in the foreseeable future be the fastest rapper ever to exist.

I don't know why so many people are jumping the gun to their favourite choppers, but Rebel has the fastest confirmed rapping speed, which is at least 8 syllables per second faster than some of the rappers above him in this list, even more than double some of them! Although if you speed his current world record down, he isn't speaking coherently, he's still the fastest confirmed rapper, and he's about the tenth fastest rapper I know of, confirmed or not

Still fastest rapper in game. Faster than anyone above him and under him in the list. 852 syllables in 42.2 seconds!
Note: Rebel rapped 852 syl. in 42 sec. , (20.2 sps) and Chojin then rapped 921 syl. in 1 minute (15.4 sps), and Chojin was new owner of Guinness Record. However, some people (also Rebel ) disagreed with that verdict. I don't know what happened later, but I notice 1 thing: on guinness records website the record "Fastest Rap MC" has been deleted so now I don't know, who is Guinness Record owner.
End of the story.

Have you looked this guy up? No debate! Until Busta Rhymes gets a new manager. I guess Chris Lighty, his manager, doesn't let him spit his fastest because he doesn't people to not by his records. I mean If you couldn't understand it would you buy it? But I guess that Bus is waay faster than we think. I think Tech N9ne could come close to Rebel too, but for right now, this is your guy...

8 Krayzie Bone Anthony Henderson, better known as Krayzie Bone, is an American rapper, producer, and entrepreneur. He is a member of the rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.

He may not be the Fastest, but that's because he's not trying to be the fastest. Bone Thugs chose to make their raps fast paced to create the best possible flow and they did just that.
Unlike every other fast rapper he sounds so effortless when he does it, he's not left gasping for air or sounding like he's about to explode, he sounds skillful and complex. Listen to midwest choppers part 2, his verse demonstrates exactly what I'm saying.

Krayzie bone has to be the best... I don't know why everybody says twister is the fastest, to be the fastest you have to make sence on what your saying, twister be rapping about money and the same thing everybody else is rapping about but krayzie bone rappes about life and struggle he's the greatist and fastest rapper alive... Period...

Krayzie bone is the fastest and greatest rapper ever he actually raps meaningful stuff and sounds angelic doing it plus he keeps it real he raps about everyday things that happen in life not like that commercial Lil Wayne who only raps about being in a club, being rich not everyone is in the club 24/7 or is rich so props krayzie I wish he could be played on the radio so he can show that fake Wayne dude who the real greatest rapper alive!

I actually have a friend, now in her mid 50's, who raps like him. Like Krayzie, she uses the whole harmonization thing like he does. And Krayzie? Well, he's now 43 years old, and he's still staying strong. Much love to him.

9 Outsider

Outsider supposedly can rap 21 syllables per second, and I've listened to his songs over and over. I attempted them, even. Guinness wouldn't let Outsider break the world record for fastest rap because he rapsnin Korean, but the truth is, in many cases, Korean is harder to rap with than English. In English, many of the words have weak consonant sounds, such as the words "human" "solo," while much of Korean words include more articulate, stronger consonant sounds, like "jjaktoong" or "taoruda" (the "r" noise is emphasized, the way it is pronounced in Spanish). Therefore, Korean usually makes the tongue work harder to pronounce words, which is why many English speakers have trouble speaking Korean perfectly (and why Koreans speak English by usually stressing or detaching each syllable of the word). Thus, Outsider is actually facing a handicap by rapping in Korean, and the least Guinness could do is to accept Outsider's challenge. Also, just because Outsider raps fast doesn't mean he ...more

Outsider should be number 1. He can rap faster than any other rapper can can.
He doesn't rap about ass and drugs like most do.
He is a really nice guy personality wise and always happy.
He can rap 26 syllables per second, he is even rumoured to hit 32 syllables.
He actually mixes elegance with his speed when he raps.
He can use an iinstruments such as violin and piano and it fits
His lyrics are also meaningful and are based on his life events and someone else's

He is the fastest unofficial rapper in the world. He can rap up to about 23 syllables per second. He tried for Guinness world records, but Guinness didn't accept languages other than english. It is good though that Guinness only accepts English since Japanese rappers don't annunciate vowels, which would make it unfair.

Easily the most skilled rapper in the world as far as speed goes. Come on guys, does it really matter if its in English if were counting syllables? Does Korea not have syllables all of a sudden? Be fair. The man is a skilled professional and deserves his due. Korean flows better than English anyway in my humble opinion.

10 Tonedeff

I very highly dislike Tonedeff's music but he deserves to be top 2, along with Twisted Insane, he raps an insane amount in less than 10 seconds and does it to where you can still understand it.

Tonedeff may not be the fastest rapper of all, but he has one of my favorite in all of rap. 15 syllables a second is still pretty impressive. I think he is the 4th or 5th fastest rapper (English speaking). Only Crucified, Rebel, & Twisted Insane (who is actually only one syllable per second faster) are faster. I personally think Tonedeff is faster than Twista, but it all depends on how you measure speed. Velocity is a great song, but not a lot of people know about it. All of my friends think Eminem is the fastest rapper. I ask them if they have heard of Tonedeff, but none of them have. So sad that such a great rapper is so unknown.

Tonedeff is one of my favorite rappers and I only like a few rappers (mostly choppers). All of the comments on his name are about the song Velocity but sense then he put out an EP called Demon where he is even faster. Check out the songs "Demon" and "Crispy (192)." Although I like Eminem he isn't all that fast even in "Rap God." I can rap fast than he did.

Between velocity and his final verse for Crispy he is easily the fastest rapper with actually intricate lyrics compared to Busta or Twisted insane etc and audible compared to others such as crucified,while also doing it with no argument for him having edited with him performing crispy live as well.

The Contenders
11 Yelawolf Michael Wayne Atha (born December 30, 1979), better known as Yelawolf, is an American rapper from Gadsden, Alabama. In his early years, Yelawolf released his first independent album "Creek Water', which was released in 2005. During 2005 to 2010, he released one extended play (EP) and four mixtapes. more.

Not really that fast, but he is the fastest white rapper. Most people think that Eminem, George Watsky, and Mac Lethal are the fastest white rappers but listen to this fairly obscure Eminem song called Hard feat. Wiz Khalifa and Yelawolf because he goes really fast in that one, maybe faster than Rap God and MUCH faster than George Watsky.

His verses aren't always fast, but when he gets started he can clock Such speeds almost equal to BussaBuss and Twista; compare parts from "Worldwide Choppers" and "Let's go" (Travis Barker). I'm not saying that he deserves the top spot on this list, but definitely deserves credit for the fast bars he spits.

Yelawolf isn't all that fast but he's the second fastest white rapper and that deserves a spot on my list. If you want to hear how fast then your 3 best choices are his verse in Worldwide Choppers, his verse in Lets Go, or Daddys Lambo.

White dog goes hard on every track that he's on! He spits like a machine gun on songs like Good to Go, Animal, Throw it Up, Ain't Going' Out Like That, Gangsta of Love, and Push Em.

12 Bizzy Bone Bryon Anthony McCane II, better known by his stage name Bizzy Bone, AKA Lil' Ripsta, is an American rapper and the youngest member of the Cleveland rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.

I can't imagine people comparing other rappers to Bizzy, actually to Krayzie Bone and Bizzy Bone, but even comparing these two rappers, Bizzy is slightly faster than Krayzie.

Bizzy Bone can beat any rapper in the world, no one is faster than him. I like all fats rappers, Machine Gun Kelly, Busta Rhymes, Twista, No clue, but I'm yet to see someone beating Bizzy in songs like "Way too Strong", "Trials and Tribulations" and of course "Mercy Merry".

Bizzy is the fastest, no clue about that, the guys from Guinness should pay more attention on Bizzy and also on Krayzie Bone.

Ah yes, Lil' Ripsta. Honestly, Bizzy is really fast. Kray too. Those two are probably the same exact speed in some songs. Like on Thug love, they both go super fast. And Bizzy earned his place as number 10. Rightfully so. His voice is kinda funny at times. And his can get deep. His song Babylon is proof of that fact. Bizzy. Awesome rapper. Two thumbs up.

I have no idea why Bizzy Bone is rated this far down on the list. He is by far faster than all above him in this list. He was the fastest rapper in Bone Thugs. Krazie is my favorite by far, but Bizzy was known for being the fastest in the group.

Bizzy the Kid. I own every album he ever dropped. Purchase artists you love so they reign king. From e1999 to the wonder years he impresses with his lyrical abilities to makes rapping sound like a orchestration.

13 Ludacris Christopher Brian "Chris" Bridges, better known by his stage name Ludacris, is an American rapper, entrepreneur, and actor.

He is the most entertaining rapper and I think faster than anyone else on average.
The southern fried intro is the fastest song I have ever heard.
Other fast songs include-girls gone wild, how low.

This guy should be at least number 4, listen the southern fried intro. That's the fastest rap I've ever heard from him.

He is very great. You can understand him but you can't easily repeat after him. I think he is the king of the south

In all I do is Win, the lyrics just fly by and his rapping skills are unparalleled.

14 Ceza

I've been listening to him since I was 6, now I'm 15 and know the words for all his raps. Very meaningful lyrics, great beat, I just love ceza to death!

Ceza has some really fast raps especially in the song worldwide choppers by tech n9ne. It's pretty crazy.

I just think ceza has got good rappin skills like holocaust or fark var I mean I've never heard something fast like him in holocaust do yo know?

Ceza is in the fastest rappers. Because in the worldwide choppers by tech n9ne, he speak really fast.

15 Don Xperto

The fastest rapper ever. He hits 29.7 syllables a second. But he's Spanish.

16 Aeon

READ THIS PEOPLE: Aeon is the most underrated rapper on this list. If your asking for the FASTEST RAPPERS then why isn't Aeon in the top 5? Mike Shinoda, Eminem, Yelawolf, Flo Rida, Cory Gunz and many of the others on this list are world class rappers but they are no where near as fast as Twista, Tech N9ne, Aeon, Busta Rhymes & Ludacris.

I was asked the other week who I think of 'World Wide Choppers' and I instantly replied 'its missing Aeon' because he's a lethal potion of Twista's flow & aura, Ludacris' bounce, Tech N9ne's darkness & his vibes are as unique as they get!

He did a 30 second video where he cut out a quick recording he did when practicing, he hit 14 syllables per second and I was absolutely astonished until the 2nd part where it was slowed down and showed the lyrics and the syllables were beyond clear, they were perfect, not almost perfect but 100% perfect.

What makes him even more unique is he's from the UK and he's killing US rappers like they ...more

This kid is at least 5th, he would absolutely destroy 99.99999% of fast rappers in his sleep as well as the fact he freestyles at much faster speeds than most of these rappers have to reside over and over! He hits like 15 syllables a second at top speed and freestyles at like 10/11, there's a reason why he's the REAL undisputed world's fastest white rapper!

I don't care what anyone says, the FACTS say it all, His speed is over 15 syllables per second, his flow is by far in the top 3, his timing is PERFECT to a section of a millisecond and his an actual rapper, not somebody who just talks fast!

Aeon is by far faster than everybody until you reach the top 5, clearly people are voting due to biased favoritism because if it was honest votes Aeon would be at least 3rd or 4th!

17 Mac Lethal

Mac has put out some pretty undeniably fast raps. For example, Alphabet Insanity. Mac's verse in Supersonic. Rapping 1000 words in 2 minutes. Pale kid raps faster. I could name songs all night, but my point is that he is not only the fastest, but the best. He (usually) doesn't talk about drugs or anything like that. He talks about reality, especially on his most recent album from 2016: congratulations. He may not always rap fast, but when hdd does, he does.

Who the hell is Bryce apps? I look him up and I don't find him anywhere. Mac lethal is by far the fastest rapper alive I can't believe Busta Rhymes is even close to him and Eminem is a legend but is not nearly as fast as Mac lethal

Are you kidding me? Mac Lethal at 23? He's a real fast rapper, believe me. He's pretty unknown, because he's pretty much only on YouTube, and not releasing records. Look up "Charlie Sheen" and "Mac Lethal Raps Fast. "

Mac lethal is easily the fastest... This list is just a popularity contest anyway I'm sure there are plenty others out there I have never even heard of that may be better.

18 Snoop Dogg Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr., (born October 20, 1971) known professionally as Snoop Dogg, is an American rapper, actor, record producer, and television personality from Long Beach, California.

Snoop is the Father of rap he deserves to be higher on the list he may not be fast but he is so real, Snoop, Eminem, Dre, And Pac, all should be at the top.

He is not the fastest but he deserves a higher spot. Sometimes he raps fast and his freestyles are just awesome

I mean Snoop Dogg is a very good rapper but he is so slow. And where is logic?

How is he on this list... He is one of the slowest rappers in this world

19 Watsky

Watsky is very underrated and not as popular as most of these, but I think he deserves a higher spot. He is smart with his lyrics and doesn't rap about like Lil Wayne or anything like that. He is a fast rapper who makes his own beats and is far better than some of these in my opinion.

I like his songs. I especially noticed how much he changed over the years, which means he is getting better. G.O.A.T. was pretty good, but I listened to welcome to the family as well, and that may have been slower, but I thought it was even better.

Why the hell isn't Watsky on this list? How is Snoop Dogg ahead of him!? Watsky is way faster than anyone ahead of him. Not to mention more intelligent.

Watsky IS! The fastest rapper alive, This is not about opinions, this is about facts, and the fact is that watsky is the fastest rapper alive.

20 2Pac Tupac Amaru Shakur, also known as 2Pac, was an American rapper and actor born on June 16, 1971 in East Harlem, New York. Tupac sold over 75 million records worldwide and has been referred to in multiple major publications such as Rolling Stone as one of the greatest music artists of all time. 2Pac was more.

Pac was and still is the best rapper. I don' think there's anyone better, maybe immortal technique could second him.

He one of the most real rappers I ever got to listening to. And his lyrics strong. He went hard in the paint.

Realest rapper ever! He's music will NEVER DIE! Always gonna be the number one realest rapper! And he's lyrics is REAL!

Tupac did rap fast once. His song "Young Black Male" from his 1991 album 2pacalypse. And Tupac's voice is mezmorizing. I wish he was still alive today... R.I.P Tupac, King of Rap.

21 Chronic Boss

My dude Nihilist on the list yew yew!

22 Flo Rida Tramar Lacel Dillard, better known by his stage name Flo Rida is an American rapper and pop music artist from Carol City, Florida. He is known for songs such as "Low", "Right Round", "Sugar", "Club Can't Handel Me", "Good Feeling", "Whistle", "Wild Ones", "My House" and "GDFR."

Awesome-est rapper of all times! Should be at the top ten cause his fast raps can give you headaches and bla bla bla. Must listen to: Club Can't Handle Me, Right Round And Low.

"From the word go! Flo Rida dominates. He is the best rapper and is only worse than busta rhymes.
Boo the people who wrote Twista's the best.

Don't like his music, raps fastest though.

Cool rapper... Fast and understandable

23 Pitbull Armando Christian PĂ©rez, better known by his stage name Pitbull, is a Grammy (and Latin Grammy) winning Cuban-American rapper, songwriter and record producer.

My favorite artist at the moment and have always been in my top 3 since 2016 with Tech N9ne and Eminem. Smooth, fluid flows with lyrics holding more weight than you think, juxtaposed against genre-blending production that gives way for sonically pleasing, fun, catchy, unique, positive, timeless music. Love this man, always puts me in a good mood in and out of music as he's always so positive and inspirational despite having lived through struggles in life, and that's really the best trait any human can have, turning a negative into a positive instead of succumbing to it, becoming a product of your environment. Definitely a hit maker in every sense of the word and my go-to for turn up music and that's not changing anytime soon, put him in the top 10!

I don't know but for some reason, Pitbull always strikes me as someone who raps faster than average.
This guy is underrated, just because he raps on pop songs, you guys turned your backs on him.
Pitbull will always have wise bars and a quick flow to back it up, all accompanied with a catchy melody.

This guy is super fast at rapping, especially in Give me Everything. He is definitely on my top ten list. His music and rapping skills get me dancing the whole night if I want to. He's great because he's really fast yet people can actually understand what he's saying.

Check out We Run This by Pitbull on YouTube from his El Mariel in the 2nd verse
His flow towards the end of the verse is something Twista,Eminem,Busta Rhymes and Tech N9ne can only do
Just take a listen and maybe just maybe you would want to place Pitbull in the top ten
He definitely deserved that spot.
His songs like Give me Everything,International Love and I Know You Want Me is great and quick but nowhere near to being top ten on this list,a top 150 maybe.
But We Run This makes you wanna trade Pitbull's position with Twisted Insane's.
Just take a listen and prove me wrong,whoever's reading this comment.

24 VBL

Yall have no idea what lecrae can do, he can out-rap all of these rappers COMBINED! If you listen to Aliens or Don't Waste Your Life, you will see what I am talking about. And by the way a non-Christian association named him HIP HOP KING! Don't hate on him for being a Christian, at least his music has real music

VBL, yeah I know... Who is he? Just a fast rapped but almost no one knows him because he is alone, but he raps fast, check out Sleeping on Me

This dude is top for sure listen to the sone Sleeping On Me and you'll know why

25 Gabriel Williams
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