Top 10 Best American Idol Contestants of All Time

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1 Adam Lambert Adam Mitchel Lambert is an American singer, songwriter and stage actor. Since 2009, he has sold over 2.5 million albums and 5 million singles worldwide.

If Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury had a love child, Adam Lambert would be the result. Adam Lambert possesses all the skills and qualities that make a great artist: a beautiful voice with a seemingly limitless range, great stage presence, and a natural ability to engage the audience with his performance. The band Queen even invited Adam to join as their new frontman. It doesn't matter that he didn't win Idol. If Queen invites you to join their band, you are an AMAZING singer. Adam was the true winner of the 8th season of American Idol, and America made a HUGE mistake by not voting him as the winner.

2 Kelly Clarkson Kelly Brianne Clarkson is an American singer, songwriter and children's book author. She rose to fame in 2002 after winning the inaugural season of the television series American Idol, which earned her a record deal with RCA Records. Clarkson's debut single, "A Moment Like This", topped the US Billboard... read more

The first and the best (by a mile according to Simon) Idol contestant or winner. The most clear best vocalist to ever step foot on the Idol stage. Actually, she is one of the great voices in music today. She can hold her own against anyone when it comes to singing. She was the first Idol, and American Idol never found anybody better. They searched but never found the next Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly Clarkson is by far one of the best female singers ever, not to mention that she was the first person to win the first season of American Idol. She has an amazing voice and so many incredible songs. Just listen to her song Stronger! I especially love her song Underneath The Tree. That's my number 1 favorite Christmas song of all time. She also has such a soulful voice. She is one of the reasons the music industry is such a huge success all the time. Let's never forget that. Because Kelly Clarkson is something! -Fender4Life

3 Clay Aiken

Clay has that STAR quality very few artists from Idol have shown. I have never heard anything like his voice, the range, his falsetto, his phrasing in which he articulates every word. In fact, he can hold a note longer than I can hold my breath. And nobody can sing Christmas songs like Clay. He absolutely should have won Idol, and everyone knows it. I miss him and hopefully, he will do Broadway or concerts again soon. I had never thought any singer could steal my heart, however, Clay has, and I want the excitement to continue.

4 Chris Daughtry Christopher Adam "Chris" Daughtry is an American musician and actor, best known as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the rock band Daughtry and as the fourth-place contestant on the fifth season of American Idol.

Why is Chris down here?! He has had hit after hit on every album. Baptized is hands down probably his best so far. His vocal range is amazing, and his music is beyond perfect. Please, just move Chris to the top 5 at least.

Bo Bice introduced rock to Idol, but Daughtry revolutionized it. He totally killed the season, and his performance of Hemorrhage was incredible.

Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry are two of my favorite singers, but Chris is a little bit better. He's great!

5 Haley Reinhart Haley Elizabeth Reinhart is an American singer, songwriter, and voice actress from Wheeling, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

Adam Lambert on Haley: "I love the sound of her voice, the texture of it. Musically, her choices are incredible. I don't even think people are realizing the things that she's doing vocally. I think it's because she's so effortless about it."

Melinda Doolittle: "This girl can just flat out sing. I was watching the show last night with some of my favorite singers and we were in awe of what her voice can do. She can go from a raspy tone to one that is as clear as a bell in a matter of seconds. She has the vocal flexibility of a singer twice her age. She is amazing."

Jackie Tohn: "Haley for me is one of the freshest girls I've seen on Idol ever...That girl is a ridiculous singer. I can't even put my, when you're a singer, you have to, like, go there in your head, like 'Can I go there, can I... oh I kind of know I can't do that.' She doesn't even have that. Like, she just goes anywhere she tries."

Steven Tyler: "The best singers have character. If you watch Reinhart up there, every bad comment she gets, it rolls right off, that's how good she is. The one thing I'm a little afraid of, America's been wrong before... Sometimes that character is a little bit to push people away."

6 Jessica Sanchez

Her season was probably the toughest I've seen, yet out of all the great contestants, Jessica should have been crowned the American Idol. She has the power of Jhud and Whitney Houston, yet she has the fire of Beyonce. This girl is one to watch out for. She can perform, dance, and sing like there is no tomorrow. Take notes, this girl knows what she's doing.

Jessica has a unique voice and she is the kind of person that everyone loves. I cannot believe that a person so close to my age can be such a remarkable performer. Oh God, when she sang I Will Always Love You, she nailed it!

7 David Cook David Roland Cook is an American rock singer-songwriter, who rose to fame after winning the seventh season of American Idol in 2008.

Should be number one. A complete genius who changed the show forever. Artist >. Singer.

8 Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Kate Hudson is an American singer, actress and spokesperson. She rose to fame in 2004 as a finalist on the third season of American Idol, coming in seventh place.

Jennifer Hudson had the best voice from her season and it is awesome to see her bringing down the house as Effie in Dreamgirls. Long overdue success for her.

By far one of the best voices of all Idol contestants. I would actually put her number 2 after the great Miss Clarkson.

She is the definition of the American Idol, the epitome of perfection. I just love her.

9 Carrie Underwood Carrie Marie Underwood is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She rose to fame as the winner of the fourth season of American Idol, in 2005. Her debut album, Some Hearts, was released in 2005.

She has worked hard to pull off amazing performances on Idol and she is very successful after the show as well. She has grace and is very underrated. She hits high notes that Kelly Clarkson cannot even dream of.

I love her so much. She is an amazing country singer with star quality. And she seems to be down-to-earth and humble! Much better than Kelly Clarkson.

She should be number 1! She is the person who has had the most success after being on Idol! Powerhouse voice! Go Carrie!

10 Jordin Sparks Jordin Brianna Sparks is an American singer, songwriter and actress. In 2007, she rose to fame after winning the sixth season of American Idol; at age 17, she became the youngest winner in the series' history.

She has an amazing, unique vocal range and she's a true performer. When she is on stage and does her thing, nobody can say that she is not good enough, because everyone knows that she has the talent and drive to be on top.

I really love her voice, especially when she sings Battlefield, Tattoo, and Permanent Monday. She also had a good collaboration with Chris Brown in No Air and with Big Time Rush in Count on You.

Unbeatable vocal range... unfortunately, still untapped!

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11 Colton Dixon Michael Colton Dixon is an American Christian singer-songwriter and musician from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He placed seventh on the eleventh season of American Idol.

September and Piano Man were both incredible performances.

His song Never Gone is very good. He's become a great Christian rock artist.

12 Angie Miller

She has an amazing voice and she should have won that season. She is charismatic, talented, a nice person, and could be a very good role model. From the very first audition, I loved her. Her voice is very strong and she reminds me of Jessica Sanchez. They both have a very strong voice and a good personality at a young age.

She's not only beautiful but also has a powerful voice and message to share with the world.

Should have won that year. For me, at least, she will go far and is the winner of this season!

13 Pia Toscano

Thumbs up if you think she should have won that season!

14 Larry Platt
15 Constantine Maroulis

One of the best male pop-rock singers I've ever heard. Should have come in at least 2nd or 3rd. His performance of "My Funny Valentine" is one of the best ever on Idol.

16 Rhonetta Johnson
17 Casey James

Casey is not just a great musician. He's a great person. He is a crazy-talented guitarist, an amazing songwriter, and a terrific singer. He pours every ounce of his energy into his performances and never disappoints. Yes, it's true he's easy on the eyes, but that's not what makes him so special.

In addition to his amazing gift, Casey is the most humble and down-to-earth artist out there. He remembers where he comes from and understands that his fans are what keep him going. He is generous, caring, and giving, actively involved with charities such as Children's Hospital. He appreciates his fans, ensuring he stays after shows to meet them.

Casey has overcome tremendous physical adversity, having been told he would never play guitar again after his accident. He is an inspiration and a role model to many. Although he didn't win American Idol, we all win by his participation in the show. Thank you to American Idol for bringing Casey James to the world. Thank you, Casey James, for making the world a little better for us.

18 Michael Johns

Michael, R.I.P., was the first male Idol I ever saw and immediately thought he could be a music superstar. He was robbed at only 8th place. Amazing personality, good looks, and what a voice! Miss him terribly!

19 La'Porsha Renae

She has such a beautiful, soulful voice. Although she didn't win, she came in second place out of 190 contestants. That's extremely impressive. Also, I found her story very touching.

20 Tamika Bush
21 Sanjaya Malakar

God bless that little Indian boy... He sings like an angel, a lady angel!

22 Blake Lewis

Most creative person ever on American Idol. I can't stop watching his "You Give Love a Bad Name."

23 Katharine McPhee Katharine Hope McPhee is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. In May 2006, she was the runner-up on the fifth season of American Idol. Her self-titled debut album was released on RCA Records on January 30, 2007, and debuted at number two on the Billboard 200, selling 381,000 copies.

She is pretty, was funny in The House Bunny, and can sing!

I love her! Her CD is out now and is awesome. You can't honestly say that you didn't absolutely love her rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

24 Fantasia Barrino Fantasia Monique Taylor, known professionally by her mononym Fantasia, is an American R&B singer, songwriter, and actress.

Hands down my favorite Idol winner ever! I'll never forget her performance of Summertime - iconic stuff right there.

Anyone that can bring Elton John to tears deserves all the accolades in the world.

25 Siobhan Magnus

One of the most unique contestants, I love her personality, her tone, her range, and her style. I was really sad when she was eliminated! I mean, 6th place really?

She should've been in the finals with Crystal, in my opinion. It sucks that she didn't make it big.

By far the most versatile and talented!

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