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1 Maddie Ziegler Madison Nicole Ziegler is an American dancer, actress, author and model. She was initially known for appearing in Lifetime's reality show Dance Moms from 2011 until 2016.

Okay, I love Maddie. Many people think she's snobby because she was Abby's favorite, but that isn't true. Abby liked her the most for a reason, and while the rest of the girls on the show were completely incredible, I think Maddie was the best dancer. Not only did she win nearly everything, but she also dealt with the stress and expectations of being a perfectionist. She had to win and keep on winning, and she handled it beautifully. I think she's an amazing dancer and a great inspiration to young dancers. Being Abby's favorite does not make her stuck up, and although I think Abby's favoritism towards Maddie is unfair, I definitely think Maddie was the best. (Next Chloe and Mackenzie)

I thought Maddie was one of the best dancers on the show! Yes, she got a lot of attention, but so did Kalani, Asia, etc. The only difference is she KEPT Abby's attention. That has to have at least SOME talent to do! In my opinion, Maddie was the best, and she literally had to act like a brat - the directors told her to - so she's not actually a brat! Thank you, and goodnight.

2 Chloe Lukasiak Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak is an American dancer, television personality, actress and model. She is best known for being an original cast member of Lifetime's reality television series Dance Moms during Season 1 through Season 4. She then came back to Dance Moms in Season 7.

She was such a good dancer. I think her best one was ballet. She has a beautiful face and also good turns and flexibility. I love her so much. She is such a good and cute dancer. I love her!

Chloe was a sweet dancer. I think she was such a great dancer. She was amazing at ballet. I think she should have had more ballet solos. Overall, an amazing star, she was also so brave.

Chloe is definitely a turner, and her strongest suits are lyrical and contemporary. She would've excelled in ballet if she had attended an actual ballet school. Nonetheless, she is a graceful and talented dancer, not to mention her sweet disposition. Definitely my favorite of the entire show.

3 Kalani Hilliker

She had such natural and raw talent. A great dancer. She is way too underrated. She started out as a desperate want for the team but slowly started not getting the attention that she deserved. At times she got favoritism, but she never fully got the attention that was right for her.

Loved when she came! Absolutely stunning and loved the crossover from the dance competition! She was always so silly and fun!

Kalani was one of my favorites on the show, simply because of the natural talents that she had going for her. Beautiful feet, lines, flexibility, and turnout. She also had amazing floor work. My favorite solo of hers has to be Say Something, Say Anything, because it was not only my favorite of hers but one of my favorites on the show.

4 Mackenzie Ziegler Mackenzie Ziegler is an American dancer, singer, actress and model. She is the younger sister of dancer and actress Maddie Ziegler and is best known for appearing for six years on Lifetime's reality dance show Dance Moms.

Mackenzie was my favorite dancer because not only did she deserve so much better, but she was also a beautiful dancer. She was always in Maddie's shadow, which to me doesn't make sense because Mackenzie had such a funny and kind personality. Not only that, but everyone favored Maddie and left Mackenzie feeling like she would always be Maddie's little sister, as Abby said.

Mackenzie was a little adorable dancer. I think she was sassy and learned a lot of new tricks. She was also always compared to others, even though she was her own little amazing dancer.

I never liked how Mackenzie was compared to everyone. She was her own dancer. Although she was the smallest, that did not stop her from becoming very successful. She was often overlooked but was nice to everyone and worked hard. She danced in Maddie's shadow for a long time, but I think she successfully made a name for herself.

5 Kendall Vertes

Kendall was a very amazing and talented girl, and she was very respectful. However, sometimes Abby would try to get on her nerves and tell her that she's lazy, which I totally disagree with. She is not lazy. She is one of the sweetest and kindest people in the world. She has amazing talent and energy. And if Abby wants to compare her to Maddie, she can compare her all she wants, but she can't truly compare her to Maddie. She is a really great dancer, and I don't think they should be compared because it's really bad to compare children. But overall, I love Kendall, and she is a really good inspiration for me as I grow older.

Kendall is such a great dancer! She's so underrated and deserves more attention. She was also one of the last standing dancers on the show. I LOVE her personality, and Abby should have treated her better! One of my favorite solos she did was Curiosity. She showed so much emotion through her movements, and her skills were outstanding! I can say that about ALL of her solos.

6 Brooke Hyland

Brooke Hyland is a very talented dancer. Definitely one of the best on the show from the OG's. She has gorgeous technique, beautiful feet. She has the flexibility. She is an amazing acrobat, and the way she dances is graceful and elegant. She made it look easy and effortless.

Despite being a spectacular dancer, Brooke was so overshadowed by the rest of the team in the first couple of seasons. Being the oldest, she always carried the greatest responsibility on the team. She has astonishing acrobatic skills yet was never given the opportunity to showcase them. Her talent was and still is undermined by people, which saddens me a lot.

Brooke was like the mom of the group, and I was here for it! She taught Chloe how to kiss, and she helped so many of the girls to become their best selves. Also, Brooke was Abby's favorite until she started wanting to be a cheerleader.

7 Nia Frazier

She was such a good dancer. I think from the originals, she was the longest time on Dance Moms. Her turns, her control, and everything else was amazing. I love her!

Nia was a dancer Abby targeted a lot in the first few seasons. Abby focused on her flaws instead of what she could do. Every time Nia did a solo or trio, she always got hated on by Abby. Nia is a great dancer with an amazing singing voice. Nia was always at the bottom. For one of the best dancers on the team, she stayed longer than everyone else on the team.

Nia was always so determined to win and never let anything get in her way. She was kind-hearted and loved all of her fellow teammates. She was extremely underrated for all that she brought to the team and was sadly not recognized for her amazing talents by Abby. She was the underdog, but we love her.

8 Brynn Rumfallo

Brynn is a very beautiful dancer. She has so good technique and beautiful lines. Gorgeous legs and feet. Flexibility and great leaps. She had God-given talent.

Brynn! I absolutely love her! Brynn was such an amazing dancer. She has to be my favorite and number one too. Her technique and her flexibility... Ahh! She's just extraordinary! It's so funny how jealous the moms were on the show. I feel like instead of 8, she should be at least in the top 5 best ALDC dancers ever. To be honest, though, I feel like Brynn should have gotten a little bit more attention. Anyway, in my opinion, Brynn is my favorite! But for real, it is so annoying how the moms treated her, like, sorry she's better than your child? But I feel Brynn was Maddie's replacement, but in a good way!

Brynn is too underrated. I mean, she was by far the best one there. Her flexibility, control, and technique were outrageous! She was more flexible than most of the girls on there, had better technique than most of the girls, and Brynn CAN act. I've seen her perform multiple solos before she was on Dance Moms, and her expressions are amazing! So, for everyone saying she can't act, go watch her solos "Violet" or "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". Her facial expressions were just a little more calm on Dance Moms, probably because she might've been shy on camera. But no one can tell me she's bad at acting, because she isn't.

Not to mention, she regressed a little on Dance Moms because she would get bullied and demolished by GROWN ADULT women every single day. Just like what happened to Chloe. However, even though she regressed a little, she was definitely still the best and regressed the least out of the girls! And if she can't act, then why is she getting all these acting jobs? I mean, her dancing is so beautiful.

She is better than Maddie. Now, you can disagree with me, but she has more control than Maddie in her leg holds and spins and stuff (even though Maddie's spins are obviously the best). And she is way more flexible than Maddie. Maddie is already one of the most flexible, but Brynn is just better. Pretty much everyone agrees that her technique is better. Brynn is just overall amazing, especially in her dances before Dance Moms. She got bad choreography and she still looked the best. I mean, she won the best female mini dancer award for a reason, right?

9 Paige Hyland

Paige was a good dancer. She was always so entertaining and sassy. Her facial expressions are amazing. She lights up the stage. She had so much potential. She is a good tumbler and acrobat. Flexible and talented. She had great emotions and fine technique. People underestimate her.

She was an amazing dancer, and Abby underrated her. Her acro was so good, as well as her turns and flexibility! I love her. And also, she was a beautiful little girl with good facial expressions and amazing eyes! I love her!

Paige was always the dancer that Abby blamed for everything, and that wasn't right. She was way too talented to be living in everyone's shadows. She was so kind, positive, talented, and a friend to everyone. She was a ray of sunshine in Abby's domain, and that is why she made it so high on my list.

10 Sophia Lucia

She holds the world record for the most consecutive pirouettes done. That speaks for itself. She is a superb turner, and her innate talent in dance is astounding.

Best dancer of the time. Extremely talented and pulled off flawless performances. She is famous for her turns and holds the world record for pirouettes - 55, I believe. It's a shame she wasn't on the show for long!

Sophia's time was cut short on Abby's show, but she came first both times she earned solos. I really waited for her to be put against Maddie, but she was only on the show for two episodes. She also holds a world record for most continuous pirouettes, making her a little too good for competitive dance. I really loved her!

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11 Lilliana Ketchman

She's just so flexible. Every dance that she did was just so amazing. She had perfect emotions and she won so many times on the show. She could do things that others couldn't. In Abby's opinion and my own, she could replace Maddie. She's my favorite. Just saying, she should be in the top five.

She is such a good dancer and so cute. Her flexibility was so amazing. I think she has the best flexibility on Dance Moms! I love her so much!

Lily is probably the youngest person on this list, other than Mackenzie. Mackenzie is now 18, but Lily is now 15, which is scary to me to think that she has grown that much. It only compares me to Lily, only three years apart, which is something good to have someone who is only a bit of a mirror, younger than you. Now 17 years younger than you, and I really really like Lily. She's an independent little girl who thinks of others and herself. She likes to look up to future people, and Lily is really amazing. She always wins, just like Maddie, my little Maddie.

12 Elliana Walmsley

Elliana is such a good kid. She reminded me a lot of Maddie and was extremely talented. She proved herself in whatever she did. She had a lot of emotion in every dance that she did. In my opinion, she is better than Lilly K. She is so flexible, a great dancer, and was very friendly.

A fantastic dancer (always reminded me of Maddie), very well-rounded, and I feel like you are really drawn to watching her. A lot of emotion as well when she dances. She is an amazing soloist, a fabulous duet partner, and always proves herself in the group dance.

Elliana was in seasons 6, 7, and 8, and she was my favorite in season 8. She is my third favorite out of every girl, plus Brady, on the show ever.

13 JoJo Siwa Joelle Joni Siwa, also known as Jojo Siwa is an American dancer, singer, actress, and YouTuber. She joined the masked singer in 2020.

I love JoJo's confidence and her energy. Also, she was very brave for standing up to Abby. The only negative about her is that she shares her opinion too much, other than that, she has some great talent and should practice more kinds of dances!

JoJo was a sassy dancer. She's fierce and strong. She had the stamina and the energy. Great hip-hopper and good at turns. She always owned the stage.

Jojo was a good dancer. She was also yelled at but stood up to Abby all the time. Jojo is a rocking person. She was great on the show. I mean, how couldn't you love Jojo?

14 Ava Cota

Ava is very good. She was able to beat Maddie. She has pretty technique and gorgeous legs. Tall and elegant. The way she dances is very pretty.

Ava's mom was just way too pushy, but Ava was a good dancer. She's beaten Maddie before, and I don't think people like her because of how tall she is, but I think it makes her solos look better.

She is super tall and an amazing dancer.

15 Camryn Bridges

She is really good and joined in season 7. Her mother is really funny! She is like another dancer, Nia.

Camryn was in Season 7, and she was a good dancer, still to this day.

She is an amazing dancer. I love her, and she suits Season 7 well.

16 Payton Ackerman

Payton was a great, I mean the best, hip hopper, but I think she was an awesome person.

She was so hated yet still really good at hip hop. Too underrated and edited by the producers.

17 Asia Monet Ray

Asia had so much confidence and was such a fierce dancer. Cute was not her thing, but she could make anything work. Instead of going with the flow, despite how young she is, she changed the dances and made them her own. She is better than any other girl on this team, and I would have liked to see her and Maddie go head to head. Despite how small she was, she would have had a good chance. As long as she was assigned her strong point, she could have won. Asia is an underrated queen! I wish she was on the show longer. All these moms going on about how their child would be the next Maddie. Well, she wouldn't be the next Maddie, but the next queen! I love her energy.

Asia Monet Ray was a strong dancer. Technically, she was often good, but she thrived at performance and entertaining the audience. She was eye-catching to watch and put a lot of effort and energy into dance. She was only young but so sassy and confident on stage. I would have loved to have seen what her next steps would have been at the ALDC if she had stayed longer.

18 Brady Farrar

Was the only boy. Had something special about him, and I believe he was very talented and had much potential as a dancer.

Brady, being the permanent team's only boy, is a good dancer.

He could be the next Maddie on the Season 8 team, in my opinion!

19 Maesi Caes

She's so original and just so down to earth! She's such a great little hip hopper and she's pretty too.

Maesi is underrated. She was a very good dancer, and she is flexible and has good tricks.

Maesi is a queen. She was so fierce and strong. Go girl!

20 Areana Lopez

She is an amazing turner.

21 Sarah Hunt
22 Peyton Evans

She is very much like Mackenzie, never good enough, but to me, she is a champ.

23 Alexus Oladi

Alexus was a bit overlooked by Abby. She was quite talented and had lots of spirit and energy. Although she wasn't the best mini there, she at least should have gotten credit for what she could do.

Her mom is really pushy, though. She tries to convince Abby that Alexus is the best mini on the team. That's a bit selfish and unfair to the other girls.

Alexus needs a little work on her technique.

How do you go from favorite to least favorite in a day? Alexus is an amazing dancer and deserved way more from Abby.

24 Hannah Colin

Even though she's shy off stage, when she gets on stage, she dances her heart out. Not to mention that her mother has to be the nicest there. She obviously has social anxiety and has not warmed up to the camera crew and all that yet. But hopefully, in future episodes, we get to see her happy and talking. Also, for the people saying that she doesn't talk, which is bad, Lilliana didn't talk for the first few episodes she was on. I personally love Hannah, and she's my favorite dancer on season 8. I can't wait to see how far she will come.

Hannah, it seems you're such a sweet, shy girl. I believe you're beautiful and very talented. I can see that you're working on speaking up. Good job!

25 Jade Cloud

Jade was really impressive, but Abby gave her a bad style for her solo because she hadn't done an acro solo for 8 years at that time.

Jade is a very technical dancer and she has great facial expressions. I love her.

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