Top 10 Best Reality TV Shows of All Time

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1 Survivor Survivor is a reality TV show in which a group of castaways inhabit an island where they are forced to compete against each other in a series of challenges. They must survive in order to win the million dollar prize.

This show is amazing. The host Jeff Probst is absolutely gold. Makes me laugh every time. I love the immunity challenges because there is so much competition between the two tribes. I love all the people and have learned so many of their best sayings. The suspense at Tribal Council is so thrilling - you never know who's going home. Sometimes a little disappointed by the winner, but that's part of the fun. Thank you so much CBS for this great show!

Survivor is one of the first reality shows to really test people physically and mentally. This show gave inspiration for almost all reality TV shows out there (big brother, amazing race, etc.) It really the branch for all reality TV shows. The host is absolutely amazing (he definitely makes the show more interesting). It's very competitive and you're always cheering for you favorite player. There are many surprises and shocking moments. I recommend for you to watch the show if you haven't.

2 Big Brother Big Brother is a reality game show franchise created by John de Mol, originally broadcast in the Netherlands and subsequently syndicated internationally.

Love this show can't wait for season 16. It is great even though some people say that Rachel Reily was rigged to win Big Brother. That may be true I agree but I personally just wanted to see her win she deserved it but please that was just way to obvious. Other than that I think this show is great season 15 wasn't as good as it was before but that was just because they got out the threats early really early.

This show... More entertaining, more realistic, more "hard to do".
80 something days in a house, with people you very possibly hate, cameras around every corner and a challenge every other day. Big brother fan for life

Big Brother is better than Survivor because in survivor, a solid alliance is too powerful where as in big brother, someone not in that alliance could win hoh and screw up everything! It's an amazing show!

3 Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is one of those shows you'll never get tired or bored watching. We all enjoy seeing different cultures, seeing different environment. This show proves we don't need those silly dramas in a show. TAR is a clean show yet full of adrenaline.

I have been watching this since Season 5. We all enjoy seeing different places, different cultures. Sometimes, we even get to see some activities or attractions which we may never have chances to visit. We never knew about that either. It's always amazed me.

Most exciting show. The only reality show I would love to be a part of. Getting the opportunity to travel to wildly varying destinations and take on challenges that relate to culture and sheer street smarts. Love it!

4 America's Got Talent

I wouldn't call it reality show because it's more like a competition, but whatever.
If I can call it reality show, then it's the only reality show I love and enjoy.
I think the judges are nice and funny, there is so many talented people and it's enjoyable and appropriate for every age.
It should be number 1 on the list

This is a super fun show. There's so many people on this show from all around the world that has such unique talents! From singing to even juggling fire.

It's a great show which brings out the best of very talented people. It makes regular people superstars!

5 American Idol American Idol is an American talent reality television series that first aired in 2002. As of May 2019, there have been seventeen seasons.

This is the true singing competition where people can become stars. Not just a show, but part of the American culture.

I look forward to watching this every year. So sad it's the last season next year

American Idol sucks! I'm glad it's finally ending!

6 The Voice The Voice is an American singing competition television series broadcast on NBC. It premiered during the spring television cycle on April 26, 2011, and expanded into the fall cycle with the premiere of the third season on September 10, 2012. Based on the original The Voice of Holland, it has aired fifteen seasons and aims to find currently unsigned singing talent contested by aspiring singers, age... read more

I hate the Voice, but then again I hate pretty much all reality singing competition shows. The audiences won't let any judge say anything bad about any contestant. Gee, that's going to prepare them real well for music critics, isn't it? There has yet to be a singing show with decent judges or coaches on it. The only one worth anything was Simon Cowell, and he is always thought of as a villain because he didn't always tell the singers that they looked pretty and sounded beautiful. Say what you want about American Idol, but at least they produced Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, and Carrie Underwood. I'm not saying those four are great but at least they've made it. Who have any of the other shows produced? American Idol at least was interesting while Simon was on, now it's starting it's last season and good riddance since it's become like all the others. These reality music shows haven't produced any stars since Cowell left, and I don't think that's a coincidence.

7 Cops Cops is an American documentary/reality legal series that follows police officers, constables, sheriff's deputies, federal agents and state troopers during patrols and other police activities including vice and narcotics stings.

Shows you how effective the police force is in each state. Excellent videos on the pursuit and capture of criminals.

The only actual real show that exist. It's the longest running reality show to date and it still is awesome.

Use to really like it. But with all the killings it turns my stomach now

8 Undercover Boss

Great show! I like how the CEOs take a walk in the workers' shoes in hopes of making the companies and the work environments suitable for all.

Super entertaining and funny!

Love this show

9 Dancing with the Stars

I love "Reality" T.V. shows around hospitals, ER, people with odd diagnoses, and the like. I find Hoarders interesting. I find some educational like My Cat From Hell. Some entertaining like America's Got Talent and Dancing With the Stars. I miss the show that took privileged rich families to poor countries. I like Wife Swap, and the Nanny. Undercover Boss was great but too scripted.

Great, could only be better if they would include African American pros as well!

The very best real - reality show!

10 America's Next Top Model

For me, it's definitely the best reality show. It has the right amount of drama and the contestants most of the time are very likeable and approachable. Before I watched the show I thought that all the models are dumb blondes that the only good thing they have is good looks, but this show changed my perspective because most of the girls were bubbly, funny and some of them very intelligent, beautiful souls. Tyra also focused in their personality which is very important and she had a lot of quirky and different girls, showing that beauty is something 100% subjective.

I voted ANTM because it's an awesome T.V. show and it's very inspiring. I LOVED the cycle with short models, it was very good for all those talented girls that want to become models but they are short. That show had also an over weighted (don't know if I spelled that right, I'm not English) contestant, Whitney (Cycle 10) and that was also very inspiring.! That show makes me wanna dream.

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11 The X Factor (U.S.)

The best reality! I love it! Tyra banks is the better!

12 Fear Factor Fear Factor is an American stunt/dare game show that originally aired on NBC between 2001 and 2006. It was later revived by NBC in 2011, only to be cancelled again on May 13, 2012. After its second cancellation, a two-part special aired in July 2012. The show was revived a second time in 2017 to air on MTV.

It's something real and out of the box from those celebrity reality shows, and shows an ideal factor.

This show is too good to be true!

Love the show, bring it back.

13 MasterChef

This show has it all! Great competition and amazing culinary adventures. I just wish the home chefs posted their recipes on Master Chef website after each show.

You're best off watching the one of the better MasterChefs like the Australian MasterChef. The American version of this show is a complete joke.

It's so awesome my cousin is on this show and he is in the finale!

14 RuPaul's Drag Race

Embraces the camp of reality shows and takes it to a whole new level. All the drama, talent and quotability any reality addict needs.

Honestly the best reality show. It should be higher!

Greatest reality show on T.V..

15 Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty was an American reality television series on A&E that portrayed the lives of the Robertson family, who became successful from their family-operated business, Duck Commander.

The best! Have been to their head quarters in West Monroe and it is just like it is on T.V.. They all get off work at 6:30 and they are just people making an living, doing what the like, with who the love, and doing what they know. The people in the town have a a lot to say about them since they all know them and it is all good. Most grew up going to the same church camp and same church.

This reality show is hilarious- the Robertsons remind me so much of my own family. I also like their religious aspect of life. And unlike other reality shows, they don't do stupid things like drugs and getting arrested just to get attention. It should be number 1.

#1 reality show of all time. Love Si. All race can relate to this show. When I have bad day and need a good laugh I watch it. Whole family loves it a great conversation piece whenmy family get together or via phone. So real.

16 Intervention

Amazing reality television that makes a difference.

17 The Biggest Loser

Great show that helps the world get healthier every year. Sure, it is a big sob story most of the time, but that is because people who get that out of shape are broken to begin with. Inspirational show.

18 Pawn Stars Pawn Stars is an American reality television series, shown on History, and produced by Leftfield Pictures.

Unlike many other of these shows I actually learn watching pawn stars and its funny and interesting

For humor and knowledge as well as improving bargaining skills

19 Face Off

What's great about Face Off is that these people have talent and help to create the most iconic film make up out there. That's staying power. It's a great show for Horror, Fantasy and Sci Fi fans, as well as people who love creativity and art. There is also no cliff hangers like they have to use on subar shows top get you coming back for the next episode. This makes it so that you can get into the show mid season and still truly enjoy it as is. There is also no train wrecks to laugh at, so the show has a supportive feel to it.

I have never seen a show so unique! It's amazing what these people can do!

20 Celebrity Apprentice

One of the best, motivating shows for black people. Loved it!

One of my favorite shows. Always Fun and interesting.

This show is really enjoyable a lot of people don't know that but this show is really awesome

21 So You Think You Can Dance?

This show takes you through the journey of a group of people who share the same passion- dance. Every week, beautiful, inspiring, empowering routines are danced. This show deserves to be recognized for it's art. SYTYCD allows people to grow, not only as dancers, but as people.

! This show is completely amazing and definitely beat out American IDOL even though the two shows are by the same people and were SUPPOSED to be equals just of different topics! If you have never watched this show you have to check it out!

I know very little about dancing, so I only watch the audition episodes (for the people who make fools of themselves), once they've chosen their dancers, I usually stop watching.

22 Impractical Jokers Impractical Jokers is an American hidden camera reality series that premiered on TruTV on December 15, 2011, and is produced by NorthSouth Productions.

What the hell! Can't believe that I had to add this. I mean come on this is rated 7.8 out of 10.0. This show that makes me laugh really hard. Those who haven't watched this I recommend you to watch just one episode and I guarantee that you won't regret it.

How the HECK is it way down here? How is it NOT number one? Just because it's not extremely popular does not mean it sucks. It is the funniest show on the planet.

Of course...I just love this show, it's so real and hilarious and just AWESOME...and all the four of them are just great...

23 Wipeout Wipeout was a game show in which contestants competed in what was billed as the "World's Largest" obstacle course. The series was cancelled in 2014.
24 Real World

The original and still the best. People get real oafter being thrown into a house for together for months on end. Forget all the competitive stuff.

One of the best out there! Should be higher than 7th place!

25 Survivorman
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