Worst Types of People on the Internet EP-14 Beliebers

Thank you SkullKid755 for the suggestion! Now get ready spaghetti it's a new Worst Types of People on the Internet

Sorry if I skipped a day but I was on a unexpected break (a break into the Commonwealth's Wasteland) but anyways so we're gonna tear into Beliebers.

Beliebers - Worship Justin Bieber and viciously attack anyone who disagrees (by typing in all caps)

Anyways, they aren't as common as they were 2010-2013 but they kinda came back now since Justin released his new album. Anyways, back in 2010 - 2012 he was okay. Sure he made horrible songs but the kid himself was okay then. But in 2013 he tried to be like Justin Timberlake for some reason and in 2014-Now he's trying to be gangsta (yeah having a street race by driving 40 miles an hour and peeing in buckets is so gangsta). He also spray painted some stuff in Brazil (probably spray painting "JB IS GANGSTA" over the "HUEHUEHUE" and "BR") and in Australia (spray painting over the "WANKA" and "THATS A KNIFE M8")

So on his new album, he tried to be R&B and soul. He also released a new breed of Beliebers. But anyways there are 2 types of Beliebers.

Type 1: Girls aged 8-16. Literally in love with Justin Beiber. They type things like "I want cancer so Justin would kiss me and call me his girlfriend" and "I LUV JUSTIIN BIBER!!!!1!1!1!1!11111"

Type 2: Trolls aged 18-30. They troll everyone. The most prominent ones? AmandaBeiber (Facebook) and JUSTINBEIBERLOVER (TheTopTens)

The Beleibers are close to extinction now which is thankfully, good. But we still have more annoying people (Weaboos and Brazillions in MMO games)

Anyways good bye and have a Noice day m8s


Kek - bobbythebrony

topkek m8 - AlbertAngrySami

Beliebers... - Therandom

I think we effectively got rid of them for good. - visitor

I think we effectively got rid of them for good. - visitor

Nah, there are still some out there, although most of em are close to extinction, some are still out there - Martinglez

Technically, Beliebers are an endangered species not protected - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Protecting them is unnecessary; they always make stupid reasons. - visitor

There the only endangered species that shouldn't be protected - SirSkeletorThe3rd

His fans are totally stewpid, crazy girls. I don't know, how these idiots are loves him so much? Justin has zero talent and a girly voice. Fangirls are needs to like/love Linkin Park :D - 05yusuf09