Top Ten Reasons Why 100 Things to Do Before High School Is Better Than Make It Pop

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1 Make it Pop is racist

How is that racist. - DynastiSugarPop

It uses K-Pop for the wrong reasons, it uses K-Pop without Korean men, and it doesn't accept black Asians, no wonder it's racist.

2 100 Things is more creative

I'd say make it pop is a more original concept. But who the hell wants a show on k pop?

3 Make it Pop is sexist
4 The only thing Make it Pop characters care about is their cell phones
5 100 Things is watchable
6 100 Things has humor
7 Make it Pop is boring
8 100 Things has better plots
9 100 Things is more clean and G-rated

Yet Make It Pop involves too much drama and teen bopping, yet they make fun of K-Pop.

Because Make It Pop is racist. and badly influences kids with making fun of Koreans.

10 No one likes Make it Pop

It's so offensive toward Asians and Koreans, yet it doesn't even make sense, how does K-Pop work without Korean men.

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11 100 Things has better characters
12 On Make it Pop, the girls do awful and vile things to the popular girls

At least CJ on 100 things tries to be nice to Mindy Minus

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