Top 10 Reasons Why 2017 is a Awful Year for Music

2017..... is probably the worst year for music since 2012..... it's that bad. Most songs this year have been terribly awful.

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1 Mainstream music is at it's all time worst

I'm 15 and there were no new songs from 2017 I liked. Even 2015 and 2016 had one each. Whenever someone turns on the hit station, I almost immediately feel disgusted or repulsed, now that hip hop and trap are bigger than ever and rock is nonexistent. Why can't we have the music of 1983 back already?

Aside from Praying, Havana, and Feel It Still, I can't find any song on the charts that is a 5/5. - DCfnaf

Again don't focus on mainstream music but it is awful this year.

@Panda: Funny because I would probably say that if trap was all I had to base off of lol - PandaDude98

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2 No passion has been present in music this year

It has been the greatest year for German hip hop since its existence. Never has there been more passion put into the lyrics (Kollegah and SpongeBozz established that rhetoric figures and rhyming have to be really complex) and flows (Fler established trap, which relies on flowing melodically, and DatAdam's experimental cyber hip hop introduced other similar artists like Westghosts or Sierra Kidd), and Cro released a chart topping conscious hip hop album this year. In fact, I never have seen that much passion and high quality in German hip hop at once. No matter what you listen to, you get a variety of interesting aspects, from atmosphere to lyrical complexity to musicality to content/depth. When rappers release 18 and a half minute storytelling songs as lead singles instead of your average structured hit, that's a move of passion.

I don't think many of you are familiar with German hip hop, but I just wanted to show you that music indeed still has passion, but as Metal_Treasure ...more - Martin_Canine

It is an electronic subgenre that is used in a lot of mainstream songs nowadays. A song that is an example of tropical house is Don't Wanna Know by Maroon 5.

Glad I'm a metal fan. There was passion, creativity, originality and efforts in the metal albums this year. Seems metal has a different trajectory. - Metal_Treasure

Green Day and Tom DeLonge have passion, if you don't focus on the most mainstream stuff, you will see artists today that still make music passionately.

I just liked few hard rock and metal songs. Especially from the oldies. - zxm

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3 David Bowie released an EP

David Bowie Troll, LEAVE!

A terrible one in fact

This was one of the few good things about the year.


4 Way too much trap music on the charts

There is also lots of 'Annoying Auto Tune' getting used too much them days.

Trap music is boring, and it sounds the same. I prefer older rap beats to trap. Some tone deaf autotuned guy rapping, lyrics all about the coolest shoes, clothing, money, and girls, and the same overused beat.

My parents were born in the 1970's with actual good music, they're lucky but they actually like this wack ass trash, they tend to listen to the newest stuff more than the old stuff.

I hate trap. It all sounds the same. And now some pop artists are trying to copy trap in their songs.

5 Lyrics this year for the most part have been terrible

There are plenty of lyrical gems such as The Promise, Speak to Me, and Praying, but a lot of lyrics are reprehensible. - DCfnaf

They're just about drugs and money and sex and just repeat the same thing over and over again. No meaning in the words.

Again a few exceptions but not a whole lot to say that it was a solid year.

Define terrible. - ProPanda

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6 The worst music artists are getting exposure this year

*COUGH COUGH* Most modern country and Hopsin.

Hopsin. Kodak Black. Sam Hunt. XXXTENTACION. MISSIO. AJR. 2017 Taylor Swift. Should I keep going? - DCfnaf

@DC @Bored
Hopsin isn't getting exposure. That's his whole appeal, he thinks he's deeper than the rappers who are in the mainstream.
Kodak is pretty much a one hit wonder.
MISSIO's biggest hit was a song that barely impacted alt radio and was forgetten immediately.
AJR's biggest hit this year hit the Hot 100 but didn't last long.
Taylor Swift... ok fine, but...Ready For It and LWYMMD are bops.. - ProPanda

7 Rock music has steadily declined and most rock bands are turning into pop bands

Still listening to modern Rock is far better than penetrating your ear with computer-generated and auto-tuned pop garbage. - Arhaan95

That really sucks, some rock bands turned pop, and others are declining in musical quality, like Blink-182 sadly. There should be new rock bands that are good, which is what I am trying to do, keep rock music alive. I am glad Green Day is still a good band and that Tom DeLonge will never become a pop artist and consistently makes good music, so I do have some hope.

Metal music was very good (metal is a subgenre of rock music) - Metal_Treasure

Rock, Metal, Alternative, etc > Pop and Trap. I'm a newer Metal music fan of almost 2 years, that says something.

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8 Many rock artists have died this year

RIP Chester, Tom, Chris, Malcolm and Chuck.

Like Tom Petty, Chester Bennington, and Chuck Berry - Eraser

(cries) linkin park

Chester is a focn legend compared to these popstar n00bs.

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9 No effort was put into songs this year

That is the mainstream, if you don't focus on mainstream music, there will be lots of creativity in more underrated artists.

Again there's a few exceptions but the effort is barely there.

Mainstream was flooded with lazy songs. - DCfnaf

I'd like to see you try. - ProPanda

I never said you are not allowed to like/dislike the song. However, these people (most cases) tried to make a beat, write the song, engineer the music, perform it, make a video (this includes getting in shape or looking good), and memorizing the song to make the final product happen. You don't have to like it, but don't go around saying it's effortless before at least trying because trust me, it's hard stuff. - ProPanda

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10 Too many music artists are selling out or running out of creativity

Creativity is an endless thing for most artist (either cartoonists, musicians, movie directors, book authors, etc.), but the problem is that most artist always running out of ideas. But what if creativity goes extinct for the next 1M years?

Creativity will never end, there will always be creativity no matter what. There are unlimited ideas in this planet.

Trivium and Sinners Are Winners have been the only big things I remember being creative. - EliHbk

Not going in depth why here.

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11 The charts have only gotten worse since last year

The songs may be worse, but hey, at least we got hits this year, unlike last year where we barely got any hits and it was boring.

They're much more active and less stagnant then last year. - ProPanda

To be honest, the charts are more active this year than last year. There was barely any hits last year.

Again don't focus on the charts... but the charts do suck this year.

12 There were a lot of disappointing returns from older artists

Praying was better than most of the rest of Kesha's discography, but I still didn't feel the craze for it. Pink's What About Us has been played a gazillion times (give or take) on car radio and despite the fact that it has a good message, the delivery doesn't quite work for me. Look What You Made Me Do was a guilty pleasure of mine but not as good as Taylor Swift's older songs. But the most disappointing return of the year...Kelly Clarkson, who came back again with her worst song yet, "Love So Soft". - allamassal

I say it was the opposite, Kesha and Miley Cyrus came back better than ever before.

Kesha was the only one that improved this year... - Twixx

That's always the reason why a year is bad. Or it's because there wasn't any good songs released on a year.

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13 Death of Chester Bennington
14 Mainstream radio repeats the same horrible songs

Well, sometimes it plays Bad At Love. That is good.

Like my life depends on hearing What About Us again... - allamassal

Everyday, I hear that one song I talked about, with it's "bloody shoes" or whatever it says... ugh! - EliHbk

We all had to hear that annoying "Mi Gente" noise with that annoying beat - allamassal

15 Taylor Swift Released Her Album Reputation

I remember being a fan of her songwriting ability during my early years of unintentional exposure to radio pop music. But nowadays, her albums are embarrassingly bad. - Arhaan95

I hate this album, it has a bunch of terrible songs. This album is not worthy of selling millions of copies. No passion, no creativity, just plain mean spirited, and nothing interesting. Not as bad as a BOTDF album, but still awful.

The only good thing about these songs are the music videos to be honest, they are creative, but the music, nope.

I love Taylor Swift, but that's just my opinion. End game is really bad though.

This Is Abysmal

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16 Despacito was overplayed

So was What About Us. In fact, that song might be even more overplayed than Despacito, after all its overplay lasted at least 3x longer. - allamassal

I like Despacito vut why would someine overplay it. I don't want Despacito end up like Toddler Titans No! - BorisRule

17 Pop music is at it's worst this year

So is rap. - MrCoolC

To be honest, I agree with this. But at least we did not get a song as terrible as Watch Me Whip this year, so not really.

That really says a lot, cause it is. - DCfnaf

I'd say this year was better than 2016 just for variety. - ProPanda

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18 Most of the singles on the radio are terrible and awful to sit through

I liked Now Or Never, Havana, Bad At Love, Feel It Still, Wait, and a few others but I agree.

Mi Gente was sure to drive you crazy. That wasn't the only thing - allamassal

This is just a rephrase of fifty other items. - ProPanda

There's a few exceptions but most 2017 Singles are mind numblingly awful.

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19 Not many good metal albums were released compared to recent years

Meanwhile we have Hollywood Undead who I can't even listen to with a straight face. - PandaDude98

I don't really love much of the new metal works this year, songs from the 2000s are 1990s are better - Neonco31

2015-16 has lots of intresting albums like KSE's, Triv's, Metallica's, etc. - EliHbk

20 Liam Payne released the abomination that is Strip That Down

I love the description for this. The abomination. Whoever added this is 11/10.

21 Way too many overplayed songs

There was a time when every time I turned on the radio, it would be What About Us, Praying, or Love So Soft. - allamassal

What about us...

Wow. Finally another person who agrees with me. That song still plays probably 50 times a day on car radio (no I'm not kidding! ), even though it's not 2017 anymore. I've been all over these lists ranting about how much that song is overplayed and how much it gets stuck in my head, and yet no one outside this site agrees! - allamassal

22 Praying being one of the best songs of 2017 but seriously underrated

I think it is overrated because everyone thinks it is the best song of 2017 but is it really?

How can it be underrated if 99.9999% of the world loves it? - allamassal

23 Country music sounds almost like pop music

It's not that bad though, I'll I listen to modern country sometimes, but who cares anyway since about nobody listened to country in the first place. - EliHbk

Just listen to Chris Stapleton, he's pretty much the best country singer out there today. - railfan99

No it sounds more like rap music nowadays...

24 Pro-Pain's Gary Meskil was brutally attacked and robbed in Brussels

You can find pics of him after the attack online. Poor dude. I really hope he gets better.

25 Too much autotune
26 Songs try to be 'Hip' when really they're not

Basically songs like "Its Everyday Bro" and "I'm the One" qualify for this. They try be like: " let's do sex and drugs and its fun! " But really, they just get WAY too annoying.
The only people I see playing these songs are 10-13 year olds - SharkBite

27 Everyday Bro happened

That song is the reason aliens don't visit us

Not my city! - Neonco31

There was FAR worse songs released this year.

28 Katy Perry Released the Disgrace that is Witness
29 Death of Lil Peep
30 Lil Pump became popular
31 SZA’s songs as a lead artist flopped

Love Galore and the Weekend deserved MUCH BETTER!

32 Fifth Harmony released trash

Down, He Like That, what more can I say?

33 Songs like gucci gang becoming viral
34 The Billboard top songs were junky pop
35 The good songs did not get popular
36 The year chart organizers starts cherry picking the songs with less meaning instead of the most viewed songs with actual meaning
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