Top 10 Reasons Why Adding a New Character to a TV Show Usually Fails

TV shows tend to add new characters to a show which almost always ends up failing wither they serve no purpose, are forced or just unpleasant to watch.

The Top Ten

1 They feel forced
2 They end up ruining the show

Cough cough Fairly Odd Parents Cough Cough - Freebrook

3 They're created out of desperation to gain more viewers
4 They serve no purpose

The show could've went on without them, it already did before.

Sparky from The Fairly OddParents did nothing for a whole Season.

5 They have very little or no character development

When you add new characters, they need to actually BE characters. Not an emotionless, realistic-looking robot, (unless it's sci-fi and it has emotions), but a fleshed out character. - Cyri

6 They end up replacing favorite characters

*cough*Kasie on NCIS*cough*

7 People end up hating them
8 They feel out of place
9 It's hard getting use to a new character
10 They throw off the cast dynamic

The Contenders

11 You can tell the writers ran out of ideas
12 They do very little to contribute to the show
13 They are unfunny

Kokoro no kanji desu! - infinitecirculation

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