Top 10 Reasons Why Justin Bieber is Better Than Jacob Sartorius

Don't get me wrong I hate both of them, this is not a fangirl list by a Belieber. I can't stand the music either of them make. But I feel Jacob Sartorius's music is a little worse, here's the reasons.

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1 Justin Bieber did not make an ABC rap
2 Jacob Sartorius only got famous for lip singing songs on

At least Justin Bieber got famous for singing songs on youtube, which at least takes some talent. Jacob on the other hand only got famous for lip singing songs on, which takes virtually no talent.

3 Jacob Sartorius has stupider lyrics than Justin Bieber

At least with Bieber, he sang, "Baby" over and over again, with Jacob on the other hand "Sweatshirt" in a love song...I don't get it.

4 Jacob Sartorius's voice is way more annoying
5 Jacob Sartorius seems a lot cockier than Justin Bieber

You can see how cocky Jacob acts in his music, and youtube videos, it almost seems like as he grows older he will become so egotistical, it's not even funny.

6 Jacob Sartorius was younger than Justin Bieber when he became famous

At least with Justin, he did not become famous until he was around 15 or 16. With Jacob, he became famous when he was like 13. I can't imagine how screwed up Jacob will be in 3 or 4 years from now.

7 Justin Bieber's fame is dying

It seems like as Justin grows less famous, he is getting replaced by something even worse.

I kind of agree, he's mainly collaborating with djs and has not made a lot of new music recently

8 Justin Bieber seems to be improving as a person

Yeah, he does. - PandasNGaga

I think the fame got to his head it took him longer to learn responsibility.

9 Jacob Sartorius has more annoying songs than Justin Bieber

Which is more annoying? Sweatshirt or Baby? Take your pick, but it would obviously be Sweatshirt that's more annoying. - PandasNGaga

10 Jacob Sartorius's music is more mainstream sounding than Justin Bieber's later work

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11 Jacob Sartorius relies on Autotune more
12 Jacob’s 2nd EP didn’t get a single song in the charts and was considered a “commercial failure” in the music industry.
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