Top 10 Reasons Why Linkin Park is Overhated

Linkin Park is one of the most overhated bands on this site. So overhated that it's just downright annoying.

The Top Ten

1 People hate on them just because they're popular

Only reason I could imagine. Many people hate on everything, just because they don't wanna be mainstream. So what? Linkin Park became mainstream. Still good. - Mesel

So what if some rock band becomes mainstream? Doesn't mean they're horrible or terrible just because they're not small or overlooked.

2 They get treated like a musical antichrist

Same with Nickelback or Justin Bieber in all honesty.

3 People hate them because they changed their sound and act like changing your sound musically is a bad thing

Yes from Minutes to Midnight and onwards they lost their nu metal sound but that doesn't make them terrible at all.

4 They've gotten hate just for being a nu metal band

Nu Metal as a whole is overhated but just because they were nu metal doesn't make them horrible.

5 Even after Chester Bennington's passing people still act like they were horrible from the start

Mainly by the LP haters that go too far with their hate.

6 They are treated like the Nickelback of alternative rock

In other words everyone likes to bandwagon the hate on them just for the sake of hating them.

7 Linkin Park gets treated like the worst band of the 2000s decade when there were far worse bands

A7X, Creed, Saliva, 3 Doors Down and even P.O.D are far worse.

8 People act like they're awful just because they're somewhat edgy

Yet artists like FOB get a pass for being edgy yet when LP is it's suddenly offensive.

9 They are falsely accused of being sell outs

Self explantory.

10 People acted like they were the worst artist ever just for one album

*COUGH COUGH* One More Light.

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