Top Ten Reasons Why Metallica and Megadeth are Equal

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1 Both Have Bad Albums

Exactly. Good list. - LightningBlade

Master of Puppets is crap
The World Needs a Hero is kinda decent

Metallica s bad Albums Lulu and St. Anger (Although I don't think it was that bad)
Megadeth's bad albums Cryptic Writings, Risk, The World Needs a Hero and Super Collider
so yeah both have released bad albums along with Slayer and Anthrax too. - christangrant

2 Kirk and Dave are Both Awesome Guitarists

Yes this is true - christangrant

3 Both Have Awesome Lyrics

Both have great anti war classics - One and Holy Wars. - LightningBlade

4 James and Dave are Both Good Vocalists

Agreed but now that Mustaine has sadly lost his once-great voice, we can actually say Hetfield is better. But Mustaine uses his voice in a great way and even after all this, he's still the lead vocalist. - LightningBlade

5 Both Have Amazing Albums

Yes many of their albums are classics - christangrant

Rust In Peace, Master of Puppets, Countdown to Extinction, Justice, Peace Sells, Ride The Lightning, Youthansia, Kill em all. - LightningBlade

Metallica's best albums: Kill Em All and Ride The Lightning (both which Dave Mustaine contributed to)
Megadeth's best albums: Killing is my Business, Peace Sells, SFSGSW, RIP, Countdown, Endgame, Dystopia (none of which Metallica contributed to)

6 Both Work Hard

Untrue. Megadeth puts actual effort into their songs, and that effort shows. Metallica so obviously doesn't care.

Yes, that's a good list. I really think both of them are equal.
If you compare the members, then it'd be almost same.
vocalist, James> Dave
guitars, Dave> Kirk
drums, Nick> Lars
bass, Cliff> all of them - zxm

7 Both Have Members with Questionable Personalities
8 Both are Not Exactly Underrated

But id say Magadeth is less overrated - Lucretia

9 Both are Members of the Big 4 of Thrash Metal

I consider the Big 4 to be Megdeth, Anthrax, Slayer, and Exodus. I think Metallica is trash. All of the members are awful people. James Hetfield missed his son's first birthday to hunt, Lars Ulrich sued Napster, and Kirk and Rob are just a-holes. I'd be willing to overlook how awful the 4 band members are if the music was good enough. But, no. It's not...

The big four should be Venom, Overkill, Exodus, and Anthrax

10 Both Have Had Member Changes

Metallica is more stable than Megadeth

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11 Both are Amazing Bands Overall
12 Both Have Political Lyrics
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