Top 10 Reasons Why is Nirvana is Overrated

We all know Nirvana, right? They've left an undeniable impact on the music scene, especially during the early 1990s. Now, before anyone starts throwing rocks, let's: Nirvana is a good band. They've produced some fantastic songs and undoubtedly had a significant influence on the alternative music movement. However, there's an ongoing discussion about whether they might be just a tad overrated. That's what we're here to explore in this list - reasons why some music lovers believe Nirvana's acclaim might be slightly exaggerated. So, grab your headphones, keep an open mind, and let's venture into this exploration of Nirvana's place in the music pantheon.
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1 People claim Kurt Cobain is the greatest guitarist when he himself said he wasn't

His guitar playing skills were very basic. I didn't even need his confession to make this conclusion. The solo to Smells like Teen Spirit is one of the easiest solos of all time.

Nobody says he is the greatest guitarist. We all know there are better.

Even Chad Kroeger from Nickelback is a better guitarist the he was

2 They are considered the best band ever just because of one song they made

Yes, when they have other songs that are good too.

That's true and so illogical to regard a band as the best for one song

3 People claim Kurt Cobain is the greatest vocalist of all time when there are better

I don't see how constant mumbling makes him a great singer. People are probably more impressed with his grungy look than anything else he did. Hell, Ozzy isn't a great singer but even he's way better than Kurt!

Layne Staley and Chris Cornell are so much better that I would say they are from a different league - whole another level of vocal skills.

True. Cornell was miles better, and Staley and Vedder were both better. Even Weiland probably had a better voice than Cobain did.

4 They overshadow other bands that are better than they are

Pearl Jam does more complex arrangements on most songs than Nirvana could have attempted.

In terms of musicianship, all 3 bands from the Big-4 of grunge were actually better. Strange, eh?

Alice In Chains' songs are better.

5 Their songs are simple

Do songs need to be effing complex to be good? Kurt wasn't by any means a bad guitarist, but he served the song and made it work. Now anyone aspiring to play his songs CAN.

Yes, and namely this is the reason they became the most popular grunge band. The majority of people like simple songs.

Because Kurt isn't a great guitarist the songs are really simple

6 Nevermind isn't as good as people make it out to be

Sure it's their best with the other 2 sucking even more. Bleach being a dull Melvins cover album and In Utero with it's lame attempts at grit and throwaway "experimental" songs. Alice in Chains were the far better band with the far better albums, hands down.

Nevermind is a good album, but why do people treat it like it's the best grunge album? It's not the best grunge album, or even the best Nirvana album. In Utero makes Nevermind look like garbage.

I love the cleanness of Nevermind but In Utero is much more interesting and better.

7 Nirvana is more of a brand than a band
8 They only made 3 studio albums

Its because Kurt Cobain died.

9 Come as You are is a ripoff of another song

And it's also literally their only good song.

Still a damn good song

10 People claim Kurt Cobain is the greatest rockstar of all time just because he's dead

Just like Hendrix. While Hendrix was really good at guitar he wasnt the best but just think of it if cobain was still alive nobody would say he's the best

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11 They aren't the best band in their genre

Still a good band but plenty better ones excluding Pearl Jam. I don't like Pearl Jam for some reason. I can't get into them

I agree, but it's subjective.

Alice in Chains Soundgarden and Pearl Jam are better than Nirvana

12 Their career only lasted eight years

Exactly and that's why they shouldn't be on the top ten of the greatest bands of all time.

That's because kurt died...

13 Their songs are very radio friendly
14 People make them sound much better than they are simply because Kurt Cobain is dead

Sadly this judgmental trope repeats itself throughout history

15 Some lyrics seem very thrown together
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