Top 10 Reasons Why Nine Inch Nails is Better Than Marilyn Manson

My first comparison list. And not it's not comparing two completely different things this time. These two bands are closely related and I just wanna share my opinion on why I think NIN is better than Manson. Hopefully this list turns out well.

Please know that this list isn't meant to offend any Manson fans. If you like the guy then good. To each their own.

The Top Ten

1 Trent Reznor Is Better at Singing Than Manson

True.I like both but I think Nine Inch Nails makes better music and also Trent isn't a bad person in real life but yeah I think Trent is a better singer.-DarkBoi-X

This is true. Manson sings bad (intentionally so).

Manson sings horribly (and I think he intended it to be that way).

2 Marilyn Manson Is More Overrated Than NIN
3 Manson Is Pretentious With His Art
4 Trent Reznor Didn't Collaborate With Gucci Mane

Not even joking. Manson actually collaborated with Gucci Mane years ago. If that's not selling out than I don't know what is.

5 Trent Reznor Doesn't Parade Around the Stage Naked Like Manson Does
6 Manson Smoked Human Bones

I'm not even kidding. During an interview, Manson said that he smoked human bones with some friends down in New Orleans. Don't you think that's going a little too far?

7 Manson Assaulted a Security Guard During a Show in Detroit

For those who don't know, Manson approached a security guard from behind while masturbating, spit on him, wrapped his legs around the man's head and neck and curated against him. He was hit with a charge of fourth degree criminal sexual conduct and was charged $4,000. This guy just likes getting himself in trouble doesn't he?

8 Manson Copied Other Artists
9 NIN Is Less Obscene Than Manson

Sure NIN has a few vulgar lyrics and music videos but they never go too far like Manson's do.

10 NIN Is More Influential

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11 NIN Has a Cooler Name
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