Reasons Why Perfect Peter is Just as Horrid as Henry

Perfect Peter is my personal least favorite character in the Horrid Henry franchise. These are the reasons that he isn't as sweet and innocent as he acts in the show. I'm not trying to make any Peter fans butthurt or mad.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Perfect Peter is Just as Horrid as Henry

1 He always tattles on Henry

yeah tattles are bad that he should stop doing that to him henry is my favorite peter stop tattle on him u idiot

Brat Peter

2 He's always making Henry look bad
3 He never gives Henry a chance to act nice
4 He's mean in some episodes
5 He always tries to get Henry into trouble
6 He's always taking sides with Margaret
7 He's the reason Henry acts horrid
8 His parents treat him like an angel, meanwhile they treat Henry like the devil
9 It seems like he hates Henry and the rest of the purple hand gang
10 He always cries and whines

Aah I hate him

I think he is so annoying and needs a spanking - Horridhenryfan101

The Contenders

11 He only has one personality, while Henry has lots
12 He brags about how healthy he is


13 He wears dumb sweaters

it's true

14 He always gets his way
15 He whines until he gets his way
16 He thinks he can have everything
17 He's annoying
18 He thinks he's so perfect when he's just... not
19 He's a Gary Stu
20 He always acts like a show off
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