Top 10 Reasons Why Regular Show and Adventure Time are So Bad

Here are reasons why both Adventure Time and Regular Show suck.

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1 They're the most overrated television shows of the 2010s

This site makes the word "overrated" overrated... - Qryzx

I like Regular Show better than Adventure Time

What? Regular Show is awesome! - Neonco31

Adventure time is bad but regular show is horrifically overrated. - Myname2

2 The Amazing World of Gumball isn't being recognizable compared to Adventure Time or Regular Show

This show is the best show this show made cartoon network unique I agree

The one thing on this list I accept. - Qryzx

This one I could actually agree. Despite the fact that all three shows had revived the network's reputation after that CNreal disaster, only Adventure Time and Regular Show get the credit for that. What's worse is that despite being watched more than those two shows by kids from age 8-12 (Cartoon Network's targeted age of viewers), Gumball doesn't get enough accolades for that.
Well, at least the show had it better than Welcome To The Wayne. That show had great potential, but Nickelodeon just throw it in the trash and they decided to give The Loud House the same treatment as SpongeBob even though that show didn't really save the network.

Deal. - 445956

3 Both rely on Toilet Humor

That's why people freak in enjoy the show maybe you need a reality Check

Butt jokes, fart jokes, toilet jokes, just because we're adults doesn't mean we should find them funny. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

And Gumball Doesn't? - VideoGamefan5

Gumball rarely relies on toilet humor compared to Regular Show and Adventure Time. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

They don't go as far as Sanjay & Craig does it with it, so I don't the problem in it. Also Gumball can rely to that humor to so this point is hypocritical.

4 Both have hate-able characters

I mean, I despise Benson and Muscle Man in Regular Show. I hate Ash in Adventure Time due to his very sickening, cruel, SELFISH actions towards Marceline. That's it. - KalloFox34

Magic Man or Benson, there really isn't too much of those - 445956

5 They ruined Cartoon Network the same way CN Real did

Sure they ruined CN now cartoons are nothing but toilet humor and boring round animation and bright queer colors.

Are you kidding me. This is nostalgiatardism reaching a whole new low. They saved CN after CN Real and Ed, Edd, n Eddy were cancelled and put them back on their feet. And did you just say Chris Savino should be the only person running CN? Yeah, then I guess Skyler Page should as well. - 445956

Actually they didn't. They helped Cartoon Network tremendously with ratings and revived the network after the bad live action era.

6 Their fanbases suck

I've already complained in my comment about adventure time fans on "most annoying fan bases".it begins with "it's my favourite animated series" and unfortunately I have to face that my worst nightmare came true:the show turned into mis-adventure time because that dishonorable miniseries named mi-stakes reminds me of those pseudofanworks featuring a fully living marceline.if you're watching the cartoon for the first time or planning to do that please stop at the end of the 6th season.

I can see Adventure Time. But Regular Show? Definitely not.

This I can actually agree with. - 445956

NO! We have every RIGHT to force you to love Adventure Time and Regular Show! Haven't you paid attention to Mr. Enter?! The only way for you to have great taste in animation is by letting us FORCE you to love Adventure Time and Regular Show! NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR PRECIOUS CHRIS SAVINO OR JOE MURRAY BULLCRAP! START PRAISING REGULAR SHOW AND ADVENTURE TIME RIGHT NOW!

You don't have the "rights" to force us to like anything. If you were saying you have the rights to enter an argument then yes, but not forcing someone to do something. - Qryzx

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7 Rebecca Sugar and Pat McHale are the only useful writers in Adventure Time

Just because they made shows you like doesn't make them the only good writers. - 445956

8 Benson, Thomas, and Skips are the only good characters in Regular Show

Not really all of the characters are some what likable except for Muscle Man.

9 Marceline is the only good character in Adventure Time

Mainly because she is beautiful. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

WHY NOT JAKE - 445956

I think most of the characters are well fleshed out and written well.

10 Went through seasonal rot

Mis-adventure time died after some idiot had the idea of creating that spin-off that deserves to be called mi-stakes

Aren't all cartoons go through seasonal rots? I mean I've seen some bad episodes of Gravity Falls even though people claim it to be "flawless".

STOP HATING ON BOTH SHOWS! They NEVER go through seasonal rot! DEXTER'S LABORATORY AND THE POWERPUFF GIRLS DO! You think WE are hypocrites?! Adventure Time and Regular Show get BETTER just because they SAVED Cartoon Network. They have every RIGHT to have too many episodes.


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11 They rely on slang

The Loud House uses much more slang. - 445956

12 Adventure Time and Regular Show look more like Adult Swim shows than they do Cartoon Network shows.

Is not even good animation on the characters.

No not really they look like kid shows to me. Now something like Problem Solverz that looks like more like a Adult Swim cartoon then something for Cartoon Network.

Dude, Regular Show and Adventure were meant to be on Cartoon Network and Gumball was intended for Adult Swim. - Drawbox

Actually it was. But they rejected it, thankfully. They said it was too childish. It would've been terrible if it was on Adult Swim. It's better on Cartoon Network. - Drawbox

I see you added "The Loud House is better" but it was not accepted because you said these 2 great shows should be run by Chris Savino. Chris Savino is a complete scumbag. Stop praising that guy. - 445956

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13 Regular Show cusses

The P word is milder than those other words. And why the mention of crap if it's not even a swear word to begin with? - Goatworlds

I think I heard Mordecai saying the s- word in the movie once. But that's it.

*cough* *cough* Hey Arnold *cough* - sandycheeks

It's PG for a reason.
In the movie ET, the boy says the word: penis. - Not_A_Weeaboo

14 Eileen is not a character

Eileen is so BORING. And we got her in the last season over Thomas? WHY? - Drawbox

15 Princess Bubblegum and Flame Princess are the only other characters on Adventure Time besides Marceline that are likable

More like used to be likeable.

Jake. JAKE - 445956

16 They are over-hyped beyond belief
17 They are over-hyped
18 The animation is cheap and boring
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1. They're the most overrated television shows of the 2010s
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