Top 10 Reasons Why WITS Academy Was a Good Show

After Every Witch Way, the first Nickelodeon show in a long time to be good, ended, they made a spin off called WITS Academy, it turned out to be good, yet the main character said "fans will love it", which was the first proof.

But then after the first season, Nickelodeon decided to cancel it, likely because of low ratings, but also that Nickelodeon is screwed with what they're doing, they are begging for money, and they want to fill their children's brains with garbage, as with what's been going on lately since 2005.
The Top Ten
1 It Had a Good Plot

Some people though WITS Academy would be bad, as many people dislike spin offs for being bad compared to their predecessors, but when it came on, it turned out to be good, it was full of epic moments, and comedy, along with important life lessons, it tought us not to give up.

2 It Had a Good Story Line

Like with Every Witch Way, WITS Academy had a good story line as well, it kept us on our seats with what was going on.

3 It Was a Good Spin Off Compared to Others

Many spin offs these days turn out disastrous compared to their predecessors, but WITS Academy proved the opposite, it turned out to be a good show, and Andi in the first advertisement said that "fans of Every Witch Way are going to love the new series", which was the first thing that proved it, and it turned out good, we'll miss it, especially with the fact that Nickelodeon hardly makes any more good shows these days.

4 It Had No Laugh Track

Many live action shows on Nick have laugh tracks, and lately, they're being overused, even on the parts that aren't funny, but Every Witch Way didn't have any laugh tracks, and neither did WITS Academy, it even had real comedy, which made us and I laugh, it was great to watch for a modern Nickelodeon show.

5 It Had Morals

This show had morals, it tought us not to give up during the toughtest times, it was great to see that it had morals, especially considering the fact that Nickelodeon hardly makes any more good shows that have good morals.

6 Characters from Every Witch Way Were On It

Since WITS Academy was a spin off, it had characters from the previous show Every Witch Way, we knew it would have them, and it was great to see them on T.V. again, we'll miss them.

7 It Had Suspense

Like with a few shows, including Every Witch Way, it had suspense, people were left hanging to see what was going to happen when and where, it was great to see it have that.

8 The Camera Quality Was Once Again Excellent

Like with Every Witch Way, and that boring show, Talia In The Kitchen, WITS Academy had excellent camera quality, it almost captured what our eyes see, it looked very realistic, and why do people complain about it when it's great?

9 There Was Little Toilet Humor

Many Nickelodeon show nowadays have too much toilet humor, Fanboy & Chum Chum, Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, Henry Danger, Pig Goat Banana Cricket.

But Every Witch Way had none, this show had some, but it was minimal, it was most noticed when Andi said "butt", but that was rarely said, and it didn't go too far, there was no vomit or poop or blood, it was great to see show after so long with little to no toilet humor.

10 It Had Actual Comedy

Like with Every Witch Way, the first show on Nickelodeon after so long to have actual comedy, this show had actual comedy too, some characters were mocking others in a funny way, Agamemnon was funny, and Ben's face looked cute.

The Contenders
11 It Didn't Rip Off Anything

Like with Every Witch Way, which was an adaptation of Grachi, a Nickelodeon Latin American show, WITS Academy was it's own show, though it was a spin off of Every witch Way, but that wasn't a problem, and while there was magic, it was realistic in a way that it was done in a new way, and not from magic wands like with many prevoius T.V. shows/movies/books/novels.

12 It Took Place on Another Planet

You guys might not totally agree with this, but WITS Academy was believed to be set on another planet, the Magic Realm planet, they took a portal there, and the two moons in the sky proved it, we all know that even if Earth is too generic, it's very important, but we wanted to explore more,and this showed us it, it's amazing to see something like that happen in a live action show after so long, unfortunately, it's too much like our Earth, as it's likely due to low budget, but it's great to see something like that in a live action kids show, especially a Nickelodeon show, as that rarely ever happens.

13 It Didn't Use Drama Inaccurately

Once again, Nickelodeon made a show where drama is serious and not Disney Channel fakery, and unlike Every Witch Way, this show used tamer drama of any time, it was a great show.

14 The Characters Weren't As Bratty

Every Witch Way was good, but it had a lot of bratty characters, WITS Academy, on the other hand, had characters that were less bratty, relationship fights were less common and so was the kissing.

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