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This is just a list where you guys can put your opinions at. I didn't see one of these lists, so I thought 'Why not make one?'
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1 Alec Lightwood

Matthew Daddario portrays Alec very well, down to his subtle gestures and emotions. Alec goes through a lot of emotional/character development compared to most other characters, and for the most part of the season, has the voice of reason. Not to also mention Malec.

Alec/Matthew and Malec are the only reasons for watching this show. Good story arc and best character development. He is loving and loyal and trustworthy. Just the best

He fights demons, protects his siblings, parabatai, other friends and boy friend, runs the NY institute... All without angelic power.

Reading the books right now and any scene Alec is in just makes it a better scene!

2 Magnus Bane

Magnus might be one of the only characters where I can relate to him but utterly can't at the same time. Even with the show's atmosphere Magnus always finds a way to be his quirky self.

MAGNUS is no doubt my favorite character, EVER. In both the books and the show.
He's kind, wise, witty, generous, powerful, hardworking, beautiful, bold.
He is so utterly selfless.
And is also a child inside, despite his age and experiences.
He can be powerful but can also be vulnerable, he'll kill a dozen demons at once and will also fuss about a stain on his clothes, he'll demand to get his things done but will also sacrifice anything for his loved ones.
All these various aspects in a single person, it's not even too much.
He's my favorite character ever, among all books.
Also Harry Shum Jr did a GREAT job portraying Magnus. From the grace to the looks, the dialogues, actions, the style, everything was perfect!

Magnus is underrated when it comes to my friends' opinion. I would most likely stick with him if I were in the Shadowhunters realm. And the fact that he's a child on the inside makes him very lovable.

I love Magnus very much even more with Malec. His character is just so loveable. He pulls of this wise yet child like vibe and he's one of the reasons why I watch the show. His character is impossible to hate

3 Isabelle Lightwood

Isabelle is an amazing character, shes strong, independent and Emeraude portrays Isabelle gracefully. Such a queen bee

She's badass,independent,gorgeous and knows what and how to do something. She's not stupid or coward like her brother Alec

Isabelle was so beautiful.

Smart, beautiful, deadly.

4 Raphael Santiago

Raphael is so kind and and caring towards his clan and the people whom he is closest too. It warms my heart. David is such a fantastic actor and Raphael has had me sobbing many times!

An amazing character! wish we got more backstory of him with Magnus and how he came to be. I loved his development and relationships with Izzy, Simon and Rosa

He is legit my favourite character! such a loyal person I love him so much

5 Simon Lewis

His line of "How are we supposed to trust a gothic wannabe like him? " was probably the best line in the movie.

Strong character and just overall such a nice person.. always been my favorite

This guy who is so funny and has a great personality is the best. he has always been there for his friends, he was always selfless, smart, funny, and nice. My list goes by, 1-Simon / Isabelle 2-Luke, and 3- Alec

I just like his story

6 Clary Fray

Clary fray may have been annoying in the first season but closer to season 3 - 3b she was so badass and she is now my favourite character!

Clary shows they girls can do anything! All girls are smart,beautiful and strong in they're own way! She's my favorite character in the books and the T.V. version all the way!

She is fantastic, but I do prefer her in the books. Rebellious, beautiful, smart, and strong!

7 Luke Garroway

Luke should be number 3. How is he this low down in the list. He is the Captain America of the Shadowhunter world!

Luke is the perfect father for Clary. He has always been there for Clary and Simon.

Gotta love him

8 Jace Herondale

Jace is so hot and to be honest Dom Sherwood did a perfect job. I wouldn't imagine someone else being in love with Clary.

9 Maia Roberts
10 Sebastian Morgenstern
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11 Valentine Morgenstern

Valentine isn't my favorite character, but the actor manages to make Valentine evil and deceiving, yet surprisingly likeable in the alternate universe. I love how he's portrayed.

12 Jace Wayland

He's amazing! I think he's a very interesting character.

13 Jocelyn Fray

She has such an intresting backgroung, the best in fact. I love how she is so brave and strong willed and WILL sacrifice herself for a cause she believes in. It's a shame she was killed off, but I think her character developed well through out the course of the show. If they reboot the show I hope she will be revived.

Really good character

14 Max Lightwood
15 Will Herondale
16 Jem Carstairs
17 Camille Belcourt
18 Julian Blackthorn

Julian is the strongest avenger, my heart goes out to him.

19 Emma Carstairs
20 Tessa Gray
21 Henry Branwell

Henry is just so down to earth, gotta love that inventor.

22 Maryse Lightwood
23 James Herondale
24 Hodge Starkweather
25 Cristina Rosales
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