Greatest Ritchie Blackmore Riffs

Some of the greatest Ritchie Blackmore guitar riffs.

The Top Ten

1 A Light In the Black - Rainbow

For me, this is an essential metal riff. And I agree it's better than Smoke On the Water. - Metal_Treasure

I would say it's better than Smoke On the Water. But that's just my opinion. - zxm

Una luz en el negro - Rainbow on the list of Riffie más grande de Blackmore RiffsTexto original? - zxm

2 Perfect Strangers - Deep Purple

The ending riff. I got into this song by this riff. Sounds like a monster riff to me. - zxm

Killer riff. One of my most favorite by this riff master. - Metal_Treasure

3 Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple

I still like this riff, it's amazing and all, but it's sad that people know only this riff when Ritchie Blackmore created better riffs that are also more complex and difficult to play. - Metal_Treasure

For its not his best riff but this riff is more popular than any other of his riff. That's why I added in on top. - zxm

4 Stargazer - Rainbow
5 Spotlight Kid - Rainbow

This riff was ripped off by over 10 metal bands. - Metal_Treasure

6 Highway Star - Deep Purple

Unnoticed riff. Most people like the solo of this song. Its also great. But if you see the cover of this song's riff you'll notice its different. Very fast. - zxm

7 Black Night - Deep Purple

I like the riff to the verses better than the main riff. The riff to the verses is a headbanging riff from 1970. I listened to a cover of this song - the cover band accentuated this riff and when you hear it better, it sounds like a thrash riff. - Metal_Treasure

8 Kill the King - Rainbow
9 Demon's Eye - Deep Purple

This is a top riff for me. - Metal_Treasure

10 Pictures of Home - Deep Purple

An underrated song, I myself discovered it not long ago. Everything in this song is awesome, including the riff. - Metal_Treasure

The Newcomers

? Lazy - Deep Purple

The Contenders

11 Stormbringer - Deep Purple
12 Since You've Been Gone - Rainbow
13 Gates of Babylon - Rainbow
14 Fireball - Deep Purple
15 Strange Kind of Woman - Deep Purple

The bluesy sort of riff at the start is used very well. - BrianScott01

16 Hungry Daze - Deep Purple

It sounds unique and exquisite, probably classically inspired. Overall, a very underrated song. - Metal_Treasure

17 Burn - Deep Purple
18 Mistreated - Deep Purple
19 The Gypsy - Deep Purple
20 Man on the Silver Mountain - Rainbow
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1. A Light In the Black - Rainbow
2. Perfect Strangers - Deep Purple
3. Stargazer - Rainbow
1. A Light In the Black - Rainbow
2. Perfect Strangers - Deep Purple
3. Since You've Been Gone - Rainbow



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