Best Roles In a Band

Are you ever interested in joining a band and wanting to pick a good role? Well look no further and read my incredible list! But please note this is all my opinion.

The Top Ten

1 Lead Guitar

I would go for Lead because you can play an incredible guitar solo and make a memorable riff with Rhythm Guitar. - LedZepp81

2 Lead Singer

If you aren't interested in playing an instrument. Then this is a good choice for you, you can sing good lyrics and make up the best song you can make! - LedZepp81

3 Keyboard

Well, Piano counts for this too but you could make your music sound REALLY good even though you have a Keyboard. - LedZepp81

4 Drums

If you consider Drumsticks to be your best friends, then you can make a good drum beat with your sticks! - LedZepp81

5 Rhythm Guitar

Are you someone who doesn't like guitar solos? Then I would personally recommend this more than Lead. - LedZepp81

6 Bass

If you're incredibly good at bass but you know lots of bass chords. Then pick this instrument up and play along! - LedZepp81

7 Backing Vocals

If you don't like to sing but only to sing a little bit, than here is your choice! - LedZepp81

8 Co-Lead Guitarist

I don't prefer this more than normal Lead Guitar - LedZepp81

9 Cowbell

This is a really simple instrument to play but play along! - LedZepp81

10 Tambourine

You can just shake it all you want! - LedZepp81

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