Best RPG Horror Games

When it comes to horror games one of the most popular is the RPG Horror Games. But whenever it's Dark, Disturbing, Depressing or just gives you the daily dose of horrifying as long as they're in the RPG style anything goes!

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1 Ib


I love how this game messes with your emotions. For example, when Garry dies, you feel really bad. However, the reason you do is because of some amazing character development. When Garry carried Ib to safety and saved her from Mary- even his ultimate death sacrificing himself for Ib made you fight back tears when he died. Well done.

The character Mary really puzzles me. I don't know who I like more- Garry or Mary. While Mary did try to kill Ib, it was probably because of how insane the gallery had made her. I think that's why she did most of these evil things. I also think that Mary is smarter than she's taken for. Like when Garry was talking about the roses, she instantly pretended like an ignorant child to change the subject- and it worked. I also think the reason she offered the rose trade is because she knew from after she closed in on Ib how much Garry cared for him. She used this as his weakness and sometimes wins. I do admit, she was kind of evil. ...more

Wow, how isn't this number one. It's crazy emotional; I almost cried. It has the most memorable characters. And, you don't even need any gaming skills to play! It's not too hard, but still a bit of a challenge. Love it!

I really love this game. It really makes you think. I personally think it has the best story out of all these. It's also well developed, and has some pretty awesome scares!

I had such a hard time deciding between OFF and Ib, I've been in the Ib fanbase since it was released in 2012 and the thing that kept me in the fanbase through all these years were how well they developed the characters in the story (Even the paintings had personalities! ), plus the game has a beautiful soundtrack.

If anybody likes Ib, I would suggest OFF. It's a good game that I played about a year ago, it also has good music like Ib! It can be a bit repetitive (And frustrating at times) but like Ib, it develops it's characters well (In the short period some characters appear).

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2 Mad Father

Mad Father... It was really I ending how the ending went... Usually it would be the other way around because the character had learned the moral of everything that happened, but instead, she follows in her *spoilers* footstep. You may not know what I'm talking about until you've played the game.

The game has a lot of easy puzzle and the cute little couples were simply amazing.

Mad Father has an amazing plot and amazing scares! Definitely my favorite!

This game is pretty good I like the true ending cause not every hero have to had a good ending and live happily ever after

I LOVE MAD FATHER! I played it, I especially loved the ending,


It was really cool that Aya became a physo like her I find it interesting and brain twisting. Also, The blonde boy, kissed Aya's forehead? WOAH! Plus the bonus parts... Hehe overall, this is amazing that it deserves to be on the top ten list! YESS but actually, I didn't really find it scary... But the backstory and stuff like that are AWESOME! And fun

3 The Witch's House


The Witch's House gets better as it progresses. At first I did not think this game was serious because of the teddy bear part. I didn't find that as scary as I did hilarious.

The plot, art, details, and puzzles are all good. There are also multiple endings. No complaints. Very good for a free game.

4 Yume Nikki

Really Yume Nikki is just one of if not the best horror game I've ever played. It does deliver in it's Dark, Disturbing and Scary aspects and seriously this game's levels & concepts are warped beyond all belief but really what this game succeeds at most is it's depressing factor.
Once you have gotten all 24 effects and place them as eggs in the nexus you wake up madotsuki head too the balcony find a step stool or something. And Madotsuki tries to do the unthinkable. She jumps off the balcony now normally in video games the suicide either doesn't go through or it doesn't kill them but here Madotsuki does die. All it took was that moment which made me think that this game is nothing but pure art. Yume Nikki's Ending theme is my favorite video game song of all time and it's designs being able too make anyone confused and horrified Yume Nikki is one experience you have to play for yourself but only if you are prepared for how Warped and sorrowful this game is. Well that ...more - nerffan8000

It's a great game I cried when madotsuki kills herself though :'(

Boring. The concept seemed okay, but not well implemented at all. I have tried to play this game twice, but it is just so boring I keep dropping it. I'm not sure why it has so many votes. Maybe the ending is cool, but to me it's not worth the hours of doing practically nothing but getting lost. Nothing special about the art or soundtrack either.

Sorry to be so negative.

That is fair, if atmospheric horror and horror games that like to use the fear of the unknown isn't your thing you won't get that much enjoyment out of it. For me it worked extremely well, but I wouldn't expect everyone to feel the same way. - nerffan8000

5 The Crooked Man

This games has some interesting details that other rpg games don't have, for example, shooting and killing the crooked man. Most rpg games just have you run away or it automatically makes the character you're playing do the actions for you. The crooked mans story is very sad and touching and how there are a lot of options, rather than just one at the very end.

I love the story, character, and the meaning that these game want to tell

This game feels like silent hill


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6 Paranoiac

I always go back and play this once in a while. It's like a movie. If anyone wants to play just for the story, I suggest using walkthroughs, because it gets annoying sometimes.

7 Mogeko Castle

AaH! Why isn't this higher? This my absolute favorite game of all time! The characters are nice, we get a well though out plot, and some laughs along the way! Go MOGEKO CASTLE!

This really is an awesome game.

What can I say? This game is pure genius. It better get more popular soon, maybe if Markiplier or Jacksepticeye played it. Oh yeah, Mogeko Castle also made me try and worship prosciutto for the first time. Mogegege! - DerpyBiscuits

I l.ove this game! It's funny and a bit sad at the same time! I even cried!

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8 Schuld
9 Ao Oni

I'll be honest, out of all the RPG horror games I've played, this is actually the one I enjoyed most. What about it? I don't know. It might be because unlike most of these other games, it barely has backstory AT ALL. It's a simple idea: four kids stuck in a mansion they were exploring. It's so simple that it's fun. While the puzzles may seem somewhat unclear, that seems to be part of the theme of a lot of RPG horror games... for some reason. - Nebby_

It's a rather simple game. Not bad, but don't play if you don't like being chased.

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10 Corpse Party

Probably the best game I've played; perhaps not that scary, but the Japanese voice acting, the sounds and the storyline are amazing! Definitely worth your time

My fave. Why isn't it number 1? I love all the characters and the plot is just amazing.

Very intense. Scary. Fun. Characters are amazing. Great story. The feels. What more could ask for?

My first horror rpg and my fave. The plot is incredible for a horror rpg and you get so emotionally attached to the characters. The voice acting and soundtrack are also very good (not to mention the opening)! I absolutely love this game more than the others because of how developed it is and how detailed everything is put together. by the way, I mean the remake (the one people play). You get LOTS of gore and a lot of different rooms. Some scenes grasp at your heart from how touching and sad it is. There are so many different endings at the end and I recommend it for anyone!

P.S. I'm talking about the remake since that is the one most people play.

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11 Pocket Mirror

"The pages decorated with gold and tragedy ~ the story of the girl of many glimpses."

Absolutely loved the game. Though the puzzles are too complicated sometimes, the story is damn near perfect. You can see how much thought they put into this. You'll theorize over the whole game. I love how there's so many significance in the game, just waiting to be understood. In the end, there's a reason for everything. The once boring protagonist suddenly becomes the most interesting character. The plot of the game is to remember who you are, to find yourself. And I think they pulled it off perfectly.

Pocket Mirror is completely perfect. I really live the grafics, the characters and the story. It have a incredibke development that any of the rest of RPG games have. It deserves more attention!

Amazing, amazing, fantastic. Otherwise would vote Wadanoharra and OFF.

Oml I luvvv Pocket Mirror! It just has that equallness of like magic yet it can be disturbing sumtimes

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12 Misao

This game is really interesting- although... You die A LOT. The story line is really interesting. It's basically about a girl, Misao, who just disappeared 3 (I think) months ago. Everyone in the class spreads rumors that she's long dead but no one really knows. You play as a normal girl that wanted to be friends with Misao. You little by little learned why Misao died.

It was interesting how the believed culprit isn't the real culprit. (The one who killed Misao). Each character had their own back stories to their actions taken in the story which makes the story interesting because not very many rpg game have a back story to the characters.

It is kinda stupid. I think that there is a 99.9 percent chance you would not die from the shock of a telephone ringing. - jackwoodrick

All I have to say is that the ending... the ending though...

Misao is a very good anime pixel horror game.
Jump Scars are very scary
You'll want to keep playing this game!

13 Undertale

Not really a horror game, though...

Amazing game, with good character development and awesome story. Easily one of the best.

Is there anything I have to say about this game? Good storyline, good characters, awesome soundtrack... Obviously the best!

Are you serious this should be nr1 anytime and most people would agree, and by the way its not a horror game

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14 Blank Dream

It's an amazing rpg horror game that I just watched Markiplier play. It deals with dark subject matter but, overall it has a great story. It has 5 endings I think and ending #1 made me super happy. It is just an amazing horror game

This is just so amazing, it's really my favourite after Ib. The plot literally made me cry, like, A LOT. It's just... You need to play. Seriously.

It makes my cry, so it is good... Well, the backstories are good. The concept is cool. As a free game, it is amazing.

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15 A Hidden in the Shadows 2
16 Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

Adorable. Pretty messed up, but adorable nonetheless. The "horror" aspect of this game won't be 'til later in the game, so have a little patience if you're looking for horror. Also, just a tip if you will play this game, don't grind because it becomes too easy when you're like leagues (lol, ocean pun) above your enemies, but then again, it IS the story we're after, are we knot? Lastly, I believe that the music is one of the best parts of this game

I really really loved this game I cried a bit and had a ton of fun playing it (tip: do some point farming it helps a lot! ) (tip:if you get the first normal ending don't end with it there try again)

17 Off

This was one of the most strange, weird, disturbing games I have ever played. And I loved it. This may not be very much in the horror section of games, but it is still surreal enough to give you a few chills. Playing as the Batter throughout the game made you feel a sense of accomplishment in defeating the spectres. But as you go along in the game, a new sense of dread appears as you begin to think, "Whos the bad guy? " The battles could be a bit frustrating, though the auto fight option makes it slightly easier. The scenery is strange, as each place is either green, purple, red, and other colors. The whole backstory on where you even are is a mystery. Is it supposed to be in the future? The past? In a whole different universe? Maybe that question was already answered, but I'm not good at figuring things out. Which is why I used a walkthrough for most of the game. The puzzles could be hard if you're not a puzzle person. Although some of them could be fun. The battles are ...more

18 One Night Full Circle
19 Mermaid Swamp

This game was really nice to me it just has a good atmosphere, it's a little repeated but it has an ok story and I do think you should play

20 Angels of Death

It was great! The ending gave me crippling depression though

It's a new game;though... But the horrific of it is really good!

I like how the characters act. Long story short, they all were "dirty, blind, but beautiful." This game shows a human's true self, or something more than that.

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