Best RPG Horror Games

When it comes to horror games one of the most popular is the RPG Horror Games. But whenever it's Dark, Disturbing, Depressing or just gives you the daily dose of horrifying as long as they're in the RPG style anything goes!

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1 Ib


I love how this game messes with your emotions. For example, when Garry dies, you feel really bad. However, the reason you do is because of some amazing character development. When Garry carried Ib to safety and saved her from Mary- even his ultimate death sacrificing himself for Ib made you fight back tears when he died. Well done.

The character Mary really puzzles me. I don't know who I like more- Garry or Mary. While Mary did try to kill Ib, it was probably because of how insane the gallery had made her. I think that's why she did most of these evil things. I also think that Mary is smarter than she's taken for. Like when Garry was talking about the roses, she instantly pretended like an ignorant child to change the subject- and it worked. I also think the reason she offered the rose trade is because she knew from after she closed in on Ib how much Garry cared for him. She used this as his weakness and sometimes wins. I do admit, she was kind of evil. ...more

I just love Ib! The characters were really good too! This game takes a place in my heart...

SPOILER ALERT! (By the way I am not English so I probably suck at writing these types things in English...)
The game was creepy at some point and some parts were really sad. When Garry died in one of the endings, I felt terrible. And in the ending "Promise of Reunion" (also known as "The True Ending") I cried when Garry didn't remember Ib for a moment. When he remembers Ib, I was crying because of happiness... That part was really nice, and as you can tell I cried a lot...
Garry was the best character. Even if he got scared, he always tried to protect Ib. He was kind and friendly. The part where Garry carried Ib when she collapsed was cute and heartwarming. I liked Garry before that too but after that moment I was in love with him.

The last thing I am going to say is that if you haven't played the game, you should play it.

This game is simply beautiful. On my first playthrough, my heartstrings were being tugged every five minutes practically, and when they weren't it was because my heart was in my throat while running from Ladies in Red, dolls, and mannequin heads. There are many things that can get me emotional, but none compare to Ib. Also, there are many more endings than Mad Father or The Witch's House has, so I spent more time playing it and getting engaged with the characters. It took me hours to get the true ending, and I kept having to go back because I doomed Garry by accident for one reason or another. I definitely recommend this game. If you're having doubts about getting it, don't. I bet you'll love it if you give it a chance.

I loved this game. The music is beautiful and I enjoyed the characters. Gary seemed like a wimp at first, but eventually he became that character that you want to ship with Ib, but then remember that there seems to be a big enough age difference between then that it's sadly not practical to do so. The fact that there are multiple endings should be kept in mind for anyone who wants to see different sides of the story. I'd love it if there was a sequel in which Ib and Gary meet again in the future.

2 Mad Father

Monsters? Check! Puzzles? Check!
Scary? Check! Good story? Check!
Just good in general? CHECK,CHECK,

Mad Father... It was really I ending how the ending went... Usually it would be the other way around because the character had learned the moral of everything that happened, but instead, she follows in her *spoilers* footstep. You may not know what I'm talking about until you've played the game.

The game has a lot of easy puzzle and the cute little couples were simply amazing.

Mad Father has an amazing plot and amazing scares! Definitely my favorite!

This game is pretty good I like the true ending cause not every hero have to had a good ending and live happily ever after

3 The Witch's House

The puzzles are fun, the deaths are interesting, it ended up being quite scary for an RPG maker game! Also, the true end is really cool. Doesn't force the story on you a lot but when it ties in it ties in really well. Good twist. I'd recommend for sure! Really I'd recommend it even to people who don't usually go for RPG Maker games if you're not adverse to creepy stuff.

Oh and for a pixelated game it's gory but again, a pixelated game. I've seen far worse for sure and most horror game fans likely have as well.

That giant teddy bear thought
I really enjoyed it to the end


plot twist

4 Yume Nikki

Why the heck is the title pic for yume nikki a pic of inuyasha?

Really Yume Nikki is just one of if not the best horror game I've ever played. It does deliver in it's Dark, Disturbing and Scary aspects and seriously this game's levels & concepts are warped beyond all belief but really what this game succeeds at most is it's depressing factor.
Once you have gotten all 24 effects and place them as eggs in the nexus you wake up madotsuki head too the balcony find a step stool or something. And Madotsuki tries to do the unthinkable. She jumps off the balcony now normally in video games the suicide either doesn't go through or it doesn't kill them but here Madotsuki does die. All it took was that moment which made me think that this game is nothing but pure art. Yume Nikki's Ending theme is my favorite video game song of all time and it's designs being able too make anyone confused and horrified Yume Nikki is one experience you have to play for yourself but only if you are prepared for how Warped and sorrowful this game is. Well that ...more

Ok, I love Yume Nikki, but that cover picture isn't from the game. Is it possible to change it?

It's a great game I cried when madotsuki kills herself though :'(

5 The Crooked Man

My penis is crooked

Powerful story - Left me thinking about it for days. It starts off as your basic horror game (and I can definitely tell you that it delivers in that aspect), but then it slowly evolves into a sad, touching story that really gets a hold of you.

This games has some interesting details that other rpg games don't have, for example, shooting and killing the crooked man. Most rpg games just have you run away or it automatically makes the character you're playing do the actions for you. The crooked mans story is very sad and touching and how there are a lot of options, rather than just one at the very end.

Absolutely stunning and amazing. I love this game and the Strange Man Series with it.

6 Paranoiac

I always go back and play this once in a while. It's like a movie. If anyone wants to play just for the story, I suggest using walkthroughs, because it gets annoying sometimes.

7 Mogeko Castle


I cried when I saw Defect Mogeko died. He's the best character out of all, in my opinion.

AaH! Why isn't this higher? This my absolute favorite game of all time! The characters are nice, we get a well though out plot, and some laughs along the way! Go MOGEKO CASTLE!

I wish I never experienced this so I could experience it again

This really is an awesome game.

8 Pocket Mirror

I love this game! I never post to these sites, and I am a bit lazy in my writing, but I loved this game so much that I just had to put my thoughts here!

This game has a wonderful art style, plot, and mystery to it. You solve puzzles to find the key to both your past and the identity of the place you find yourself stuck in, and meet a variety of characters along the way that you will struggle to either love or hate! And there seems there is no one who can be trusted...

This game has horror aspects in it that I have enjoyed, but it overall produces its suspense from it's mystery and the struggle to put together little clues you find along the way.

There are lots of puzzles; they were really clever, but some are quite hard. I found it worth it for the story.

There are many different endings (many creepily perfect), and each depend on the actions you make or things you find along the way.


I've played this game numerous times, and every time is just such a ride. I love seeing the beautiful work of all the creators in one big games.

The story for starters is absolutely genius. The concept of multiple personalities in this little girl was creative and daring. And each girl showed which era of Goldia's life she had been created in. For example, Fleta most likely appeared in Goldia's youth when her family was intact and things were merry and dandy, which is clearly shown in Fleta's frilly, girly area and her overall character design of a frilly gown and bows. Her demeanor is also a key factor, since she has the behavior of a small child. I love how the creators used seemingly innocent things and twisted them to show the girm realities of Goldia's life.

The graphics of this game are absolutely stunning. The art as well. Every scene, every cut scene, you can tell so much work has gone into this masterpiece. The attention to detail in every room is ...more

I really like the mysterious aspect of pocket mirror. You get to learn about the plot as the game progresses and that alone will get you interested in the game. Some of the puzzles are not so straightforward which makes it fun. The art style of the game is also of good quality. I really wish more people are aware of this masterpiece.

Literally one of my favorite games of all time, I encourage anyone that enjoys any sort of rpgs to give it a try

9 Angels of Death

Angels of Death truly is a beautiful rpg. From the story, to the characters, the setting, the soundtrack, and the backgrounds. All of it is amazing. The ending left me crying naturally *sniff*...probably won't get over this game, but I am going to play this game over and over and over for the rest of my life! This is honestly this best rpg game I have ever played other than IB and Mad Father

It's really good! The story, the characters, everything! The ending is kinda depressing though..

It was great! The ending gave me crippling depression though

This game is amazing, if u don't like it then your psychotic

10 Schuld

I'm so happy Schuld is here, the story is fantastic and I was pretty engrossed in it.

The Contenders

11 Ao Oni

A classic chasing monster RPG game. What makes it unique is its straight storyline, just a group of teenagers being trapped in a haunted mansion and trying to escape, that's all, no drama, romantic or any other things. The puzzles are pretty difficult too.

I'll be honest, out of all the RPG horror games I've played, this is actually the one I enjoyed most. What about it? I don't know. It might be because unlike most of these other games, it barely has backstory AT ALL. It's a simple idea: four kids stuck in a mansion they were exploring. It's so simple that it's fun. While the puzzles may seem somewhat unclear, that seems to be part of the theme of a lot of RPG horror games... for some reason.

It's a rather simple game. Not bad, but don't play if you don't like being chased.

I love this game

12 Corpse Party

Very good storytelling, although it's bloody the true horror is told through the fear and despair of the characters. Voice acting is really awesome, too!

My first horror rpg and my fave. The plot is incredible for a horror rpg and you get so emotionally attached to the characters. The voice acting and soundtrack are also very good (not to mention the opening)! I absolutely love this game more than the others because of how developed it is and how detailed everything is put together. by the way, I mean the remake (the one people play). You get LOTS of gore and a lot of different rooms. Some scenes grasp at your heart from how touching and sad it is. There are so many different endings at the end and I recommend it for anyone!

P.S. I'm talking about the remake since that is the one most people play.

Probably the best game I've played; perhaps not that scary, but the Japanese voice acting, the sounds and the storyline are amazing! Definitely worth your time

It has an amazing story that would keep you on edge, different endings or deaths, and somewhat unpredictable. rather than being like some other games that plain and boring this game definitely sets the mood. This was my first rpg game that got me hooked on the styles of all the other games I' ve played or at least looked for but anyways back to the main topic... For all you horror fans or people looking to find a good story I would highly suggest you play this game.

13 Misao

This game is really interesting- although... You die A LOT. The story line is really interesting. It's basically about a girl, Misao, who just disappeared 3 (I think) months ago. Everyone in the class spreads rumors that she's long dead but no one really knows. You play as a normal girl that wanted to be friends with Misao. You little by little learned why Misao died.

It was interesting how the believed culprit isn't the real culprit. (The one who killed Misao). Each character had their own back stories to their actions taken in the story which makes the story interesting because not very many rpg game have a back story to the characters.

This game is really good and really interesting. I recommend it.

This is one of the best RPG Maker Horror Games ever!

It is kinda stupid. I think that there is a 99.9 percent chance you would not die from the shock of a telephone ringing.

14 (Mario) the Music Box

The reason people don't like this game sometimes is because they think that the Nintendo Characters are used as a gimmick, but this isn't necessarily true. With the newest Mario game, Odyssey, real humans are known to exist. So do ghosts on multiple occasions in other mario games. The story may seem like just save the princess, but it's a complex story that even decides to continue itself with what seems like the worst ending in a semi-new DLC that continues off the Missing Ending.

Don't get fooled by the fact that it's a mario game(fangame of course),this game is scary from start to finish,and with 5 endings and 18 entries for the journal,you're in for a ride.The story isn't the usual save the princess,it's actually very complex.And,surprise surprise,the only Mario characters in the story are Mario and Luigi,so that means new characters are appearing,not from the Mushroom Kingdom.
Just play the game and be amazed.

15 Blank Dream

A very emotional and inspirational game. The ending got me goosebumps. Really a masterpiece

Blank Dream is my favorite out of all the horror games I've seen! The story is amazing all though it is a very dark story and suicide is the main focus of the game, but it's really good and I recommend playing it. (Or watching Markiplier play it like I did ) Mishiro Usui wakes up and completely loses her memory of who she was, all she knows is that she died with a very strong wish. You will find mirrors along the way that show her memories that led up to her death. It can get really sad at times, but the best ending you can get is very happy and sweet. There are multiple endings and there are some jump scares here and there. Overall, Blank Dream is an amazing horror game, but be aware that the main topic is Mishiro Usui's suicide.

Focuses on a dark subject matter, and handles it well. But I think the strongest point about this game is the soundtrack, the true ending has one of my favourite themes of all time. I'm probably exaggerating, but seriously, at least look at this game.

It's an amazing rpg horror game that I just watched Markiplier play. It deals with dark subject matter but, overall it has a great story. It has 5 endings I think and ending #1 made me super happy. It is just an amazing horror game

16 End Roll

End Roll is amazing. Definitely Segawa's best work yet. This game just messes you up and leaves you a broken and empty void for a while.

This game should be featured waay higher. Excellent storytelling and plot twists! I absolutely adore the characters, especially Russell and the Informant. I like how its more of a physiological horror rather than the bland, overused, jump scare horror genres. The characters in my opinion all all likable, except for the implied antagonists of the story (for spoiler's sake). The character development is one that will want you knowing even more about them, and character relationships are very intriguing as well. I find the ending (both the regular and true endings) to be very very sad, although they fit the motives and internal struggles of the main character respectively. I would definitely recommend this game to people who don't mind super negativity, and game wise, RPG battle sequences.

End roll is such a unique game, it feels so much different from every other game on the list, I love the turn based fighting, its honestly fun to fight the bosses and have little glimpses into Russel's past. It's a very long game, especially if you forget to save or spend lots of time grinding to defeat the bosses with ease and it can feel a little scattered at times trying to maintain the overall story and complete some side quests but overall the game is just so much fun to play and so interesting to discover. This game is very high on my list just due to its uniqueness, fun gameplay, and intriguing story.

How is this game #20? One of the best RPG maker games available...may actually be my favorite. Absolutely fabulous story that keeps you engrossed and disturbed throughout. Hope it gains in popularity.

17 Undertale

It's not a really horror game tho, but I think rather emotional. Letting you decide the path you go, either pacifist or genocide or none at all, it't all about your decision and of course- deal with the following consequences. The more you dive into, the more personalities you will see in these so called "monsters". I'm sure whoever played this game
will not only excited of the "one of the kind" soundtrack but also the plot and the character themselves too. (seriously, go and play this game now, what are you waiting for?)

Not really a horror game, though...

Is there anything I have to say about this game? Good storyline, good characters, awesome soundtrack... Obviously the best!

Amazing game, with good character development and awesome story. Easily one of the best.

18 A Hidden in the Shadows 2
19 Off

This was one of the most strange, weird, disturbing games I have ever played. And I loved it. This may not be very much in the horror section of games, but it is still surreal enough to give you a few chills. Playing as the Batter throughout the game made you feel a sense of accomplishment in defeating the spectres. But as you go along in the game, a new sense of dread appears as you begin to think, "Whos the bad guy? " The battles could be a bit frustrating, though the auto fight option makes it slightly easier. The scenery is strange, as each place is either green, purple, red, and other colors. The whole backstory on where you even are is a mystery. Is it supposed to be in the future? The past? In a whole different universe? Maybe that question was already answered, but I'm not good at figuring things out. Which is why I used a walkthrough for most of the game. The puzzles could be hard if you're not a puzzle person. Although some of them could be fun. The battles are ...more

Off is extremely underrated, really needs more attention and praise.

Off is that one game where you expect a jumpscare but don't get it.

20 Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

This game will always be my favorite rpg maker game, That's how I discovered rpg maker games in the first place.

Adorable. Pretty messed up, but adorable nonetheless. The "horror" aspect of this game won't be 'til later in the game, so have a little patience if you're looking for horror. Also, just a tip if you will play this game, don't grind because it becomes too easy when you're like leagues (lol, ocean pun) above your enemies, but then again, it IS the story we're after, are we knot? Lastly, I believe that the music is one of the best parts of this game

I really really loved this game I cried a bit and had a ton of fun playing it (tip: do some point farming it helps a lot! ) (tip:if you get the first normal ending don't end with it there try again)

Really good story-wise but the gameplay was sort of boring

21 One Night Full Circle
22 Forest of Drizzling Rain

I love how the characters have unique personalities. Love it

Why is this not already on here? It is such an amazing game!

Shiori and suga

Very good, this game is so heartbreaking! I cried at all endings, a story about true love!


Also I like Suga's nose))

23 Mermaid Swamp

Very good storyline, character development etc. So underrated..

This game was really nice to me it just has a good atmosphere, it's a little repeated but it has an ok story and I do think you should play

Should be higher, so atmospheric and most of all, creepy. I found myself paranoid and affected days after playing it, I still love it.

Really good horror game.

24 Alice Mare

I hope that even tough it's here at the list, you will look at this awesome game! I loved everything about Alice Mare: the art, the characters, the story and the endings are all amazing. The story is in the centre of the game, instead of the horror, and personally, it's one of my favourite RPG games. If you are in the mood to cry (well, I think even the people with the heart of a stone will be touched; to be honest it gave me a little bit of crippling depression, but I'm really sensitive) I recommend this game to all of you!

It had a very interesting storyline, and was very fun to play. The art for it also was great. I sometimes also just put on the soundtrack if I was reading or studying. Great game. My favorite.

Alice-mare was the first rpg horror game I ever played and I'm still inlove with the artstyle and fairytale theme it has. plus its not quite nightmare material but still alarming and will make you rethink you playthrough many times.

25 Aria's Story

It's a really good game, I loved it! by the way, the creator Lydia has a deviantart account. Go check it out!

The universe is interesting, which world is very well made and it is just scary enough to keep you stressed all long. Big plus the story is beautifull really I did all the ending and there are all perfect even if you must have a bad or a good ending if you really wanna understood all the scenario

I love this game (mostly because of the story and the lack of chasing) nonetheless it is a wonderful game

Good story, graphic and all! One of these must-play.

26 Hello Charlotte

Extremely touching and personal. The characters are fully fleshed out, and just like in the real world (or the True Realm), decisions and consequences are rarely black and white. This game covers themes of mental illness, bullying, relationships, and suicide, and still manages to end in a positive light -- and even made me laugh a few times. If you love metafiction and you're okay with gore, definitely go for this one. Play all 3 episodes for the full experience.

Amazing story, and even more beautiful art! Currently has 3 episodes, all worth playing and all of them are better than the predecessor!

It can be weird and confusing at times, BUT it is meant to be like this. You can build multiple theories around it. So much thought is put into this wonderful game. Episode 2 and 3 blew me away. I found my self being curious about the story and 30 minitues of playing felt like 3 minitues, because I was enjoying it so much. (Charles x Vincent is love. Fight me.) This game is worth playing and deserves more love and attention.

27 The Gray Garden

This is the furthest thing from a horror game, but I like it a lot.
i'll give it a strong 7.

28 Imaginary Friends
29 Dreaming Mary

One of my favourites and criminally underrated/unmentioned.
The graphics alone are just stunning and the layers you can uncover from the surface... Well, I would say its best to experience it yourself.
The endings are all very interesting and convey a strong sense of either accomplishment and relief for the main character... Or confusion and dread.
Be sure to thoroughly check your surroundings for a better idea of the story behind the game!

A good example of why you should never judge a book by its cover.The deceiving appearance of the dream world is really interesting; especially when you delve deeper into the dream world.
It's short, but all of the endings are really interesting so it's best to get them all.
And the bad endings will leave you with chills running down your spine.

30 LISA; The Painful

My favorite game. So depressed, so funny, so scary...I love it.

I wouldn't classify this as a "horror game", but god, is this piece worth playing!

Not a horror game, but I urge everyone to play this!

This game is scary, not because of jumpscares, but because it shows you a side of humanity that we'd rather not see. Play it. PLAY IT.

31 Bendy and the Ink Machine

Eh... It's not a RPG game? Or even horror?

The RPG maker fangame is garbage.

Okay so, yes BATIM is a horror game, but why would you ever put the RPG game here.

Yas queeen

32 Space Funeral


33 Fausts Alptraum

I can really appreciate how complex this game is. It may not be that scary, but the rich story and beautiful art makes up for it. You can certainly see how much time and care was put into this game. Even though the entire game you are only in one house, it is so detailed and complex, it gives the illusion that the setting you play in is bigger than it really is. It's a very complex story, and it really makes you question if what you are seeing is really as it seems.

That game is really underestimated. I hope one day it will be in the 'top 5 best horror RPG games'

I like this game

This game was amazing in my opinion. Especially for a free game. Way, way better than I expected and also fairly long. The puzzles are pretty challenging at times and figuring out where to go in a certain chapter may be difficult too. But playing this game is really worth it if you appreciate the complexity of the plot, the amazing atmosphere created, and the wonderful music+unique art style.

The dialogue and clues everywhere throughout the game is woven into the story and understanding its plot brilliantly! The endings are well done and interesting. Though there are some translation and grammatical errors in the English version, this can be overlooked in light of how fantastic the game is! Highly recommended in my opinion. I liked this and Coffin of Ashes a lot! More than some others like Mad Father, Stray Cat Crossing, etc.

34 The Witch’s Heart

The plot of this game is quite long, and you have to wait til you get there. But your patience will be worth it! All characters seem to connect with each others' story. The game just leaves you confused and horrified after each ending as it is a never ending loop. You literally won't know who to side with anymore as you get deeper into the game. It's more of an adventure game where you have to complete tasks and though you get stuck at some points, it's still fun and still has some horror elements. You get to fight off monsters and there are also creepy scenes. Recommend this game if you have time to play it!

35 Stray Cat Crossing

One of the best RPG Horror games I've played. Just from the very beginning, it gives off implications of the true meaning behind the story. You will genuinely feel sympathetic to the characters because of its amazing storytelling. The game is very metaphorical and leaves you wondering about what it all meant. Expect meaningful messages that the game gives once you understood the real meaning of it.

36 LiEat

AmaZING teO, the third one though :,)

37 Purgatory
38 Radiation's Halloween Hack
39 Coffin of Ashes

Fantastic little game on Steam! Cool atmosphere and visuals. Multiple endings that are fulfilling when reached. Nice puzzles and visuals. Interesting plot upon achieving all the endings, especially the true end. Just a very solid, enjoyable game!

40 Chloe's Requiem

A very sweet and very sad game. really makes you feel for the characters, and I love how it uses classical music.

41 Your Turn to Die

play it.

42 Parasite Eve

It's a weird combination of turn based & action rpg that's like a cross between Final Fantasy & Resident Evil

43 Stitched
44 Yanderella


Oh god... the game was so sweet the art.. the story... then bom eveyone ded

45 The Walking Dead

Now, this game was pretty fun, but I get pretty nervous every time a zombie gets so dang close to me!

This is not a rpg game

46 Mother 3
47 Sonam Kapoor
48 Underworld Capital Incident
49 Drakengard
50 Traumerei Project

While the game has a cute art style, it's also quite dark, AND I LOVE IT!

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