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1 I'm a Korean (I've Gotta Feelin Parody)

Funny as hell :) My fave parody of his. Love the way he used the lyrics with the original song it fits really well.

It is really funny but c I'm only 8 I should not be watching that stuff

Some of the songs on here aren't even his.

This was the first rucka song I heard…I couldn't be happier about this song

2 Go Cops (Tik Tok parody)

it one of his funneir it is very funny and its makes fun of of a pretty good song so that makes it even cooler but I like some of his newer songs as well like Hippies always smell like balls and Russia is Gay listing to him right now Dont be a playa Hati

I like it because a dog jumps over a car and Don't be a playa Hati should be in the top ten

There all great, but in my opinion, Go Cops is the best on the list. Dont be a playa, haiti should be on it.

This is great

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3 Ching Chang Chong (Boom Boom Pow parody)


Biggest song in USA... Something you can't say about other any comedy song ever

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4 I'm White

Laugh out loud it is a really funny song, the lyrics are funny as it makes fun of white people and at the same time making them sound good.

Yes this is my theme song sing it every day and I love listening to it. Overall great lyrics sortof makes fun of white people and it says their cool love it

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5 Banana Peels (Battlefield parody)
6 I'm Chinese (Imma Be parody)
7 My Name's Obama

Funniest Rucka song. Great parody of a crappy song "call me maybe". Best line, What you think I'm growing, daisies?

One of the best uses of Obama's voice.

Best thing ever I swear man it I watch it like 24/7 it makes me laugh so much every time it's like the erb videos (Epic Rap Battles of History) I seriously don't know which one is funnier laugh out loud xDD

8 Taquitos (Alejandro parody)
9 Outer Space (Poker Face parody)
10 Black Friend

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? Wigger

How the hell is this not on the list yet - venomouskillingmachine

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11 Kosher Boy (Soulja Boy parody)
12 Only 17

It is amazing it describes how I feel about life and compensates for how I feel it also has a really good beat

First Rucka song I heard and funny as hell.

This song got me into listening to him more lol


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13 Osama Bin Found

Smack a bitch from here to tennessey. Pretty racist but genius


14 Dont Be A Playa Haiti

The funniest underrated song from him of all time. Listen to it before you rate. This is second to Cops

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15 Emo (Like a Nazi) V 1 Comment
16 Down

His most underrated song in my mind

17 I'm Obama

Term 2, thrift shop parody.

This is the best Rucka Rucka Ali song he's made so far

I sing this song every day

18 Hitler's Suicide Note

Parody of Katy Perry's "The One That Got Away"

19 Ebola (La La)

Greatest and most offensive lyrics ever.

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20 Justin's Beaver

So funny because it makes fun of Justin beiber!

Justin's beaver series are the best

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