Best RWBY Fight Scenes

As Volume 5 approaches, I feel we should look back and remember the amazing fight scenes that RWBY has brought us. Also, this will contain spoilers from Volumes 3 and 4. If you haven't seen them, you should stop reading this list.

The Top Ten

1 Team RWBY & JNPR Vs Nevermore & Deathstalker Team RWBY & JNPR Vs Nevermore & Deathstalker

That's my main reason for liking this fight.
Favorite song in the whole show other than Cold.
(A song that I cannot listen to without crying because I MISS PYRRHA, PENNY, AND MONTY OUM! )

This fight has a sense of grand scale that none of the other RWBY fights manage to capture. It feels like an epic boss battle from a Video Game.

This is the episode that had me sold on RWBY. The trailer was pretty cool and I was sort of getting into the story. But when Players & Pieces came out, I was blown away. I wanted to see more of this show and I continued to watch it. - RoseRedFlower

The tension and music built up this battle perfectly.

2 Ruby Vs Beowolves Ruby Vs Beowolves

From the Red Trailer. I loved the beautiful music, the choreography and the fascinating weapon. Also, not one word of dialogue was said in that trailer. I can't remember the last time I saw a trailer with no dialogue and just let the scene speak for itself. - RoseRedFlower

The my opinion are have the best fight scenes in the series. Probably because of how godly they all seem like in the trailers. But in the show they are just teenagers that don't seem that intimidating. - OfC

3 Pyrrha vs Penny Pyrrha vs Penny

Like Miles and Kerry said, this is the point when you remembered how Blake said life isn't a fairy tale. This is the first scene where we actually see someone die in this show. It was brutal how Penny died and everything sank into darkness after this. - RoseRedFlower

We lost two great heroines that day... - TwilightKitsune

4 Pyrrha vs Cinder Pyrrha vs Cinder

This was Pyrrha's last fight. It is beautiful in it's own sad way. She did it because she had to. For herself this time.

This fight was one of the closest fights.

This made mine and every RWBY fans jaw drop. The confrontation between Cinder and Pyrrha was meant to happen since Volume 2. And after all the bad things that happened during Volume 3, we finally got to see this fight. While the ending was shocking, I still really enjoyed this fight. - RoseRedFlower

Awesome fight...sad ending...

5 Team RWBY Vs the White Fang Team RWBY Vs the White Fang

How can anyone not love this fight? This was the first time that Team RWBY kind of failed on their own mission. Yang and Weiss both lost their fights, Oobleck revealed his weapon and even little Zwei was shown to be much more capable than we realized. This was a great episode to watch. - RoseRedFlower

6 Team RWBY Vs Paladin Team RWBY Vs Paladin


While it's nowhere near as good as the battle in Red Vs Blue with Caroline, Tex, Maine and York, it's still pretty good. The amazing teamwork from Team RWBY, Sun & Yang's semblance revealed and the proper introduction of Neapolitan. - RoseRedFlower

7 Qrow Vs Tyrian Qrow Vs Tyrian

very kool

This fight wins for me for the simple fact that it contains such kinetic energy in it’s movements. You really get the feeling that these are two fighter both with vastly different styles and their trying to kill each other.

Volume 4 wasn't as good as Volume 3 but I still enjoyed a lot about it. The fight Qrow has with Tyrian was excellent. These are two very well trained fighters going up against each other. Then both kind of get screwed in the end because of their fight. But I still loved it. - RoseRedFlower

It's such a powerful moment when he calls her a bitch because I think it helps Ruby realize how deep into the adult world she really is. There's no coddling anymore and I love how prepared she is.

8 Pyrrha vs Team CRDL Pyrrha vs Team CRDL

Normally one against four would be unfair and give that one person a heavy disadvantage. But Pyrrha shows she's one of the best fighters by taking on all four members of team CRDL at once. She did it with style too. - RoseRedFlower

9 Blake, Sun & Penny Vs White Fang Blake, Sun & Penny Vs White Fang

GUNCHUCKS. This scene is heavily underrated and missed. So much greatness in this battle, Blake's part is amazingly fast-paced and well executed.

This is just a jaw dropping action scene. We see Penny fight for the first time alongside Sun. Both characters were given good introductions and this fight helped me love those characters more. Plus you could tell Blake really wanted to take down Roman but she sadly didn't. However, she manage to make up with her team. - RoseRedFlower

10 Yang vs Neopolitan Yang vs Neopolitan

WHY IS THIS NOT HIGHER? the story it tells

The Newcomers

? Ruby Rose vs Romantorchwick

The Contenders

11 Raven vs Cinder Raven vs Cinder

Amazing fight, I loved seeing two of my favourite characters battle.

Epic choreography, excellent visuals, & a touching homage to Monty Oum's "Dead Fantasy" series. Loved it! - OPZoroark

Best fight

so ggod

12 Team RWBY vs Team JNPR Team RWBY vs Team JNPR

That food fight, though.

13 Emerald and Mercury vs Coco and Yatsuhashi Emerald and Mercury vs Coco and Yatsuhashi

The first time you really see how menacing Mercury and Emerald are. Also, nice foreshadowing for Mercury in his music. Besides, Mercury is just a fun character to watch duel. Shame this is really their only good scene. Still, if it had to only be one good fight, this was a good one.

14 Team RNJR Vs Nuckelavee Team RNJR Vs Nuckelavee

This was the beast that destroyed Ren's family and home. It left him an orphan. He wanted vengeance against the beast but he almost ended up getting him and his team killed. Nora had to bring him back to his senses and team RNJR end up defeating that Grimm. - RoseRedFlower

15 Yang vs Mercury Yang vs Mercury
16 Velvet vs Atlesian Paladin-290s Velvet vs Atlesian Paladin-290s
17 Blake & Yang vs Adam

That ending though.

18 Cinder vs Neo

Very awesome fight, how is it not higher?

19 Ruby vs Torchwick and Neo Ruby vs Torchwick and Neo

This should’ve been way higher. It is an awesome 2v1, but with multiple villains vs the hero instead of the other way around. It also implies the true motives of Roman Torchwick, which make him one of the best characters in the show. That is, before he dies moments later.

The fight between Neo and Ruby, though it was extreme short, was one of the best animated duels in RWBY as it was fast paced and was amazingly well choreographed. The added bonus of seeing how well Neo and Roman fought together also made you see how much history they had.

20 Cinder vs Ozpin Cinder vs Ozpin
21 Weiss vs Winter's summons Weiss vs Winter's summons

Fennic, Corsac and Ilia vs. Ghira, Sun and Blake

22 Qrow vs Winter
23 Weiss vs Lancers Weiss vs Lancers
24 Yang vs. Bandits

Amazing fight

25 Fennec, Corsac and Ilia vs. Ghira, Sun and Blake

Gunchucks! And of course, Ilia’s redemption

26 Weiss vs. Vernal
27 Yang vs Adam

In my opinion, this has been the best fight in volume 6 so far.

28 Blake and Yang vs. Adam Taurus

Literally the best fight of volume 6, strong choreo and some seriously awesome techniques showing how far Blake and Yang have come. Also, Wheel Punches

29 Ruby vs Cinder Ruby vs Cinder

I know this was barely a fight, but look at what Silver Eyes did to Cinder. She lost an eye, she can barely talk, and she lost most of her self confidence and ego.


30 Pyrrha vs. Mercury Pyrrha vs. Mercury
31 Blake and Sun vs the Sea Serpent Grimm

A classic. Well-balanced, beautiful air shots, lots of movement and strategy and one-liners. 10/10 would rewatch just for how pretty it was.

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