Saddest Vampire Diaries Moment

The Top Ten Saddest Vampire Diaries Moment

1 Elena's Slumber Goodbyes. 6x22

Elena is the best character on the show. I literally cannot stop crying every time I see this. How do you watch TVD without Elena?

I remember watching this Episode for the first time I cried So hard Elena was my 2nd Favorite Character On the show so I was Deeply saddened

Kai casts a spell linking Elena and Bonnie's lives, rendering Elena unconscious while Bonnie is alive. In a series of visions or dreams, Elena and her friends and family say their goodbye. - ElizabethClarkson

. The blast from the past had tears rolling down my cheeks

2 When Stefan and Elena Broke Up, for Real. 2x06

I loved the and they were goals and the best couple on T.V.. End of discussion.

When Stefan and Elena broke up because of Katherine, it was so painful. - ElizabethClarkson

I really voted for this one because the look on Stefan' s face broke my heart - fangirl1967

I love them stefan is better than damien

3 Aunt Jenna's Funeral. 2x21

Jenna's amazing. I hated Katherine when I saw that she selfishly allowed Jenna to die. Yet Katherine gets all the credit. People sympathize with her. It is so unreasonable.

My eyes were bawling out and I sobbed out loudly, she didn't deserve this to happen to her, and this is shown by how her heart remained pure even when she died. All the factors that lead up to death such as her relationship with Elena and Jeremy, not to mention John's monologue and the music in the background. This was the saddest moment pre-season four in my opinion.

This is so sad!

This is the first episode of any show I ever really cried about. So heartbreaking :(

4 When Caroline's Dad Died. 3x13

Caroline's dad didn't want to be a vampire so he chose to die instead. - ElizabethClarkson

I cried so much, Caroline is so sweet and didn’t deserve this

5 When Alaric Died. 3x20

Everyone loved Alaric, for what he did for Elena and Jeremy by taking them in. And when he died! The scene became more painful when they all said their goodbyes - ElizabethClarkson

This was the saddest thing ever. Their goodbyes made me cry.


I literally wouldn't stop crying. I felt like a huge piece of my heart was yanked out. When Damon sat there drinking with tears rolling down his eyes, I literally thought a family member died. ah I hate the fact that all of this is over😭😭😭

6 When Elena Died. 3x22

Stefan was the one who saved her and Matt. Elena sacrificing herself, Stefan respecting her choice. Then she became a Vampire. - ElizabethClarkson

The actual saddest

7 When Damon Went to Alaric's Grave. 4x02

This was the saddest moment for me. I almost cried man and I don't cry

The saddest moment EVER! I cried, and I don't cry in movies. When Damon was talking and Alaric was listening and Damon tried making jokes to hide his grief. :'(

Damon and Ric's friendship is extraordinary. And when Ric died, I know that a part of Damon just died, too. - ElizabethClarkson

NO... This was so sad. And all the time Damon was talking Alaric was there listening.

8 When Liz Forbes Died. 6x14 (Stay)

She was such an amazing character, and the fact that she was surrounded by the supernatural yet still died from natural sad.

Always my number 1. I cried like a baby

Liz Forbes (Caroline's mom) dies of glioblastoma in this episode.

This was the moment I cried like a baby

9 When Stefan Died 8x16

Not only his death but Caroline's phone call to him and the fact that they just got married broke my heart.

This scene was pretty sad I cried

This episode broke me like nothing I've ever felt before

100% the saddest moment

10 When Damon ''Died''. 5x22

Watching damon talk to elena without her knowing it made me break down

It's like a part of everyone died! It's a promise from seasons past (season 3) broken! Died for his brother! Unbelievable!

This scene absolutely ruined me, saddest moment ever!

Seriously my saddest moment. I cried for a long time.

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11 When Stefan Killed Enzo

This was so sad I started to hate stefan but he was in his ripper phase so I couldn't blame him. I definitely cried.

The Worst tragedy which I never expected. After Stefan(Humanity-Off) ripped Enzo;s heart... I was hoping that this has to be someone's dream. But, its not the case.

Benzo was the best couple on the show, so pure with so much development
Bonnie and enzo deserved better and every time I watch this scene I cry.


12 When Stefan Saw Lexi. 4x22

Their friendship is unlike any other. It's too bad she didn't get to stay long. - ElizabethClarkson

They was so happy

13 When Damon Cries and Lets Go of His Brother 8x16

Damon doesn't seem to get emotional so when he did it was heartbreaking.

This got me

Never seen Damon cry
When he says I love you little brother

14 Elena Switched Her Humanity. 4x15

She was so hurt by jeremys death and named all the people she loved that died

It broke my heart when Jeremy died. Seeing Elena so sad made me cry so much. And when Elena burnt down the house it was probably the saddest thing ever.

Before she turns off her humanity and is just listing off everyone she loves that had died - that hurt

When Jeremy died, Elena couldn't handle the pain, she decided to switch off the pain by switching off her humanity. - ElizabethClarkson

15 When Damon Let Elena Go, 5x22

so sad

16 When Caroline Phoned Stefan. 8x16

Her confessing all her love and care for him was heart wretching

This for my friend and I was one of the most sad moments in this episode. When Caroline phones Stefan and tells him how much she loves him and that she understands that he sacrificed himself for his brother, right before he dies. Currently crying while writing this.

17 When Enzo Died

At the start I didn't like and I but I loved how happy him and Bonnie were together and I grew to love him but after he died I couldn't watch VD for weeks after

This was heartbreaking!

I cried too much during this scene

18 When Jeremy Died

This was absolutely heartbreaking

It was heartbreaking. jeremy was always struggling

19 When Bonnie Dies 5x4

No matter how many times I watch this show, Bonnies death always has tears rolling down my cheeks. I don’t know, this whole show makes me so emotional but Bonnies death brings the water works.

So sad cried for so long (the funeral by the way)

Bonnie died was the most emotional part for me

Bonnie deserves better :,(

20 When Klaus Had to Give Up on Caroline

I was really rooting for these two

21 When Rose Died 2x12

I cried every time I saw this scene
Damon comforts Rose as she lies feverishly in bed. She remembers her old life, on a sunny hillside with horses all around, and dreams Damon is there. He's controlling her dream. Rose says she misses being human and mattering to people. She thanks him for making the pain go away. She says she's not afraid anymore. In bed, he gently lets go of her hand.
On the sunny hillside, Rose challenges him to a race to the trees. As she counts to three, back in bed he slowly takes out a stake and positions it over her heart. When she reaches 3, he drives it in.

22 When Damon Confessed His Love for Elena but Had to Compel Her. 2x8

This was so touching

loved it

At first I hated Damon but then as I kept watching the show,I began loving him so much.But what really had my tears run down like a river is when both Katherine and Elena chose Stefan over Damon,when he was always the one who loved them but didn't get it back.And when he confessed it to Elena,he had to compel her so she wouldn't remember him saying it,it was one of the saddest moments for me..

I feel for young isolated Damon. This kind sir deserved better, as well as what he went through with the Augustine alone. Katherine and elana both chose Stefan and as a 4th devorced single 48 year old gramdma I know how it feels to not be the one, you see.. my ex Albert was an optician and e claimed my eyes weren’t pretty enough for his effection he told me this and left me after my first kid... clemon, and then my other ex husband bob left me for my mum when he got me pregnant with my son.. Johnathan. And then when my otherrr ex Timathy devorced me after we had our little girl wang He left me for my other daughter clemon who at the time was 19. So I know what it’s like to never be the one

23 When Nadia Petrova Dies
24 When Stefan is Reunited with Lexi in the after life 8x16

He was finally at peace


25 When Sheila Bennett Died. 1x14

The way bonnie reacted actually broke my heart, I cried for a full hour�"

26 When Damon Killed Kai. 6x22
27 When Jenna Died
28 When everyone sees the dead people they miss 8x16

So emotional

I was crying that entire episode. When all the characters got to see their loved ones who died, 😭

It’s heartbreaking seeing how happy they are to see them

29 When Stefan Phoned Elena 3x1
30 When Mary-Lou and Nora Died Destroyed the Phoenix Stone

I was so sad. When mary-lou is casting the spell and nora too is siphoning it reading the poem.

31 When John Gilbert Died

John sacrifices himself for Elena.

32 When Joe Died

I cried to heartbreaking

33 When Elena & Damon Slept Together While Stefan Was Leaving His House 4x7
34 When Katherine's Parents and Her Sister Died

Katherine was the most damaged character on the show. No one suffered or lost as much as she did. She didn't start out a villain, when her family died, that is what killed Katerina, not the rope. - Whitecoat

35 When Bonnie Missed Damon and Elena Saving Her from the Prison World 6x9

This moment was so heart wrenching because she lost all hope. I cried for a good 5 minutes.

She could’ve been saved:(

36 Remembering Bonnie. 5x4

I cried so much. It is so sad

37 When Bonnie Was Going to Kill Herself on Her Birthday 6x13
38 When Bonnie Chooses Enzo Over Damon 8x03

I don't know why but this scene just made me cry so much. Like Enzo is my favorite character in this whole show but I love Damon as well and just Damon's reaction was so ugh and I didn't want Bonnie to have to pick. Either this scene or when Stefan killed Enzo in 8x11

39 When Tyler Died

This was the saddest moment in the show because Tyler was such a great character and one of he few werewolves left. Tyler and Caroline made a much better couple than her and Stefan.

40 When Silas Drowned Stefan in the Box

So sad that no one noticed he was gone for months

41 When Tyler killed Liv

I cried so hard because Liv told Tyler that if he killed her he would trigger the werewolf cure and heal. it was so heart breaking

42 When Elena was put under the spell by Kai

I cried so much and like that moment when everyone was going to see her so sad it just shows how much people love her

43 When Damon Almost Died from Werewolf Venom 2x22

Cried so bad

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