Top 10 Best Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra Albums

These two bands consist of the same members that's because TSO was a side project of Savatage that eventually gained more popularity for the band members even more than they had when they were in Savatage.

The Top Ten

1 Dead Winter Dead - Savatage

Yes this is my favorite album because I love the concept of it and it has Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24 which is my favorite Christmas song and Instrumental song. - christangrant

2 Christmas Eve and Other Stories - Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The best Christmas themed album it combines Metal with Christmas music perfectly oh and it also contains Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24 - christangrant

Which Trans-Siberian song goes like "Let it go let it go" etc? I forget - SoldierOfFortune

3 Streets: A Rock Opera - Savatage

A great Rock Opera about a musician who has hit hard times only to rise up again. - christangrant

4 Beethoven's Last Night - Trans-Siberian Orchestra

A great concept album about Beethoven's last night alive it features Metal versions of Beethoven and even Mozart songs. - christangrant

5 Handful of Rain - Savatage

It's amazing to think Jon Oliva almost recorded this album all by himself. - christangrant

6 The Lost Christmas Eve - Trans- Siberian Orchestra

Wizards in Winter need I say more? - christangrant

7 Gutter Ballet - Savatage

Testament of Metal

8 Hall of the Mountain King - Savatage

I don't think this is their best album but its still a very strong album. - christangrant

9 Night Castle - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
10 The Wake of Magellan - Savatage

The Contenders

11 Edge of Thorns - Savatage
12 The Christmas Attic - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
13 Letters from the Labyrinth - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
14 Poets and Madmen - Savatage
15 Power of the Night - Savatage
16 Sirens - Savatage
17 Fight for the Rock - Savatage
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1. Dead Winter Dead - Savatage
2. Christmas Eve and Other Stories - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
3. Streets: A Rock Opera - Savatage


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