Scariest Doctor Who Monsters / Aliens


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1 Weeping Angels Weeping Angels

My favorite villain even though they... SPOILERS! I mean I think their's scarier like the headless monks but I NEEDED to vote for Weeping angels!

Don't blink

Must I explain?

They are everywhere and you can't keep your eyes open forever. Even if you manage to, then they can just kill you in a different way.

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2 Cyberman

Although it may sound ironic, these are the scariest because they DON'T kill you, but turn you (painfully) into them.

These guys made me stop watching doctor who when I was little because I was so terrified.

3 Dalek

The last episode with the Daleks in it showed you that just one Dalek is enough to destroy the human race.


Weeping angels are not scary just close one eye open it, and close the other open it and ots basically
Like blinking and it still can't do anything

4 The Silence

Just imagine if the silence were on earth. One could be watching you while you sleep. One could be watching you right now. And if you saw it, you would forget it exists then second you look away.

I coudn't sleep because of them!

Crepy! The cybermen and daleks are kinda stupid and the vampires are strange, weepingangels, creepy, but the worst is the silense, I imagine a silence with a perception filter... Oh my god that iss scary. The ultamate assassin.

The scariest thing that you forget it as soon as you do not observe it. Funny though, but they cast electricity! How cool!

5 The Headless Monks
6 The Empty Child

Stopped watching Doctor who for awhile after this episode, even looking at pictures of the empty child, still scares me today

The way that the Empty Child says "Are you my mummy? " just chills me to the bone. And let's not forget that the old guy's transformation is one of the most terrifying scenes of that episode. I say that this thing is the second scariest monster in Dr. Who.

"Are you my mummy? "

Mummy, mummy, are you my mummy?

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7 Vampire

I really hate and I am scared of vampires. I don't want them to exist in real life. - DinoLover4242

8 Satan (The Beast)
9 Vashta Nerada Vashta Nerada

There's a reason people have got this irrational fear of the dark - except it isn't irrational.

It's the dark. Literally the dark will eat you.
That was this entire episode.

10 Werewolf

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11 The Flood

I watched this when I was ten, and I still have nightmares about it. The flood are so creepy, and the cracks in their mouth and eyes with just a pupil is so terrifying.

The idea that a single drop of water could kill you and turn into a body for a malevolent creature oozing deadly water is terrifying. And the designs are chilling to the bone with cracks in their mouth and white eyes.

When I first watched waters of mars I wouldn't go near water for the rest of the day and even the day after that I was still not very happy about it

The fact that this is number 12 baffles me, it should be in top 5.

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12 The Midnight Entity

The thing that makes this monster the scariest is that it doesn't kill you. It makes your friends kill you. It doesn't need to be deadly, it just needs the darkness of humanity. THAT'S terrifying.

It looks for the cleverest person and steals their voice and turns friendships against them. This was one of the few monsters who scared The Doctor and almost killed him by stealing his voice. We know nothing about it at all and it could still be alive out there. Someone somewhere is being copied.

Someone somewhere is being copied.

13 Weevil
14 Prisoner Zero Prisoner Zero

He looks cool not scary

15 The Slitheen

Idea of zip in head so you can't trust anyone

16 The 4-5-6
17 The Ood
18 The Smilers
19 The Meem
20 The Great Intelligence The Great Intelligence
21 Zombie
22 The Clockwork Droids
23 The Trickster
24 Whisper Men
25 The Heather Creature
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