Top Ten Scariest New Doctor Who Monsters After 2005

The Top Ten
1 The Weeping Angels
2 The Cybermen
3 The Foretold

Series 8, Episode: Mummy On The Orient Express - jaythomo2

4 The Whisper Men
5 The Silence
6 The Time Zombies

Series 7, Episode: Jorney To The Center Of The Tardis - jaythomo2

7 The Flood (Water Zombies)
8 The ClockWork Androids

Series 2, Episode: The Girl In The Fireplace - jaythomo2

9 The Ood
10 The Daleks
The Contenders
11 The Zygons
12 The Judoon
13 The Silurians

These things are not villains

14 The Boneless
15 The Fisher King
16 The Master/ Missy
17 The Hath
18 The Smilers/ Winders
19 The Prisinor Zero
20 The Teller
21 Autons The Autons are an artificial life form from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who and adversaries of the Doctor.
22 The Slitheen
23 The Empty Child

Last place? This deserves to be in the top three!

24 The Veil
25 The Gangers
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