Sexiest In Girls' Generation Members

See who is the most sexy and perfect body in girl's generation all do they are all sexy but there are only on who has a perfect body.

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1 Seohyun

SEOHYUN CAN BE SEXY TOO. I love all of the members, but yeah. The other members are very sexy too. I love Seohyun. She can be sexy without her or us knowing. No need to say anything offensive. Just vote who you wanna vote for.

She does not show her boobs, legs and abs. She is full covered but her hourglass body seduces everyone. She has good legs and boobs but don't show off. If she is sexy in full clothes ever wonder how she will look in sexy clothes. I need her in my bed now.

.. Seo is the sexiest and it is true

Sexy say taps,...!

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2 Yoona

Yoona is the sexiest for me. I think seohyun is too cute to be sexy

Perfect face and perfect body. Tall, good bust and wide hips are what we call sexy.

Yoona is more sexy than seohyun

Yoona is the best, She is too unique. Yoona is my ultimate bias for 3 years but if I will rank the sexiest... It should be Yuri haha but YOONA FIGHTING~! ♥

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3 Yuri

Yoona is too skinny to be sexy.. Yuri?. ! Yuri is the ultimate sexiest, I want her and Seohyun in my bed

Yeah that's right! She is skinny but she still have a shape even it is. It makes her sexy in her really really own way.

Yuri's the sexiest... Why is she the third?! - Yulhan

This is fake because the truth is Yuri is the sexiest.

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4 Jessica

How come seohyun become the number 1? I think Jessica deserve to be number 1 because shes the sexiest 1!

Jessica's sexy cute and beautiful all at the same time

She is Not sexy because of her appearance but it comes from her soul.

Jessica is the sexiest girl

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5 Sooyoung Sooyoung

She is so sexy even she eat a lot of food

6 Taeyeon

She is so sexy when she shows her big boobs..

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7 Seohyun

Seohyun! She's the sexiest. She is the top sexiest in Sm town! She's hiding her body but eventhough she dress chuchu! Shes damn sexy.

8 Hyoyeon

What? She should be 2nd next to yuri. she has amazing body. Is it because she is not pretty or not so popular?

Hyoyeon queen of dancing and handles the sexiness along side yuri. Seohyun being at the top is ridiculous seohyun has the least sex appeal no hate maknae

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9 Sunny

Big boobs, big ass and sexy lips. Is there anything which she needed more to be sexy?

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10 Tiffany Tiffany

Tiffany is so sexy with her eye smile

This is so out of line lol. Tiffany is most definitely in the top 5

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The Contenders

11 YulHyo

Come on guys! They are the hottest and sexiest member of SNSD. They have ABS!

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