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1 Stitches

It is actually a good song I hear it every single day and I am happy to see it on number 1 at this list

THE BEST by far. Great music and great singing. Also great lyrics

It's the best song Shawn has sang so far

The best song ever. My day doesn't turn down without listening this song twice.

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2 Treat You Better

I kinda liked this song when it was first posted on vine by Shawn Mendes and now I have fallen in love..

If he says that "I know I can treat you better than he can", then I'll say "i know you can treat me better than he can"...

This is like my life in a song. I couldn't bear to see my crush with another guy and we were really close. But then god exists and now were together. It's my go to song.


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3 I Know What You Did Last Summer

This is the song that introduced me to Shawn Mendes, and I instantly fell in love. I think that it is his far and away best

I just love Shawn Mendes and his songs

Absolutely love this song

Its amazing, great harmonies

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4 Life of the Party

Should be higher on the list... Just after stitches... I like it more than that

Love this song!

Should be higher...

I honestly think this song should be higher

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5 Mercy

This song should be right after stitches! With the expressions whilst singing and deep low voice which sounds really phenomenal! I really loved this song!

Definitely one of my favorites...anyone else?

Its one of his best songs. The lyrics are deep and his voice shows so much emotion. Why not top 3?

I like the lyrics, they're just emotional and reasonable. The melody was even perfect- I love the acoustic version in specific! Good job Shawn! #ShawnNeverDisappoints

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6 Kid In Love

In my opinion this is the BEST song from him!

Simple, but great!

Awesome song.
really great...
and yes it makes me feel that I'm just a kid in love

7 There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back

This song is amazing! It has such an awesome beat

Probably his best so far. But I also love Aftertaste!

Catchy Beats! Awesome song

This is the best song ever

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8 Imagination

This song has elements from two Taylor Swift songs; White Horse and Mine. In the choruses of both Mine and Imagination there's a line that a sudden "for the first time."

Usually underrated but my favorite Shawn Mendes song... Oh the feels in this song... Too good...

Th best song ever from shawn mendes love you shawn

In my opinion this is better than stitches. It should be higher on the list.

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9 Aftertaste

Need I say anything bout this these songs come like once every 4 to 5 years true masterpiece

I just watch it on YouTube and every time you listen to it it get better

I will always take a listen

I'm still not over Stitches & it's been like a year & yet again Shawn pops with this?! This kid has potential & a clearly bright future :D - Ark-M

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10 One of Those Nights

The Newcomers

? Despacito

The Contenders

11 I Don't Even Know Your Name

I love this song! I listen to it all of the time!

12 Bring It Back

So under rated...!


13 Something Big

I'm not a hater but an EXTREMELY worried about his voice. Shawn Mendes experienced vocal damage after his cover of 1D's Drag Me Down. If he gets a vocal cord hemorrhage Earth will be in SHOCK! He got the damage because in 2015 he had to SING FOR A LONG TIME! He belted in Life Of The Party (ending was series of F4 belts,) Something Big (Bb4 belts across bridge,) and Stitches (G#4 belt between bridge and final chorus.)

Love it x1000000

Good! :)_)))


14 The Weight

Teardrops on my Guitar copy

I love the variety of tune and tone

This song is okay not that good


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15 Never Be Alone

It's just a really really emotional but great songs with amazing lyrics. Definitely one of my favorites

Best lyrical must be around top 5

This one is number 1 in every way. CONFESS EVERYONE!

This song is truely emotional and amazing ❤

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16 Believe

This sounds like Taylor Swift's I Wish You Would

Did he have a cameo in this movie

The only awesome Shawn Mendes song


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17 Ruin

Why is this not it on the top 10? Do people not hear the lyrics and emotion in his voice and then that guitar?

This song seem like Taylor Swift's Dear John. - BeaM456

18 Show You

Shawn is the best male singer and this song is amazing just like him

It is amazing with a catchy melody

This song is cool!

19 Little Too Much

Beautiful piano chords are integrated with the strumming of the guitar. meanwhile the harmony carries out its own tune which blends in with the backing, weaving in and out of diminished and augmented chords

It's really good

I love this songs apart of stiches

This song has saved me so many times from hurting myself and has helped me with depression�" thank you for making this shawn

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20 Running Low

A sad song, but Shawn deserves credit. He is really talented, And I am addicted to this song.

He sounds like when he recorded the song he got so emotional he began to cry

Okay if you burst in tears while performing, though your eyeliner can run

My all time favourite

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