Creative Comparing #10: The Simpsons VS Family Guy

We all know that's both of these comedic cartoons have been greatly acclaimed and loved, but which one is better? Let's compare them. Also, i'll mostly compare their glory years, but one category will be reserved to now:

1- Characters: Oh boy. Which one has the best characters? Well when it comes to main characters, they are both equally enjoyable, but i think The Simpsons has better side characters than Family Guy, and The Simpsons uses them better, so this point goes to The Simpsons.
The Simpsons: 1 Family Guy: 0

2- Animation: They both have good animation that isn't really very special but is good for what both shows do. This one is a tie.
The Simpsons: 1,5 Family Guy: 0,5

3- Comedy: This one is hard because they both have their unique comedy and both really make you laugh, so i think this point deserves another tie.
The Simpsons: 2 Family Guy: 1

4- Stories: Of course stories are also an important part of both shows. Both Family Guy and The Simpsons have had great stories before they went downhill, but i think The Simpsons deserves this since in their glory years they have done great things that Family Guy has never achieved, like killing a character or using side characters better. The Simpsons gets this point
The Simpsons: 3 Family Guy: 1

5- Current Times: Both of these shows have gone downhill, but which one is worse now? I think modern Family Guy is worse than modern Simpsons since it has made horrible gross-out episodes, killed a character just to regain relevance and made a whole episode that's just the Griffins stuck at home. While The Simpsons did also reach pretty low points ("Lisa Goes Gaga" is a perfect example of this) it has never been as bad as modern Family Guy, so it deserved the point.
The Simpsons: 4 Family Guy: 1

Winner: The Simpsons
These are both shows you have to watch (well, up to season 10 on The Simpsons and up to Brian's death on Family Guy) but The Simpsons wins because it has better characters, better stories and it's modern episodes are still better than modern episodes on Family Guy.

You can suggest who or what i should compare next below or by messaging me.


Gigity gigity goo! - Skullkid755

All of the Simpsons is worth watching. There's always gems hidden in the later seasons. And Family Guy up to Season 6 is worth watching. - BeatlesFan1964

Family Guy >Simpsons - iliekpiez