Creative Comparing #9: Taylor Swift VS Adele

Today i'm going to compare 2 of the most record-breaking singers who often sing about break ups. Let's compare them:

Music Videos: Both of them have great videos, Taylor however has shown more variety in making her videos than Adele. Taylor has made videos in Africa, in a building and on a dance Floor while dancing herself. The winner is Taylor Swift.
Taylor Swift: 1 Adele: 0

Lyrics: Now this is a hard one since they both have great lyrics in most of their songs. Adele however has shown us more heartwarming and relatable lyrics. Also, Taylor Swift made "Bad Blood" and "Shake it Off" which are lirically worse than her other songs (specially "Bad Blood"). This point goes to Adele.
Taylor Swift: 1 Adele: 1

Personality: I think they both have a great personality and i think they deserve a tie on this one. They are both nice.
Taylor Swift: 1,5 Adele: 1,5

Power: Who has a bigger power? Taylor is always popular. Adele releases few albums, but she has beaten Taylor in popularity when she released both of her albums. "Hello" beat a lot of records.
Taylor Swift: 1,5 Adele: 2,5

Quality of Music: They have both had great songs, however Adele hasn't had a song i consider bad. Taylor had two songs i consider bad, "Bad Blood" which i think is her worst song and "Shake it Off" which i think is bad but not too bad. I also think Adele's good songs are mostly better than Taylor's good ones. The winner of this point is Adele.
Taylor Swift: 1,5 Adele: 3,5

The winner is Adele: While Taylor Swift has great music videos and a great personality, Adele has better lyrics, more power and better songs. She also has a great personality. I think Adele is a great singer but my opinion on Taylor seems kind of in the okay zone.

You can suggest the next Creative Comparing below. Thanks to kontrahinsunu for suggesting this idea.


Spot on. - WonkeyDude98

Thanks - Martinglez

You're welcome - kontrahinsunu

Meh, I love Adele but sometimes I find her music blander and less expirimental than Taylor's. Taylor has made music in so many different genres and pretty much crushes every one of them but Adele songs stay within the same genre and never really take any risks. I guess I like Taylor more plainly because I find her more creative and exciting. - visitor

Yeah - BeaM456

Lyrics should be Taylor Swift because beside writing about her ex-boyfriend, she write songs about her friends,her family, her fans and band.She also write song about love like Love Story, You Belong With Me and Enchanted and write song about apologize to her ex like Taylor Lautner.While Adele only write about her ex and her who getting old.But both have great lyrics. - BeaM456

It's his opinion. - RiverClanRocks

And most of critics praise Adele because her vocal not her lyrics but Taylor Swift was praise by her lyrics are meaningful. - BeaM456

Good - 2storm

Yeah I agree on this one - Righteous

Even if I like Taylor Swift a fair bit, it's absolutely no contest that Adele is better. Even if Ronan still brings me to tears, or All Too Well makes me think, or Welcome to New York just makes me happy, Adele is significantly more mature in her songwriting, and has a much more powerful voice.

Also, her worst song (Send My Love) is better than Tay's worst song (the Bad Blood remix). - WonkeyDude98

yep - visitor