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1 Skylanders SWAP Force
2 Skylanders Trap Team

I love it so much. It looks so good and has a bunch of cool characters.

AMAZING - ToperTen

Def the best

The best Graf ever. Use villains.
The trap masters tuff luck and gear shift. Just awesome😺

3 Skylanders Giants

Spyro's adventure is good but giants is better

Why is this so low

Giants is far superior to the new games. It has much catchier and memorable music, only one gimmick skylander per element and one normal skylander per element to keep things simple and memorable, an amazing story that is far better than crapinators’s, awesome characters, Arkeyans, must I go on? Who carss if you can do a little more stuff in the new games when you have WAY BETTER stuff in Giants. The sensies are garbage and don’t even feel like garbage. Lorne balfe probably agrees that giants is the best, because he was actually composing awesome music for this game. This game is just better than any other skylander game

4 Skylanders Superchargers
5 Skylanders Spyro's Adventure

I don't think this is the best because it is the original, but just for how much pure content it has. First and foremost, there are 22 levels. Yeah that's right, 22 LEVELS. None of the other 5 come even close to that. Second, the supporting characters are much more simple and sophisticated. Swap Force and Superchargers have so many outrageous and ridiculous characters that I just wanted to skip through every cutscene so I didn't have to hear them speak. And lastly, Spyro's Adventure is actually DIFFICULT. When I played Swap Force and Giants, it was pathetic how easy they were, especially the final boss. Evilized Kaos was a joke, a JOKE. I managed to beat him with ONE skylander. And with Kaos from Spyro's Adventure, it took me 13 Skylanders, Big jump isn't it? Spyro's Adventure and Trap Team will always be my top two, because they DON'T suck.

Just love it

6 Skylanders: Imaginators

Creating your own character is awesome


7 Spyro the Dragon
8 Spyro: Year of the Dragon
9 Skylanders Giants (DS)
10 Skylanders Online
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1. Skylanders Superchargers
2. Skylanders Trap Team
3. Skylanders SWAP Force
1. Skylanders SWAP Force
2. Skylanders Spyro's Adventure
3. Skylanders Giants


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