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1 Skylanders: Trap Team Skylanders: Trap Team Product Image

This was so fun! I loved trapping the villains. My only complaint was that you needed a TRAP MASTER of the element instead of just a regular Skylanders to unlock special areas. Giants didn't make you get the giant to unlock the areas, just a regular Skylander, so why couldn't Trap Team do the same? Oh well, that's my only complaint.

It was really fun, the story lasted for the right amount of time, and the mechanic was cool. Superchargers, it's replacement was such a disappointment.

In my opinion the levels are the best in the series and the gimmick is the most fun.

It's a fun game with an imaginative story, and it doesn't feel as gimicy as SuperChargers and Imaginators.

2 Skylanders: Swap Force Skylanders: Swap Force Product Image

I love how you can swap the tops and bottoms of the Skylanders. My favorite swap force is Dark Blast Zone

This is where the series came to its peak.

Non of them are good

3 Skylanders: SuperChargers Skylanders: SuperChargers Product Image
4 Skylanders: Giants Skylanders: Giants Product Image

Giants is far superior to the new games. It has much catchier and memorable music, only one gimmick skylander per element and one normal skylander per element to keep things simple and memorable, an amazing story that is far better than crapinators's, awesome characters, Arkeyans, must I go on? Who carss if you can do a little more stuff in the new games when you have WAY BETTER stuff in Giants. The sensies are garbage and don't even feel like garbage. Lorne balfe probably agrees that giants is the best, because he was actually composing awesome music for this game. This game is just better than any other skylander game

This game was designed beautifully and was the first Skylanders game I played. I like how the storyline makes sense and that the Skylanders games haven't been ruined like other series.

Now, don't say this is number one for me because it was the first game I had ever played in the series, Spyro's Adventure coming soon after, but I feel like all the new Skylanders games have lost their feel to them. I don't know why I just don't enjoy playing them as much. If I had to rate my top 4 Skylanders game from top to bottom it would be
1.) Skylanders Giants
2.)Skylanders Spyro's Adventure
3.)Skylanders Swap Force
4.) Skylanders Trap Team
I feel like all the games after swap force started to lose their feel, swap force included. Though Swap Force was a good game all in all, and Trap Team was a FANTASTIC game idea ( I mean come on! Trapping villains and making them fight as your own!?! Billion dollar idea! ), Skylanders Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders Giants had a very childish animation style, and I LOVED IT! The storys were a little more deep than just a ship crashing on a island and having to save everyone WHILE the ship is getting fixed, where Kaos just ...more

Why is this so low

5 Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Product Image

This is my ranking:

6) Trap Team: Just bored me. Only game that I can call "bad".
5) Swap Force: A good game. Was quite interesting, but levels were far too long.
4) Superchargers: This game is the first in the really good territory- this was awesome and I loved the Mario Kart gameplay.
3) Giants: Was even better, the last really good game until Superchargers.
2) Imaginators: It was really fun to just make your own Skylander like that- I had A LOT of fun making my own Tech Skylander, The Gear-Grinder.
1) Spyro's Adventure: This game is simply classic. It's long, yes, but every little detail about it is perfect. The Kaos fight at the end, that one was the best.

I don't think this is the best because it is the original, but just for how much pure content it has. First and foremost, there are 22 levels. Yeah that's right, 22 LEVELS. None of the other 5 come even close to that. Second, the supporting characters are much more simple and sophisticated. Swap Force and Superchargers have so many outrageous and ridiculous characters that I just wanted to skip through every cutscene so I didn't have to hear them speak. And lastly, Spyro's Adventure is actually DIFFICULT. When I played Swap Force and Giants, it was pathetic how easy they were, especially the final boss. Evilized Kaos was a joke, a JOKE. I managed to beat him with ONE skylander. And with Kaos from Spyro's Adventure, it took me 13 Skylanders, Big jump isn't it? Spyro's Adventure and Trap Team will always be my top two, because they DON'T suck.

Its just the best because you don't have to buy as many figures to collect them all, this makes it easier for collectors. Also has best boss fights and has best gameplay, Skylanders giants comes in a VERY close second.

Its not because it's the first, but because it's so good. Solid core gameplay. Charming visuals, characters, music and dialogue. Fun levels. Its still my favorite to play through.

6 Skylanders: Imaginators Skylanders: Imaginators Product Image

Definitely the best game. You get to CREATE YOUR OWN SKYLANDER, There wasn't as many new additions, one of the reasons I really liked Giants, and the figures themselves are relatively cheap compared to the other games' figures (I'm looking at you, Superchargers). Overall an amazing game. It's a shame this came after the flop that was Superchargers.

Amazing, Super chargers was very sad for me and this is way better don't know why superchargers is up more...

I wish I dint have to put this one in this position ;<.
making your own skylander is just as good as the storyline

7 Skylanders Battlecast Skylanders Battlecast Product Image
8 Skylanders Battlegrounds

It was good as a mobile game but it cannot compete with the likes of the console and 3ds versions.

9 Skylanders: Cloud Patrol
10 Skylanders: Ring of Heroes
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11 Skylanders: Lost Islands
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