Top Ten Most Creepy and Shocking Moments in The Legend of Zelda Series

What is the most creepiest and shocking moments int the legend of Zelda series
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1 The Happy Mask Man

If you have played majoras mask when you have failed to return the stolen mask his eyes become red and he grabs link and starts strangling him.

This guy.. This guy.. Creepiest guy ever..

2 Grand Fairy's Fountains

Please. I will look away while you make some more... modest clothing choices. I always rush through Great Fairy upgrading whatnot in case someone looks at the screen to see what I'm playing.

Dear goddess put some cloths on.

When this was introduced it made you feel really uncomfortable, look at what they wear what age rating is this E (ocarina of time)

3 Ben Drowned

This is a creepy pasta from majoras mask, when you place down the statue of Link what a horror.

It's just wrong

4 ReDead

For a age rating of E this game brought many fierce and scary enemies if you were 3 years old this enemy must of made you petrified.

When I was little I played with my dad and the graveyard, the bottom of the well, and the shadow temple scared the crud out of me. That is why I hate REDEADS!

Bite bite bite till you are dead and they DANCE how surprising

5 Lanayru's little history lesson

This cutscene features a whole group of Dark Links, serving as the interlopers. It's very surreal and nightmare inducing, with Link's face gradually turning into an evil grin as the cutscene goes on, until he finally snaps out of it. Made even worse with Ilia with those creepy soulless eyes and the falling Ilias. When I was a teen, I did not expect this cutscene after you rescue the light spirit of Lanayru. Thanks a lot, Twilight Princess. Your T for Twilight rating truly means something.

It is psychologically and aesthetically horrifying. I compare this to Jim Gordon's rollercoaster ride in Batman: The Killing Joke. This was my first example of surreal horror(aside from going inside the moon in Majora's Mask, which I believe is overall the scariest and best Zelda game). This was terrifying on so many levels.

The falling girls and laughing scared me even now when I see it!

6 Ganon

In this game ganon attempts to capture Zelda but to catch her he kidnaps little kiddies.

Don't trust him

7 Silent Realms In Skyward Sword

Cue the anxiety attacks

... *Hugs Ghirahim* Help me...

8 Skull Kid

The guy is not creepy after you retrieve the mask but when he uses his evil and dark powers to make the moon crash into clock town hmmm.

9 Wallmaster

The wall master looks creepy but the thing that makes it creepy is when you randomly encounter one and he takes you back to the start of the dungeon. Another thing is it is the unexpected.

I hate these things! Wallmasters are why my friend laughs at me for being scared of Zelda dungeons.

10 Poes

These are knows as reapers in the earlier stages of Zelda but now they scare children.

How are they scary? That would be like saying boos are scary from Mario.

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11 King Zora

He looks creepy, he is. The king Zora is met on Links journey to retrieve the three stones when you give him the letter from ruto he moves making weird noises.

12 Ganon's Castle
13 The moon.

I mean, why would anyone not choose this. It's a moon with a creepy face that stares at you the whole mm game! You can't deny that's not creepy

Why is it so creepy

14 Moon Crashing Down on Termina
15 Not Take Mirror
16 That the Old Man Was the King

He just seemed so humble.

I was just surprised.

17 Gloom Spawn

The first time I encountered one... Let's just say it didn't end well.

18 Majoras Mask

The mask just looks demonic.

19 Infinite Hands
20 Ocarina of Time's Forest Temple

Why do people like this piece of crud?

21 Ganon's Despair Speech from The Wind Waker
22 The Old Lady
23 Horned Statue of Hateno Village
24 Dead Hand

God this is something that I'll never forget. Just look at that terrifying thing and tell me that that is an extremely memorable and horrifying moment. Definitely the most creepiest thing in the Zelda series.

25 Ghirahim’s Speeches
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