Top 10 Hardest Mario & Luigi Bosses

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1 Dreamy Bowser

On easy mode, it only took me two attempts to beat this guy. It was challenging sure, but not too bad. But on hard mode... this was a fricken trial. Bowser hits like 6 trucks, the Shy guy airtub has so much defense, he keeps spamming the minion attack to heal himself over and over, and his attacks are just so hard to dodge! Even after I beat him on hard mode when I go back and fight him again he's still a huge pain.

Between having some of the highest stats in the series, tricky patterns, minion summoning, and one of the best boss themes ever in my opinion, he more than qualifies.

It was one an incredibly tough boss fight. I didn't vote Cackletta Soul because it was hard because it was cheap. This one isn't cheap-it's just really hard!

2 Cackletta Soul

In the original games, this boss is very likely to go first, meaning that there's a chance of losing immediately.

The remake makes this boss even harder due to two changes:
1) Her arms become elemental, meaning that Fire and Thunder Bros. (and their stronger counterparts) can heal her arms if your attack targets the wrong arm.
2) There was an attack she uses in the original that requires you to knock back energy orbs, damaging her. In the remake, this attack doesn't reflect, so no loads of damage to the boss when this move is used. The remake also gave the bestiary better stats, somher attacks hits harder.

This fight would otherwise not be that bad, but you start with one hp. ONE HP. And if you didn't heavily invest into speed (like I did) then you'll have to dodge one of many of her tricky attacks, many of which target both bros. If you aren't good enough, you could potentially lose both bros on the first turn! In addition, even after you heal (unless you're one of those pro gamers who tries to beat her without healing), her attacks are tough to dodge and do a lot of damage. You have to take out her head and two arms to attack her heart. Her head and arms can and will extend her attack turns, so look out. This fight can be a huge pain especially considering how easy this game is.

3 Princess Shroob / Elder Princess Shroob

After destroying Princess Shroob, you think that your journey finally comes to an end, and that the princess is safe...well, meet Elder Princess Shroob everyone! The supreme ruler of the Shroobs, this monster has a whopping 3,500 hp, with many attacks that can do massive damage...and when you finally destroy her, she activates her crown...and another 3,000 health. Except this time, you have to disable her legs and her crown to be able to do more than 1 damage to her at a time. AND she attacks you multiple times per turn, far more than Cackletta does. There is no debate about it; Elder Princess Shroob is the hardest boss in the M&L series.

I know, right?! Nonetheless, M&L: PIT is the best Mario & Luigi game ever.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is top 1 on best Mario & Luigi games, with Superstar Saga being top 2, Bowser's Inside Story being top 3 & Dream Team being top 4.

These and Shrowser were the only bosses in the game that weren't just absolute jokes.

4 Memory ML

Definitely the most creative boss, with ALL attacks being incredibly original. And in case anybody does not know, when the Bowser memory L gets chased by the boo, the "Luigi" would ALWAYS jump over your head and the boo would ALWAYS go straight for you. But you can just jump on the boo and end the chase.

Yeah right. seriously megasparklegoomba in paper Mario sticker star is harder than those two wimps

5 Zee Keeper

Say hello to what might be one of the most unfair bosses in this entire series. The Zeekeeper is one of the best characters in dream team, but his fight sucks. It's not a bad fight, but just hard. His attacks do a ton of damage and can be tricky to time, which may not seem that bad, but the worst part is that you HAVE to counter as many of his attacks as possible, or else you won't get to attack at all! You're chasing him for almost the whole time, and when you take damage, you slow down and fall behind making things harder. When you catch up and then drag him down, you can dish out some big damage. I've pretty much mastered the dimensional rift attack, but with the game's glitchy gyro controls, other people are gonna struggle with it. It's arguably one of the best bosses in the game, and it'll definitely keep you on your toes. Literally.

His attacks are REALLY strong, and hard to dodge. You're either lucky or skilled if you can dodge all (or at least most) of his attacks in the dimensional rift.

6 Dark Fawful

Really? I found him rather easy. Compared to Ice Midbus, of course.

Hi I think that just looks like a old sparked women with no legs attached to it

7 Elder Shrooboid
8 Dark Star X

Any of the enemies with an X right next to their name is just a harder version of their original fight. the fight against the regular dark star is painful and putting the X next to their name was not a fun time for me.

He has so much HP. The biggest problem? Not enough turns if your going on the path to Bowser X, who did 253 damage to the bros.

That guy sucked to beat with him having like nine fakes instead of six

9 Bowser X

So on the ranker for the hardest Mario bosses all time bowser x is number 3 behind the shadow queen and Cackletta soul, but not even top ten in the Mario and Luigi series? Also how is dark star x higher than bowser x, bowser has twice his health and likely twice his attack, and I know he has higher defense too. Almost all of his attacks are capable of doing 200+ damage easily, there's a turn limit, it's at the end of a boss rush, AND he sucks in your special attacks. Recommended level to fight him is level 50, and he's still super hard the. For comparison Cackletta's soul recommended level is 40. The only other boss that should be compared to bowser x is Cackletta's soul. Those two bosses are the hardest in this series, and I am a huge fan of the series and I know all the bosses, those are the only two bosses that should be considered number one. The other one should be number two.

This guy should be the flipping number 1! I completely underestimated him on my first tIme. I was like "oh yeah this guy should be difficult. Nothing I can't manage" but I was clearly blind on how powerful he is. His speed made it hard to dodge, and when I got hit, I was like "253 damage?!?!?! Are you flipping kidding me?!?!?! This boss is already a nightmare! " The item stealing thing isn't that bad, unless it's healing items or OP Bros Attacks. I had so many turns gone. number 1 by far. Cackletta's Soul is NOTHING compared to this.

10 Big Massif

Big Massif has a colossal attack stat for how early you fight him. His attacks will do major damage and likely take you out in 1 or 2 hits. They're also quite the challenge to avoid. His attacks are similar to the Hooraw Disciples's attacks though, so if you can remember the attacks you dodged for those, you shouldn't have too tough of a time.

I think it was kinda hard the attacks he made.

I found him pretty easy

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11 Antasma X

He's not as bad as Bowser X, but he's just as notorious. In addition to the fact that all of his attacks are launched at incredibly high speed, but if you get hit and get covered in a dark mist, it's not gonna end well. Mario will fall asleep and a turn will be wasted, when you practically need all the turns you have. Antasma's attacks also really hurt too, likely ko'ing you in 2 or 3 hits. He'll also power himself up with antasmunchies. This fight while not God-awful miserably difficult, is still quite the challenge.

Antasma X as number 10. Probably because not many people went up against the bastard. Just look. The game intentionally heals you 30 Hp per turn and gives you the chance to gain 50 more Hp in the dream. Not many different attacks but it is one repetitive nightmare for those who wanted more antasma. The guy could well kill you easily in his first turn, most likely from panicking and bumping into all his attacks. Cackletta had to troll you with one Hp. This guy doesn't.

12 Queen Bean

I just struggle at playing the game, and she was no exception!

I grinded to max level in sewers before the fight and couldn't win even on easy mode way too hard

This one's easy!

13 Ludwig and Larry (Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam)

This boss battle proves difficult due to at least two things... One attack that I've noticed that gives many people trouble is Ludwig's double magic blast attack. The battle cards are also a problem. In the second battle, there is a card that can kill all three players in one hit, providing Paper Mario's copies aren't stacked thickly enough to block it. Besides those things, their attacks are often difficult to avoid, and they both have very high hp, especially Ludwig. Therefore, I cast my personal vote for these two. Cackletta wasn't even that bad, in my opinion.

This fight is interesting. Ludwig will use his own battle cards whenever he and Larry do enough damage to you. Their attacks aren't that easy to dodge either, and some of the battle card effects can really mess you up, like shrinking you or healing instead of hurting them, or even take huge hp out of you. It's honestly not that bad though.

14 Fawful Express

Ah yes, the boss everyone hates. Where do I begin? You have a turn limit, and if you fail to defeat the boss within it, you automatically lose. Additionally, you can't use punch. You have to use Bowser's flame breath, which uses the DS microphone. Additionally, its attacks do an crap ton of damage, likely taking out half or more of your hp in one or two hits. With all of these factors combined, you can probably see why everyone hates this fight so much.

The DS' shoddy mic makes it hard to land Bowser's fire attacks to Excellents, which is essential for this boss. With annoying attacks and DS' mic, this is the only boss besides Bowser X that took me several tries to beat. By far the hardest of the giant fights still.

Whaa? Fawful express? Hard? When I played bowser's inside story I thought it was very easy (I actually found all giant battles very easy, but I never reached the point where you fight peach's castle)

15 Bowser Jr. (Dream Team) Bowser Jr., or sometimes simply Jr., is a video game character who appears in Nintendo's Mario franchise as the secondary antagonist. He is the youngest son of the series' primary antagonist, Bowser.

Every half-decent rpg must have an optional superboss, and dream team is no exception. The first challenge is getting to it. Like Bowser X, you have to defeat all of the X bosses before you can get to it. But this time it's harder because you have 45 turns to both get to and defeat this boss. In addition, his attacks are super hard to dodge and really hurt. There is one way, however to do major damage to him. When he jumps out of his clown car, jump into it and you'll be able to throw stuff in it at him. You have to use the gyro controls though, so there's that. It's a very challenging fight that will have you in a rush.

I mean look at it. You got 45 turns to beat The other bosses in the battle ring, including the big bad antasma x. Then you got this little dude stealing your moves when you have like 5 turns left. Bowser Jr. is hard

I haven't tried the fight yet but he is always stealing so I know he's super hard.

16 Shiny RoboBowser (Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam)

Shiny RoboBowser is hell. there are so many attacks and you already have to deal with bowser and paper bowser draining some of your items and a lot of your health. Cackletta's Soul is a cheap fight, not a hard fight.

Takes a LONG time to beat and at the level I was at, almost every attack could kill me in one hit!

17 Giant Bowser (Dream Team)

This boss. You already know, so let's just start. His attacks to a ton of damage and can be really hard to avoid. But the main difficulty of this fight comes at the very end. You go full Beyblade on Bowser and spin to repel his shell and push him in the lava. And what better to do this with than: you guessed it, the stupid gyro controls! You'll keep getting hit by this glitch that keeps pulling you into the lava. It's awful. When it finally doesn't happen, Kamek will make Bowser even bigger, and you have to either dodge one attack and kill him or take huge damage. Definitely one of the hardest bosses in the game, but also a very fun one.

It was all easy until the star driver and its retarded controls. I was as mad as hell when he was revived, damn you Kamek I'm still trying to get past this abomination, thanks for wasting countless hours of my childhood Nintendo!

Star driver, just why bye 2 hours of my childhood. That star can go die in an explosion

18 Blizzard Midbus
19 Dark Star Core
20 Bob Landrik
21 Fawful (Superstar Saga) Fawful, known in Japan as Gerakobits, is a fictional character appearing in the Mario & Luigi series of role-playing video games developed by AlphaDream.

If you're talking about the second fight then yeah. Very hard and his shield is very annoying as well!

22 Bowser Jr (Paper Jam)
23 Hermie III

This guy was tough on my first playthrough, and still gives me trouble to this day.

This guy had way too much HP to the point it takes forever to make him lose half of the HP!

24 Knucklotec
25 Bowser Cat
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