Top Ten Video Games That Should Be an Anime Series

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1 Super Smash Bros

YES. I think it would work out really well, what with all the characters and such. I really want to see a Sonic VS Pikachu battle, although I've been told that Sonic would win because he's faster and Pikachu wouldn't be able to hit him...FINE how about Kirby VS Sonic then? Sonic may be faster but Kirby can swallow people and get their ability's, so he would just need to swallow someone fast to be able to catch up with him

Palutena's reveal trailer shows that Nintendo could do something like this! Heck, what if they made their own cinematic universe with the smash bros characters getting good animated movies and then it culminating with an epic movie that has all the characters battling it out for supreme domination.

OH MY GOD! How is this game not anime yet?! It's the best game ever in my opinion. I think it would fit great! And all of these franchises that didn't get a chance for anime will! For example, Ice Climbers, Minecraft, Arms, Duck Hunt,
and so many more.

Oh my gosh yes. I just realized how wonderful this could be. It could be battle royale tournament anime. Sort of a survival game.

2 The Legend of Zelda

If the Legend of Zelda got an anime I would sure as heck watch it. It did get an animated series in the late 80s but I don't think it got too popular (especially since Link was just really sarcastic) but an anime would be friggin awesome.

A fully CGI movie with the art style of Avatar (2009) would be pretty cool as well.

Did you forget what happened last time Link got an animated series?

If this was an anime series I would cry.

3 Undertale

I really like Undertale. Even though I've never played the game, I've seen lots of videos on it! We could see Frisk going through all the different endings!

Honestly, I could almost see the Alphys VS Undyne fanfic (alone) becoming one of this show's joke episodes with some minor tweaks.

That being said, Alphys and Undyne are going to be living out their wildest dreams...why, being in anime, of course!

Undertale is my personal favorite game of all time, and the stort is great. With all of it's elements in story, great characters, and lore, it'd make a great anime.

I see someone from Australia playing sans like, You're gonna have a bad time, m8!

4 Sonic the Hedgehog

Yes I know that Sonic got the anime Sonic X, as well as the TV show Sonic Boom, I really dislike Sonic Boom however, and Sonic X had its ups and downs in my opinion. Maybe this could be what Sega needs to gain back Sonics popularity, a new anime

sonic x. it's a great show and I always watch the episode with shadow's first appearance. but I don't like the ending because sonic gets arrested. (hey even though I like shadow, I'm on the good guy side)

Well yeah, Sonic X wasn't good at all. But it's still an anime, and the game got its adaptation.

Nevertheless, I do feel that a much better anime should be made in honor of the Sonic the hedgehog franchise. Sonic X was pathetic.

I just want a new Sonic T.V. show to watch that isn't Boom (because boom is awful)

5 Metroid

I always thought a live action Metroid series would be cool, it would look like the Alien movies.

I always liked this game and now that I think about it, it would be better than the game.

I have a feeling if it did get an anime adaptation, ( being T rating) samus would be the center of fanservice.

Samus Aran herself would be the center of fanservice. (Getting her naked all the time)

6 Super Mario Bros

There was an anime movie, and a 3-episode anime series, but I still want to see a proper mario anime series

There's a three episode series but that's not enough they should add more

7 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

And I'm not the only one that wished this.

8 Xenoblade Chronicles

It could work as a mecha anime! You know, like Aldnoah. Zero or whatever!

9 Spyro the Dragon

This would make a good anime, though it reminds me more of a cartoon.

10 Fire Emblem

Although it failed in making an anime adaptation once, maybe it can try again and get another anime series? Maybe design it with a feel to either Berserk or Sword Art Online.

It did have an anime series before. But it was only two episodes long and it got cancelled. I would love to see a new Fire Emblem anime series in the future.

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11 Five Nights at Freddy's

While I don't think FNAF would do good as an anime, since everything is realistic-ish, I do think it could have a good TV show if Scott plays his cards right. After all, there is a FNAF movie in the making right now...

I like this game, but it would be weird as an anime. Besides, it's not even Japanese or even inspired by anime.

I want chica to look like a cute girl with let's eat bib. She should wear yellow also. Look up foxy human in dragoart

Why ain't this number one?

12 F-Zero

Bring back the show

13 Animal Crossing

I know Animal Crossing got a movie or anime already, (I can't remember) but its in Japanese! (To my knowledge) It would be awesome if they made an Animal Crossing anime or movie in English!

Even though they already have an anime movie, it would be so cool to see an anime show!

14 Earthbound

I want a full blown Mother trilogy anime. If we're not getting Mother 3 officially in english, we deserve this at least.

Yes. Hell yes. I need this.

It could be fun

15 Kid Icarus

The cutscenes for Lid Icarus Uprising were anime, weren't they?

16 Overwatch

They already showed that they can put genius animation, cinematics, and story to this game. Since competitive play has died down, this could be exactly what the franchise needs! What got it fame in the first place!

There is so much lore, so this would be a GREAT prequel detailing what happened before the game.

It would make a good CGI cartoon on Adult Swim or Toonami.

17 Alice: Madness Returns
18 Alicemare
19 Mortal Kombat

Enough with the Mortal Kombat series. New Line Cinema did go downhill though with their Mortal Kombat and American Girl feature films.

20 Minecraft

I don't think Minecraft would be great as an anime, that's just my opinion, BUT I do think they could have a TV show called: "The adventures of Steve and Alex" or something like that

How come nobody is talking about the game being really good that they want an anime?

I mean it would look weird as an anime and what would it be about tho

21 Trauma Center
22 Genshin Impact
23 Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
24 Star Fox

YES! I love starfox so much and I think it's so much more than just furrybait. imagine the epic showdowns and spaceship battles. maybe like a new disney movie would embrace their animalisticness like zootopia but space. super underrated and fox is gonna come back with 2024 game on switch.

25 Splatoon

I honestly don't know how many episodes you could squeeze out of turf war, ranked, and the story mode. (or even grizzco or the Octo Expansion)

I think splatoon would make a great anime series. I've read the manga, and it was really good, and I imagine an anime series of this game being like the manga.

It already has a manga series, so they could make an anime adaption off of the manga.

Yes! It would make me so happy!

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