Top Ten Video Game Rivals and Companions

A rival is there to show that you need to improve drastically in your gaming skills when you lose. A companion is there to help you along the way. Some games don't have one, but there are plenty of games to choose from, so only one or two from each franchise as a whole. Please enjoy and vote for your favorite!
The Top Ten
1 Companion Luigi (Mario)

A Little brother to him, Luigi is his sidekick and helps him out a lot. I'm not a super fan, but I know that he's helpful and is a coward to, but Mario is always there to save him, most of the time.

2 Rival Silver (Pokemon)

Mysterious, strong, and a badass trainer. Like Blue, who never had a chance next to this guy, he treats Pokemon as tools, but is less understandable. He gets more involved with Team Rocket, his father's organization than Blue. He still kept his personality in the remakes, unlike Blue, and have been in a more recent game than him, last appearing in the main story plot in 2010, rather than 2004. The world tournaments don't count.

3 Companion Tails (Sonic)

He's the exact opposite of Sonic, being smart, and focusing more on strategy than outspeeding the opponent. He's like a little brother to Sonic, and I really enjoy that feeling, like he's always there for you.

4 Rival Proto Man (Mega Man)

I would classify this guy as a rival, since he doesn't help you a lot other than Mega Man 3 as far as I know of. He is the prototype of you, and he's supposedly stronger than you. He's also mysterious, and has a dead past, but he joined the bad guys one, instead of being related to them.

5 Companions Navi, Tatl, and Ciela (Various Legend of Zelda Games)

The reason I put these three here is because they are very similar in design and user.

Fi and Midna are better than Navi and Tatl in my opinion.

6 Rival Shadow (Sonic)

What?!? I said only one or two per series. Well, this is the second one. He's your umm... identical hedgehog with a different personality, seeing the guns and curse words in the game, Shadow the Hedgehog, named after him. He's suffering from amnesia, and when he steals the Chaos Emeralds, you're blamed. I was planning to put Knuckles here, but hey, I know more about this guy.

7 Companion Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong Country)

Donkey Kong Country is a different series from Mario, so it gets its little place on here. Also, I'm running out of ideas here. He's your son, And that's all I know about him. Also, that old cranky monkey, he's the original, and the tie wearing Donkey Kong is the baby in Donkey Kong 2, sequel to the original.

8 Companion Bianca (Pokemon Black) and May (Pokemon Ruby)

Unlike Silver, this girl is kind and sweet, and later comes to be Professor Junipers assistant. She sucks at battling, but instead of trying to become stronger, like Hugh, Blue, Calem, Cheren, Silver, and All those older rivals, May is the same thing, except she could be in love with You...

9 Vergil (Devil May Cry 3)

The rivalry between sons of Sparda is one of the best in video game's history. His quest for power (to protect what he values most) is the main plot leads to all events in DMC3. As Dante grows stronger, he also grows. Their final showdown is one of the greatest showdown I have ever encountered.

10 Rival Wario (Mario and Wario Series)

This character is unique because you play as them in one series, and then you rival him in another. He's the anti you, you being helpful and selfless, while he's fat, lazy, and selfish, loving money and food.

The Contenders
11 Companion Yoshi (Yoshi's Island)

Being the prequel to the Mario series, but released after it, you play as Yoshi to protect Baby Mario from Baby Bowsers wrath. There are multiple Yoshi's that help you along theway

12 Miles Edgeworth (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)
13 Wolf (Star Fox)
14 Roxas (Kingdom Hearts 2)

The rival of Sora, until the end, where they become 1.

15 Fidget (Dust: An Elysian Tail)
16 Rival Gary (Bully)
17 Companion Cube (Portal)
18 Starlow (Mario and Luigi Series)
19 Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite)
20 Ellie (The Last of Us) Ellie is the deuteragonist of The Last of Us, the playable protagonist of The Last of Us Part II and The Last of Us: Left Behind, and the main character in The Last of Us: American Dreams.
21 Maya Fey (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)
22 Wheatley (Portal 2)
23 Popple (Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga)
24 Companion Garrus Vakarian - Mass Effect

Can it wait for a bit? I'm in middle of some calibrations.

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