Top Ten Songs of 2013 According to Rolling Stone

So... essentially... I am very happy with their choice of songs. Really. This surprised me as well. Although none of them appeared on my own list, I have a very positive opinion about most of the songs, and if I made a top 50 list instead of only 10 tracks, four of these songs would probably make it, and that includes the three top spots, and number 7. Although not my favorite song by that artist, I also like number 9 on this list. The other songs are fine with me, although they are not my style. I am also surprised they included indie bands and non-singles in their top ten.

From a mainstream point of view as Rolling Stone has it, Miley Cyrus would have needed to be in this list as well (after all, "Drive" just barely missed my own one), but at least she is present on lower positions and you can't include everything in the ten top spots. Of course, as much as I like their choice of songs, their "texts" going along the items are ridiculously short and passionless, making it clear that, although their ultimate selection is fine, they only compiled the most obvious choices, rather than choosing something they authentically like.

Oh, and I need to make a retrospective correction on what I said about their 2014 list: I said their items number one and ten were justified in the top ten, but the others were just solid. I overlooked that their number one item of 2014 is actually from 2013, which I could have told from the fact that I included a song from the same album on my 2013 list. Well, silly me.
This time I've just checked every song: their number 6 item is from 2012, the rest is fine.
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The Top Ten

1 Get Lucky - Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers UListen to Sample
2 Royals - Lorde UListen to Sample
3 Black Skinhead - Kanye West UListen to Sample
4 Hannah Hunt - Vampire Weekend UListen to Sample
5 When a Fire Starts to Burn - Disclosure UListen to Sample
6 Stoned and Starving - Parquet Courts UListen to Sample
7 Mirrors - Justin Timberlake UListen to Sample
8 Retrograde - James Blake UListen to Sample
9 Started from the Bottom - Drake UListen to Sample
10 Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys UListen to Sample