DNA. - Kendrick Lamar


This song is so dope and kicks so much ass. The production is flawless as well as Kendrick Lamar's delivery. Come on guys we need to vote DNA for number 1! - JESUSISKING

Definitely one of the best tracks Kendrick Lamar has put out there. A unique beat, amazing rapping, and a relevant theme. Deserves to be in the Top 5 for sure.

The song like a white boy dances that's right make a white boy dance hard the dance floor so fast that you can't catch him

Great lyrics, great beat, would vote for humble but want to give Kendrick support at the top 5

Kendrik Lamar's songs are just awful. How can you dance to it or even like it? It's just him ranting and talking, we have enough Trump's to do that for us. Listen to Kesha or Adele, they are musicians, not this guy who just curses and shouts. In fact, Kanye West is even worse.

Is this Mike WiLL? Not just amazing for his standards but an amazing song as a whole. 6/5 - 51im_Ro55_2002

Kendrick easily had the best comeback this year. Yes, even better then Ed Sheeran.

This whole album is one of the best I heard this year. - cjWriter1997

Really good song, but my favorites are Swimming Pools and Don't Kill my Vibe

I think this is much better than Castle on the Hill. 6/5 - AlphaQ

XXX is better in my opinion but this is AWESOME 5/5 - Disx

This is badass. Let's get it to the top ASAP. - Swellow

Wasn't a fan of Humble, but this kicks ass. - DCfnaf

Wow, Kendrick has a new high that's a slight better than U. Damn, I really love this song. 6/5. See what I did there? Cause this is BETTER than Humble. - AlphaQ

You wanna know the real reason why HUMBLE. sucked? It wasn't THIS. 6/5 - WonkeyDude98

Kendrick Lamar bringing back real rap and giving us a vacation to get away from those Migos idiots - venomouskillingmachine

Favorite track on the album other than XXX, and maybe Duckworth too. - cbrann10

Let's be honest, I would've voted for Redbone IF IT HAD BEEN IN THE TOP 20 WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE.
But yeah this song is amazing, probably the third best song of the year. - GibbyDaGib

This is a masterpiece. Take the incredible beat and flow that Kendrick always has. The add in some of the strongest lyrics ever. What do you get? DNA.
It just is so strong lyrically its insane