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241 I Got You - Bebe Rexha

While her voice gets awkward at times, this is still a banger. 4/5 - ProPanda

Easily Bebe Rexha's best. Her vocals have enough power to kick Tyga's dumb ass. The lyrics are great. The beat is calming. So yea. 5/5. - AlphaQ

Bebe's great start from new album, pretty awesome song, but little overplayed for me now

Moved down like 80 spots😤 - 1507563

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242 The Apprentice - Gorillaz

Not the best on Humanz, but still good!

243 rockstar - Post Malone

This definitely has to be higher, at least the top 20

Most popular song on spotify

244 A Violent Noise - The XX A Violent Noise - The XX
245 Hypnotized - Coldplay

This song is amazing - eqwdasf

246 Mask Off - Future

Whoa. The best Future has done ever. - AlphaQ

Get this at number 10 or 20

Why 100 make it become 30 or 10


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247 Wall of Glass - Liam Gallagher
248 Crying in the Club - Camila Cabello

How is this all the way down here

This is a really good deserves to be a lot higher than this

249 Perfect Places - Lorde

Greatest pop song of the year in my humble opinion

Easily Lorde's most upbeat track to date. I love this album and I hope Wonkey ends up listening to this at one point. - DCfnaf

250 Asian Jake Paul - iDubbbz

Normally I despise diss tracks because they only make fun of looks and turn into bragging (as seen with pretty much all of RiceGum's "diss" tracks), but this is actually acceptable. - naFrovivuS

251 Temperate - Hendo

#1 bes son g of the yer

252 Performance - The XX Performance - The XX
253 Run Up - Major Lazer
254 White is Right - Pink Guy

Amazing. Quality music. All I have to say. - UltimateCraig

This song is so funny - DoroExploro13


255 Revolution Radio - Green Day

This was in 2016 boi. - AlphaQ

Love it but came out in 2016 - Ilikefishsticks


256 D Rose - Lil Pump

I'm sure I'd like this dude a whole lot more if I actually enjoyed life to the fullest, but for now I find him decent. 4/5, this is one of my favorites from the album. - ProPanda

Very complicated lyrics in this song an amazing track

This song is so fun

Trash - UltimateCraig

257 All Time Low - Dirty Laundry

222 my ass, come on guys vote!


258 God Wants Me to Ball - Boosie Badazz
259 Difference - Lil Trill

Greatness - DaWyteNight

260 Replica - The XX Replica - The XX
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