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281 Good News - Ocean Park Standoff
282 Time for Bedlam - Deep Purple

Should be higher. After all the legendary deep purple is back. Ian Gillan still sounds very good. - zxm

283 Range Rover Mansory - ApoRed
284 Rockabye Baby - Joey Bada$$
285 A Million Years - Mariette
286 Yellow Bar Mitzvah - SpongeBozz Yellow Bar Mitzvah - SpongeBozz

Even though it was definitely inspired by "Purple Lamborghini" (he even mentions both the Purple Lamborghini and Suicide Squad in the lyrics, so it's more a hommage/sequel than a rip off), I even prefer this over the original. That's mostly due to the fact that Rick Ross is a tiring rapper with a weak flow that can hardly keep up with the beat even when rapping slowly and does barely rhyme, and SpongeBozz arrives with ten times more energy, a top notch flow and original lyrics (and of course his perfect rhyming). Also, Digital Drama's beatwork is at least as breathtaking as Skrillex's. - Martin_Canine

287 Lucky Girl - Fazerdaze

This is simply beautiful. - Spark_Of_Life

288 Do Re Mi - Blackbear

Do I need to say anything more? everything great about this song has already been said - idljkfadjf

289 Wild Eyed - Ashleigh Ball

Ashleigh, one of my favorite singers, recently released her first solo album called "Gold In You" This is easily the best song on the entire album - Cartoonfan202

This needs to go higher. - Cartoonfan202

This She sounds kind of annoying to be honest. - DCfnaf

290 Uh Huh - Julia Michaels
291 In the Blood - John Mayer
292 Middle Fingers - Missio

Did anyone ask for this trash? - DCfnaf

293 Homemade Dynamite - Lorde

This album is pretty awesome, not gonna lie. This is weak for the album, but it's pretty good. - DCfnaf

One of the best songs from Lorde's critically acclaimed second album "Melodrama" but this R 'n' B laced song is just amazing. Ella, you keep outdoing yourself here. - crowdiegal

294 Take on the World - You Me at Six

Why is this below middle fingers? :| - Iamcool

295 You're in Love with a Psycho - Kasabian
296 Dark Side - Bishop Briggs
297 Captain Underpants Theme Song - "Weird Al" Yankovic

Because Weird Al made it. Also, it's majestic. - DCfnaf

298 Feels Like Summer - Weezer
299 Butterfly Effect - Travis Scott

442? This sucks Travis Scott is one of the best rappers of 2017

This suits us Travis Scott's lyrical ability which is intense. Travis Scott is amazing and this is really excellent content right here. 5/5 - AlphaQ

300 I'll Find You - Lecrae

Tori Kelly is very talented, and actually, Lecrae's got some decent bars too. But yeah, this is very generic. 2/5 - ProPanda

Bruh, this is one of the best songs of the DECADE, much less the year. - LarkwingFlight

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