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41 Impact Proxy - Mechina
42 Haze of Interference - Bedwetter Haze of Interference - Bedwetter

Get this to #1 ASAP. Not one song on this list can get as emotional as this one, except for maybe Man Wearing a Helmet and Stoop Lights. - SwagFlicks

He wets beds. Ew. - AlphaQ

43 Pure Comedy - Father John Misty
44 Feels - Calvin Harris

Ah, here's a good song that charted. Sounds very Disco and funky and the tropical vibes are great. This is fresh in a year full of lazy mumble rap abominations. 5/5 - DCfnaf

This song is the best ever! It's currently my number one, before Crybaby, What About Us and Airplanes.

The music now is CRAPPY, but Feels brings back the whole disco 80s, 70s funk vibe and its amazing! Katy's voice is magical and the rap is great! Really a good way to incorporate modern music instruments but not overdo it, while making it a catchy funky feel-good relaxing just plain out GOOD song. Thank you, Calvin!


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45 Destructive Currents - Immolation
46 There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back - Shawn Mendes

It's serviceable and one of the only songs I'll tolerate on the radio now. 4/5 - DCfnaf

This song is this best of the best!

47 Mama - Jonas Blue
48 Bodies for Money - Gnod

Wait this is here? Cool. - ProPanda

49 Good Old Days - Macklemore

Wow it's so good! The lyrics are very deep and meaningful. The rhythm is very nice. I love Macklemore's work, and Kesha singing the hook was a very lovely addition as well. - Twixx

It's pretty great, but we all know Kesha is the highlight of the song man... - DCfnaf

50 Man Wearing a Helmet - Bedwetter
51 Biggie Smalls - cupcakKe

Good song and message! She basically ended body shaming! So for all of those who think CupcakKe is talentless, listen to to this! And for those who body shame her, look at yourself honey! - Worksponge

People only know her for her "iconic" Deepthroat, but listen to this, it has such a good message! - Catacorn

This is...actually decent for her standards... - DCfnaf

52 Andromeda - Mastodon

Holy mother of bacon. what the fu<k is up with all this pop crap!

53 Hard Feelings / Loveless - Lorde

Nice! - DCfnaf

54 Stoop Lights - Bedwetter
55 Please - Blanck Mass
56 Symphony - Clean Bandit

This song will surely win the Grammy.

Way too underrated

This actually sounds pretty sweet! - DCfnaf

Good - Lunala

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57 Regret in Your Tears - Nicki Minaj

What's with all the mediocre artists taking breaks and coming back with new songs, and all being polarizing in respect to each other. First Ed Sheeran, now Nicki. 5/5 - ProPanda

Surprisingly...this is GOOD. I mean Nicki Minaj is the epitome of fake and annoying, but this snatched my weave. 6/5.

While the 2014-era Nicki was kinda bad, this was a perfectly good comeback for her. I'll give a 4.9/5 - Neonco31

I was impressed listening to this, 5/5. - Catacorn

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58 Liability - Lorde

Honestly, my least favorite Lorde song to date. Still dope though. - ProPanda

Eyy, this is better than Green Light. Anyone with contradicting views? - PhenomentalOne

This beautiful ballad on the piano is not higher than Spongebob? This song actually has real instruments playing...
I also think this is better than "Green Light", meaning that "Melodrama" is that good of an album. - DCfnaf

59 Look at Me - Xxxtentacion

Lil pump sucks

The antithesis of music. -5/5 - DCfnaf

Whyy go back to 1 million and never come back - 1507563

60 Systemagic - Goldfrapp
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