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1 Lightning Strike - Judas Priest

Oh hell yeah this song is awesome - christangrant

This...*sigh*...while I think it's good to see a classic rock band making a comeback, and this is definitely worthy of the top 10...for me, this isn't the best song of the year. I'm sorry. I have no idea why it's at number 1. It's an awesome song, don't get me wrong. And this is better than the majority of HIT songs that came out this year...but judging the song itself, it's not really that memorable, if I'm being honest. There are songs from this year that I will definitely remember, and will still have stuck in my head next year for the right reasons. Unfortunately, for me at least, this is not one of those songs. If this was the list for best ALBUMS of 2018, I would be saying otherwise. But the song itself doesn't stand out for me. - tonyb500

People suffered through music that annoyed them. This is probably the only way to make 2018 look like a good year for music. (Just Probably) - LightningStrike

Wow! This song really is amazing! Never thought 2018 would start off with this. Epic!

The only list in the world to feature a metal song on top from all over the world...finally I am ready to die...

2 No Tears Left to Cry - Ariana Grande

I am not a big fan of Ariana Grande but damn this song is a total jam. Its reminiscent of a lot of the stuff Janet Jackson was doing in the early nineties. - crowdiegal

This was actually good, props to Ariana Grande. - NickelBackLinkinPark4Eva

This song is my jam. I love Ariana Grande. She's so beautiful and nice and unique. I share her love for cute cat-ear bands. I don't know why people hate her. Many say that she sings too high-pitch. People, please! That's her singing style! You gotta admire the fact that she sings really well in high-pitch. This song should be #1. Ari, love ya, girl! AG all the way!

Wow, Ariana has done a great job with this song, great vocal performance and composition girl. 5/5 - DaisyandRosalina

3 High Hopes - Panic! at the Disco

This is now one of my favorite songs of the year. The song is overall very fun and has an awesome melody, and the message in the lyrics is amazing too, it's about being optimistic about your dreams. 5/5 - allamassal

No, Brendon Urie is just pretentious here and this song absolutely blows. 0/5 - AlphaQ

I'm not against the message of the song, it's a solid message and I'm a pretty positive person. I just think Brendon Urie's execution was pretty awful here and his vocals were trying too hard. The lyrics are the only thing good about this song but lyrics aren't everything. - AlphaQ

I don't really listen to mainstream pop that much, but this song is a bop - yungstirjoey666

One of my favorite songs this year should be more higher though, but it's a bit newer than the other ones. First time I listened to it was in camp and I heard it over and over again, that was when I starting loving the song. After watching Connor Ball make a cover it I enjoyed it more and more, making it a song that has a strong meaning behind it, having High Hopes all the time. - ilou

4 This is America - Childish Gambino

I'm surprised this is very low on this list. To fully enjoy this song you need to watch the music video as well to know what's really going on. The symbolism and underlying themes are absolutely spot on with this song's interpretation of everything wrong with American society. Try looking away from Childish Gambino and you'll see what I'm talking about. And the lyrics is purposely (just) like that as a diss on rappers these days. I absolutely love this song as an old school rap lover and this is first time hearing Donald Glover. - Bolshoy_Brat

This deserves to be above High Hopes, this has a message while the latter is just pretentious nonsense. - AlphaQ

A lot of peeps are commenting on how innovative and meaningful the message of this song is, instead of the trifecta of sex, drugs, and gangs; but I love this song for the opposite reason. I found it to be a homecoming to the original sound of hip-hop; you know, public enemy, a tribe called quest, biggie, and Nas. The bongo and hoo-ha production paired with a thumping bass line and jazzy vocals, talking about the struggle of blacks in American society, though I think the message is outdated, it nonetheless brings me back to the days of the hustle in 90s Miami, when I listened to those older artists. It appears to be becoming revived as a new sub genre to counter half-assed ATL trap and the SoundCloud mumblers. Overall:10/10

This song is not like the other new rap songs about drugs, gangs, or girls. This masterpiece is about Black history and the entertainment industry in America. - wren6

5 Firepower - Judas Priest

Yup Lightning Struck again with another great song from Priest I like Lightning Strike more but this is a worthy title track. - christangrant

Who the heck is Judas Priest. - Luckys

Why the hell does this proudly ignorant comment have 4 likes? Sure, it's okay not to know Judas Priest, but saying it so loudly and getting likes seems just silly. - JoLeKosovo

It's a wonder that this isn't in first place as of now while Lightning Strike is. Firepower is the third most epic song in Judas Priest history, I'd say... - romanempire249

Should be higher than no tears left to cry. - XxembermasterxX

6 Over Again - Mike Shinoda

Sometimes, sometimes you don't say goodbye once, you say goodbye over and over and over again, over and over and over again- Mike Shinoda, (I can see why this is the highest sad song of 2018, although This Is America, High Hopes and Lucid Dream- Owl City almost took my vote,)

This song killed me inside - growlbunny

Definitely not the most favourite song in Post Traumatic, but sure deserves it's place. - Rigel

Beautiful song with very personal, honest lyrics and an incredibly catchy hook. Great production by Shinoda himself as well. Deserves to be at the top.

7 All the Stars - Kendrick Lamar & Sza

This song is so incredible, beautiful, and amazing! It's such a shame of how underrated this is!

This song is awesome. Black Panther had a great soundtrack (well, this song and Pray for Me). - PhoenixAura81

Such a bop,prefer the one on youtube to the one on spotify when sza's bit is longer and makes no sense. Otherwise, fantastic. Good beat,good lyrics, easy to sing along to!

This was my ringtone for a while (now it's Butterflies And Hurricanes). - Rigel

8 Shallow - Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper

I watched A Star is Born yesterday (2/23/19, it was amazing) and I planned on not listening to the song until I watched it despite the hype (and the Grammy performance). This song is really good. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga sang this incredibly well and their voices blended perfectly. It is a little overrated and it can get pretty intolerable when I listen to it so much. - PhoenixAura81

Okay to everyone above, you are not better than shallow. coming from a a lady gaga stan, you do not know how hard she has worked to get here and I am deeply offended that you rank her song, shallow, this low.

Excellent song and movie! Thank you Gaga and Cooper for putting in such a moving performance. And who knew bradley could sing as well!? - EditorsPick

I admit making a mistake naming it third greatest song of 2018 two months ago, not best one. Don't get me wrong: Charlotte Gainsbourg's "Lost Lenore" and Childish Gambino's "This is America" are still among the three best songs of last year, but "Shallow" is one of these songs of great traditional songwriting and performance craft, like "Rolling in the Deep" or "Take Me To Church". - Martin_Canine

9 Pray for Me - The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar

Honestly, despite Kendrick being my favorite artist ever, The Weeknd absolutely demolished this track. The Weeknd was the stronger part for me on this song, not to say that Kendrick didn't put up his end of the deal, but The Weeknd did amazing. - hiphopgod

This song is awesome. This and All the Stars are the best Black Panther songs. - PhoenixAura81

A great song that has the pleasure of being on a great film soundtrack. What more could you want?

My two favourite artists of all time did as I expected. The best song off one of an amazing soundtrack for the biggest movie of 2018. Doesn't get much better than that. Two amazing artists, brilliant song and an instant classic which will never get old - jaspyboy

10 All Out Life - Slipknot

Taking cues back from Iowa eh? Regardless, it's a great song, and it proves Slipknot is still as strong as ever. - CrimsonShark

Best song of 2018 and one of Slipknot's best period! - JarfDorkis

Needs to be in top ten

Kool song! Hyped for the new album!

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? Animal - Zayde Wolf
? How Big the Space - Steven Wilson

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11 Jumpsuit - Twenty One Pilots

Though I do think Blurryface is better than Trench and Stressed Out better than this song I still really enjoy this song. I like the how aggressive it is in the Chorus and how it calms down in the verses. 8/10 would recommend. - FetusDeletus

They disappeared for like 2 years and came back with an epic song. I'm sure the whole album is going to be epic! - sajaaltai

I like a song that involves someone yelling at their jumpsuit to cover them. - mistyglow

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SONG! I heard it on the radio one morning and I couldn’t stop replaying it. Seriously Jumpsuit is such a awesome song. The music video touched me, and like always, Twenty One Pilots always have a hidden meaning in store

12 Lucid Dream - Owl City

This song really deserved more, but 2018 was dominated mostly by trap hip hop music. It’s a shame because the song is really beautiful.

It suffers from minor mixing issues and Owl City's common problem of writing cheesy lyrics that only sometimes work, but it's still a really great song. - Atham

I love Lucid Dream. It's one of only a few songs that can take me to a galaxy of my imagination. - GeneralJP

This was a creative masterpiece. It reminded me of what Adam used to do. Glad he hasn't lost his touch.

13 Head Above Water - Avril Lavigne

Looking at what charted in the top 50 on the Billboard Hot 100 this year and seeing this only make #64 makes me disappointed.
Looking at the top 50 of this list and seeing this only at #132? That just feels like an insult.
For me? Best song of the year by a mile. With what Avril Lavigne has endured, and is currently enduring, he deserves to have this song more popular than it actually is. Especially since it's also her best song to date. - tonyb500

While this is not the best song of 2018, it is nice to see a Christian song up here. Most rap (not all, 44 More is an exception) is about sex and money, pop songs are almost always about love and blah, a lot of rock and EDM songs are borderline Satanic, but this is about looking to God in times of stress and suffering. That's why I enjoy it. - GeneralJP

Why is this on "The best songs of 2018" and The best songs of 2019" lists? It's actually released in 2018, yet it used to be first on the other list. People should pay attention to when a song was released. - Userguy44

Finally, a Christian song to receive recognition. Not one, but TWO (You say) - I80

14 Torn in Two - Breaking Benjamin

I absolutely agree, this song is the best song off of Ember. While I do also love The Dark Of You, Red Cold River, and Feed The Wolf, nothing on this album can top Torn In Two. I also believe this song should be much higher than all that other garbage

If you click on the blue cross, and it goes to post, does that mean you voted again and you can comment? - RioVale

One, I'm surprised that this is on this list but two, I am extremely happy to see it on here. This song was awesome! - RioVale

Deserves to be higher than crap like Sick Boy...

15 Slow Dancing in the Dark - Joji

I honestly prefer YEAH RIGHT over this. But this is also enjoyable. - swagraccoon

Oh my god you look just like shakira no no you're catherine zeta actually my names marina

They played this at prom and it just brings back warm memories.

He went from STFU to this work of art. (Not saying STFU isn't a work of art either) - Atham

16 44 More - Logic

If anyone doesn't take Logic seriously, than listen to this. It will shut all of them up.

Logic redeemed himself with this song. - DaWyteNight

44 stars out of 5

I need some under armor sweatpants

17 Zombie - Bad Wolves

Even though this song was originally released in 1993, for a completely different reason, it manages to stay relevant today!

This is actually one of the best covers I've heard in a longgg time - xEliHbkx

This song is almost haunting. Incredibly well done, Great tribute to Dolores. 10/10 for me - Revrad

The video is a great tribute to Dolores and Bad Wolves donated all the proceeds from the song to Dolores' children. They deserve to be on top. Also check out the guitarist's earlier band God Forbid if you like Bad Wolves.

18 In My Blood - Shawn Mendes

Why is this overplayed garbage here? Should be way lower.

With all due respect, Post Malone's songs are overplayed garbage, not this masterpiece. - allamassal

I don't like this song. To me, it sounds like he thought up a random phrase and shoved in a song hoping to make something out of it. The "it isn't in my blood" part sorta hangs out from the other part. 1/5 - TheInsomniac

Absolutely wonderful - an anthem for our times! The shocking Don't give up" when all seems lost. Just the opposite of what everyone wants to do.

Shawn Mendes is a garbage artist. His music gets overplayed all the time and only exists to annoy people.

19 Natural - Imagine Dragons

How is NTLTC number 3 yet this is 17? This song has stronger vocals, more of a message and solid notes. - Bammer73

Imagine Dragons actually have done some decent stuff last year. But this is awesome. This... will be considered one of the best songs from pop-rock in 2018 (according to me at least). Thunder was okay, Believer was pretty good, but this... this is an awesome example of a pop-rock song.

Anybody, even my little brother can understand the lyrics.


As someone who has grown really sick of Imagine Dragons, this song is alright. - Atham

20 The Mountain - Three Days Grace

This was very good. I enjoyed it better than Lightning Strike. It is 2nd only to High hopes in terms of a motivationalsong. Overall a 7/10. - GeneralJP

This song is so go damn boring and generic

This entire album should be on here! Even for a huge Three Days Grace fan, it exceeded my expectations. - 3DG20

This is my favorite song off the album. I don't understand how it's this low, it's so great.

21 Done for Me - Charlie Puth

It should be at least at number 5. It's a pretty good song, to be honest. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

I agree that Charlie puth has gotten way better he was the first artist that I really liked there concert.

So I think I can say that there has been a definite improvement from Charlie Puth with his new album and while "Done For Me' isn't the best song on the album ("If You Leave Me Now" with Boyz II Men is better), it's still pretty damn good, even Kehlani is better than she normally is on songs she collaborates on. - crowdiegal

I really like this song. It has a good beat, and the chord progression works really well for a song like this. 10/10 - allamassal

22 Moonlight - Xxxtentacion

Rest is peace XXXtentacion we will remember you for making amazing music

Hell yeah I want to kill myself

Rip xxxtentacion

Its one of the better songs from that album. 3/5 - AlphaQ

23 Youngblood - 5 Seconds of Summer

Being Australian and this song having being heard a lot from my school, friends singing it and playing it on the piano is something that is impressive. The first time I heard of this band was last school year listening to Hey Everybody! Really enjoyed that song and then looking at the artists other songs got me into it. - ilou

The song that is at the top of the charts in Australia and New Zealand right now and it is 5SOS best song without a shadow of a doubt. Great to get a break from the miserable trap and mumble rappers at the top - crowdiegal

The vocals are kind of aggravating, but that instrumental and the beat are perfect in basically every way. About time we needed a revival of music, 8/10 - StarlightSpanks

On 14/12/18 on the radio I herd young blood And me and my Friend put the music loud and put the windows down and singing young blood and my soccer coach was in the car next to me.

24 Only Acting - Kero Kero Bonito

Dang, how many shrimps did these guys eat? How did they go from Trampoline to Death Grips?
KKB managed to make a big change in their signature sound while keeping their charm and identity. The lyrics for this song are thoughtful, catchy, and more serious than KKB's previous work. The experimental noise parts sound cool as hell, and shows their will to take risks and experiment with their new material. Definitely one of my new favorite KKB songs. - Atham


25 Icarus - Dan Owen

Dan Owen is a singer-songwriter from the UK who released his first album "Stay Awake With Me" yesterday (it's a great album, check it out if you like pop, rock and blues) but I have to say I am really loving "Icarus" - a song about drug abuse, that chorus sends a real chill down my spine and Dan's vocals are incredible - crowdiegal

26 From Hell - Dance with the Dead

The best song of the year! Loved to Death was a great album, but this is the best song on the album. I love how there are metal guitar parts in SYNTHWAVE! That is genius. Dance With the Dead is one of my favorite synthwave groups and this song is one of the best of the subgenre. - PhoenixAura81

27 Angel Voices - Virtual Self

This "song" makes absolutely no sense. And it is NOT the best electric song of the year. That award goes to Lucid Dream by Owl City. - JasePowers

More people need to listen to Porter Robinson/Virtual Self. This is easily one of the best Virtual Self tracks. - Atham

mad lit


28 Neon Gravestones - Twenty One Pilots

This makes XXXTentacion's Sad look like Rebecca Black's Friday by comparison when it comes to quality. This is the proper way to bring up suicide in a song and have it fully work, not threatening someone to take your own life if they leave you.

If you have not heard Neon Gravestones, you must! I may be biased because of my love for twenty one pilots, but the way in which Tyler has written this song is truly incredible. - Carlss

I love this song, and the meaning behind it is absolutely awesome. I love how Tyler can just take a topic that is extremely hard to write about and make something that is so creative and inspiring.

Don't get me wrong, I love SAD! by XXXTentacion. But this was better overall. - GeneralJP

29 Fire and Ice - Andrew Swift and Catherine Britt

I really like the rhythm.

30 Adrenaline Burst - Midnight Danger

I can't tell you how awesome this song is! The synths are incredible and the guitar work featured in the song is awesome too. This is so awesome that it's my second favorite song of 2018, only behind the masterpiece known as From Hell by Dance With the Dead. I added this here. - PhoenixAura81

31 Shadow of Your Love - Guns N' Roses

This was recorded in the 80s but wasn't released till 2018. So yeah, it definitely qualifies for this list.

Really good song - AliciaMae

Yes! finally some good old rock 'n' roll for 2018

This was released in 1987 by the way. - JakePlaid

32 Bulletproof - Godsmack

I really like this song. Godsmack just keeps getting better and better for me - KingSlayer93316

LOVE IT but its sag he passed away

Easily no 2 on the list - TuhindeFreak

33 Breathin' - Ariana Grande

I've heard some good things about this, and yeah, it is pretty good. Ariana has some great spotlight moments, just that some places here sound a bit "held back". 7/10 - StarlightSpanks

This is like No Tears Left to Cry in that it's a nice, catchy, and enjoyable tune, but at the same time also has a kind of bittersweet feel to it. Ariana's been doing pretty good this year, and in fact, this song is just as good as her other two hits off Sweetener. 4/5 - allamassal

Ariana has been doing great this year! (With the exception of God is a Woman in my opinion.) - Atham

Deftly produced, catchy, smooth yet explosive, its not even released as a single and already getting higher places on the charts than official songs, that should tell you quite something - Enmanu16

34 A Shot - Sarah Blasko
35 The Video Game Champion - Gunship

I love this song so much! So much that I consider it the third best song of the year. The lyrics are totally awesome and so are the synths and guitar solo. Ok. Whoever says that only rock and metal have good guitar solos don’t know what they’re TALKING ABOUT! This song has an awesome one and that solo is one of my favorites of the year (besides that guitar part from Adrenaline Burst by Midnight Danger and From Hell by Dance With the Dead). Overall, this song is amazing and it really shows that 2018 was a great year for synthwave. - PhoenixAura81

36 Lovely - Billie Eilish & Khalid

This song talks about their depression and mental issues while distributing an amazing and calming sound. I love Billie Eilish and Khalid's voices together. Billie Eilish is the BEST!

This is a goos song. I love how their voices sound together. The song is very peaceful.

This song gives me chills...good chills - Y2K

I never expected them to collaborate. I also never expected for it to be this good! - sadical

37 Dark Knight Dummo - Trippie Redd

Awesome song! - LilPumpTheGod

Eh, it's neither of their best but I don't mind it. - AlphaQ

I lovvveee it so much it kills me

Love it - JazzyJulie

38 Happier - Marshmello & Bastille

I hate this garbage. Its overused while at the same time overrated. Marshmello is overrated as well. It is the definition of autistic music. Its only existing to roblox players and 11 year olds. This is my opinion. -634 / 5. overrated garbage. - swagraccoon

I sing it a lot, my cousins also likes it in there birthday. I like BTS but marshmello is really okay too! I wish Happier was number 1. Alone should be number 38 okay. I still like you BTS k!

It is a amazing song with so many happy or sad moments one of my top 10 favorites!

Best song ever...if you don't like Marshmello, you need to listen to him.

39 Monophobia - deadmau5

How is this #53 and Ariana Grande at #2? deadmau5"s production combined with Rob's voice is amazing.

A beautiful and complex work of art! It was so great to see deadmau5 release another hit!

Weird video but great instrumentals and vocals. Better than Drama Free.

Really takes me back to the days of early Deadmau5 and Pendulum. - Atham

40 Burn the House Down - AJR

This song is a beast

This is ridiculous. This is one of the best of the year! - GeneralJP

41 Five More Minutes - Scotty McCreery

I like country music and this is one of my favorite songs in country music.

its true

42 You Don't Have to Say You're Okay - Xeuphoria

An underrated gem of an improvised ambient piano piece. - Atham

43 Neon Paradise - CJ Burnett
44 Betrayer - Trivium
45 Over It - Bullet for My Valentine

One of my favorite bands. Matt Tuck forever

It's a beast

46 Eastside - Benny Blanco, Halsey & Khalid

This song is growing on me. At first I found it kind of bland, especially compared to Halsey's songs as a lead artist, but now I find it somewhat catchy, and Halsey sounds good as always. 7/10 - allamassal

I never really liked khalid or halsey, and I had no idea who benny blanco was until this came out

Halsey makes any song better once she sings in it. - sajaaltai

It's a cool song

47 We Got the Power - Zayde Wolf
48 Star Treatment - Arctic Monkeys

I like this song.

49 Stargazing - Travis Scott

It's definitely better than Sicko Mode. - AlphaQ

Much better than sicko mode in my opinion


50 Watching as I Fall - Mike Shinoda
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