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1 High Hopes - Panic! at the Disco High Hopes - Panic! at the Disco Cover Art

I love Panic! At The Disco. I am a total fan. However, if I'm being honest, this song is way overplayed. I liked it when I first heard it, then people started playing it way too much. Panic has had some better songs from some of their older albums. Modern Panic isn't that bad, but their old songs are better, in my opinion. If you really want to listen to some good Panic! At The Disco songs listen to Memories, This is Gospel, Girls/Girls/Boys, Emperor's New Clothes, Collar Full, Nicotine, Northern Downpour, or any other Panic song that isn't this one, to be honest. People started judging P! ATD based on this song, but before you judge, listen to some of their other songs. This really is an amazing band.

One of my favorite songs this year should be more higher though, but it's a bit newer than the other ones. First time I listened to it was in camp and I heard it over and over again, that was when I starting loving the song. After watching Connor Ball make a cover it I enjoyed it more and more, making it a song that has a strong meaning behind it, having High Hopes all the time.

Panic! has just gotten better and better over the years, even after going through multiple band members, Brendon Urie keeps on carrying along. I'm glad that he's kept the "band" alive after all of these years. I think that the evolution of the band's style is very cool and smooth and keeps fans interested in what's to come next.

Being a fanatic for rock music, I'm so glad this made the list - and at number two! The message is incredible and optimistic. The song itself is catchy and possibly the easiest one to sing in the album.
Although I'm a little sad to not be hearing "Say Amen" as much as I heard this one, I'm still in love with this song!

2 Lightning Strike - Judas Priest Lightning Strike - Judas Priest Cover Art

This...*sigh*...while I think it's good to see a classic rock band making a comeback, and this is definitely worthy of the top 10...for me, this isn't the best song of the year. I'm sorry. I have no idea why it's at number 1. It's an awesome song, don't get me wrong. And this is better than the majority of HIT songs that came out this year...but judging the song itself, it's not really that memorable, if I'm being honest. There are songs from this year that I will definitely remember, and will still have stuck in my head next year for the right reasons. Unfortunately, for me at least, this is not one of those songs. If this was the list for best ALBUMS of 2018, I would be saying otherwise. But the song itself doesn't stand out for me.

Yes! YES! A perfect song in a crap era of music! This is just what we wanted! I'm sick and tired of hearing oversexual rap, and annoying k pop that keeps on playing on the radio over and over again! Those are sadly the 2 major current genres of this era. And neither of them attracted me. I could not take it. We're currently in a dark and scary era of downhill society and disability, but we will escape this! Infact, rock is one of the most powerful music genres in history. It defined profession, soul, heart, and fun. rap music today has none of that. And that gives a good point, rock music must be on the rise again. I'm not saying it like I'm angry, I'm saying it with hope!

This song is AMAZING! It's the eighth best song of 2018 in my opinion (behind Monophobia by Deadmau5, Lucid Dream by Owl City, I'll Rescue You by Dana Jean Phoenix, Neon Paradise by CJ Burnett, The Video Game Champion by Gunship, Adrenaline Burst by Midnight Danger, and From Hell by Dance With the Dead). This is definitely the best metal song of the year (Sea of Red is excellent too). I also think that the album cover is the greatest ever. I want more modern songs like this instead of the trash that is mainstream pop and rap.

This is REAL METAL not like a Bring Me The Horizon, Black Veil Brides, Suicide Silence, etc. I want more metal songs like this instead of the trash that is mainstream pop and dj. I know many people don't like this type of songs but for me it is AMAZING!

3 No Tears Left to Cry - Ariana Grande No Tears Left to Cry - Ariana Grande Cover Art

Usually I don't listen to Ariana Grande because I'm not one of those prissy 17 year old girls with basic personalities that worship Justin Bieber. I'm not actually a fan of pop; I listen to Green Day, Led Zepplin, The Beatles, things like that. But this song is honestly the second best song that she's ever released, because I think Almost is Never Enough is better, and it was covered up in the horrible music era of 2013.

This song is my jam. I love Ariana Grande. She's so beautiful and nice and unique. I share her love for cute cat-ear bands. I don't know why people hate her. Many say that she sings too high-pitch. People, please! That's her singing style! You gotta admire the fact that she sings really well in high-pitch. This song should be #1. Ari, love ya, girl! AG all the way!

This song made Ariana's comeback spark! Ariana's song No Tears Left to Cry, is so catchy and has a beautiful meaning! This song has amazing vocals and a catchy tune and beat that will get you singing along to this song! If you haven't heard this song, listen to this song right now.

I used to cringe at the spoken part when I heard this song, but then it grew on me. Ariana sounds really good here, except maybe the chorus which can be a bit annoying at times, but anyway, the beat is awesome, and the melody just works really well here, and it's also catchy in a good way. 9.5/10

4 Natural - Imagine Dragons Natural - Imagine Dragons Cover Art

I was listening to this today, actually! I think it's their best song, even though it's kinda taking a different turn from the band's motivational songs. This song talks about people who just aren't every good people, getting recognition by saying "you've got to be so cold to make it in this world, yeah, you're a natural." Also, Dan Reynolds, the lead singer, just has an amazing voice. This is my favorite song of 2018. 11/10.

Imagine Dragons actually have done some decent stuff last year. But this is awesome. This... will be considered one of the best songs from pop-rock in 2018 (according to me at least). Thunder was okay, Believer was pretty good, but this... this is an awesome example of a pop-rock song.

I listened to some of this song for the first time yesterday. This song actually sounds pretty good. The verses aren't that good though, just like in Whatever It Takes, but it gets better in the pre-chorus, so this might still grow on me.

Love this! And also Better Now (Post Malone) and Thunderclouds (LSD) and Pray for Me (The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar) and Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor Swift) and a whole bunch of other songs! 2018 had its ups and downs, for sure.

5 Over Again - Mike Shinoda Over Again - Mike Shinoda Cover Art

Mike is (kinda) profiting off of Chester's untimely death by immediately releasing music about his death just months after the guy died, then going on touring and stuff.

Beautiful song with very personal, honest lyrics and an incredibly catchy hook. Great production by Shinoda himself as well. Deserves to be at the top.

This song shows how Mike misses and grieves his best friend's death. It has very deep and emotional lyrics which deserves to be at the top

This song killed me. One second I get the Spotify email notification about it and the next I'm a mess crying on the floor.

6 This is America - Childish Gambino This is America - Childish Gambino Cover Art

I'm surprised this is very low on this list. To fully enjoy this song you need to watch the music video as well to know what's really going on. The symbolism and underlying themes are absolutely spot on with this song's interpretation of everything wrong with American society. Try looking away from Childish Gambino and you'll see what I'm talking about. And the lyrics is purposely (just) like that as a diss on rappers these days. I absolutely love this song as an old school rap lover and this is first time hearing Donald Glover.

A lot of peeps are commenting on how innovative and meaningful the message of this song is, instead of the trifecta of sex, drugs, and gangs; but I love this song for the opposite reason. I found it to be a homecoming to the original sound of hip-hop; you know, public enemy, a tribe called quest, biggie, and Nas. The bongo and hoo-ha production paired with a thumping bass line and jazzy vocals, talking about the struggle of blacks in American society, though I think the message is outdated, it nonetheless brings me back to the days of the hustle in 90s Miami, when I listened to those older artists. It appears to be becoming revived as a new sub genre to counter half-assed ATL trap and the SoundCloud mumblers. Overall:10/10

Unlike some other crappy songs out there that addicted with drugs, in-and-outs, and money. This song is symbolic. According to INSIDER, the music video focuses more on propaganda of racism and violence. It's very unique to see the guitarist and the choir boys getting killed off by a gun.

Also, the pose on Childish Gambino holding a gun represents Jim Crow, a black actor known for being a racist stereotype. Take a look with Judy Garland dressing as a black singing girl in "Everyone Sings" and see what I mean.

It shows references of shooting, so like when the church girls were singing and gambling killed them all, that actually happened irl. Also, it showed that people were too busy dancing and showing off, you couldn't see a guy committing suicide from a height in the background. Also, (some number) of silence to remember the (some same number) of the lives lost in the Valentine's Day shooting.

7 Shallow - Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper Shallow - Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper Cover Art

I watched A Star is Born yesterday (2/23/19, it was amazing) and I planned on not listening to the song until I watched it despite the hype (and the Grammy performance). This song is really good. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga sang this incredibly well and their voices blended perfectly. It is a little overrated and it can get pretty intolerable when I listen to it so much.

I admit making a mistake naming it third greatest song of 2018 two months ago, not best one. Don't get me wrong: Charlotte Gainsbourg's "Lost Lenore" and Childish Gambino's "This is America" are still among the three best songs of last year, but "Shallow" is one of these songs of great traditional songwriting and performance craft, like "Rolling in the Deep" or "Take Me To Church".

Everyone says that Lady Gaga's vocal performance is amazing here (which it is, don't get me wrong) but I think the main highlight is that BOTH Gaga and Bradley Cooper sound solid on their respective verses as well. Either way well done to both artists, this sounds very unique especially for a soundtrack hit. 10/10

Okay to everyone above, you are not better than shallow. coming from a a lady gaga stan, you do not know how hard she has worked to get here and I am deeply offended that you rank her song, shallow, this low.

8 Jumpsuit - Twenty One Pilots Jumpsuit - Twenty One Pilots Cover Art

This is just simply an epic comeback from a fantastic rock duo who we all knew from 2016. It starts out with a heavy intro, then Tyler's held-back vocals arrive making this masterpiece even more interesting. In the end, we come to a soft and beautiful bridge that completely turns around the nature of this song, and then we have the best song ending ever, where it turns to the absolute EXTREME!
Overall, another masterpiece from this amazing duo. Welcome back, TOP. 5/5

This song is garbage, it doesn't know what it wants to be, the vocals are terrible, and the ending just sounds like some Falling In Reverse ripoff, it's just like any other Twenty One Pilots song, the first bit of music sounds great but than it slows down and sounds like rubbish than the vocals come in than all hope is gone for their songs. Sorry not sorry but TOP Fans don't have taste in music.

I'm probably one of their earliest fans, having been around since their eponymous album back in 2009, and all I can say is that I love this new direction, as it lacks the schmaltz of their debut, the annoying drake-esque sound of vessel and has an edgier rock sound that distances this release from their poppier sounding blurryface. It sounds a tiny bit like Alice In Chains, which is cool. Overall, 9/10 will check out trench for sure.

Though I do think Blurryface is better than Trench and Stressed Out better than this song I still really enjoy this song. I like the how aggressive it is in the Chorus and how it calms down in the verses. 8/10 would recommend.

9 In My Blood - Shawn Mendes In My Blood - Shawn Mendes Cover Art

I am extremely glad that this masterpiece is appearing at #10, although in my opinion, it could be fairly placed at #1.
This is Shawn's best song by far, and because of it, I'm now starting to become a fan of his work. It's pretty rare these days to have a good pop song with a good meaning, but this is exactly that.
Shawn sounds amazing throughout the whole song, and it also requires talent to sing. And the lyrics? Where do I start? This song has some of the best lyrics of all time in my opinion, especially the chorus, where he says "sometimes I feel like giving up, but I just can't. It isn't in my blood."

As a matter of FACT, Shawn Mendes is one of the best artists in the music industry today. His songs are some of the most powerful and energetically inspirational MASTERPIECES out there. I would go as far as saying that he is possibly one of the nicest musicians in the modern day world and is a lot better than what most people listen to today: I mean rap (not that I don't like rap, but it really isn't necessary).
I also really like Panic At The Disco's New Song "High Hopes" — it has got to be one of the other big hits of 2018. The fusion of pop rock with lyrical sensation. Brilliant songs although there are some better Shawn Mendes songs than this — I feel like this was his new style breakthrough, a song which showed the world what this incredible guy can do and what a great songwriter he is.

Shawn Mendes is one of my liked artists and as soon as it came out I started listening to it. The song has a really deep meaning, talking about anxiety and so on, it's a sad song if you understand it but it has a peaceful melodic melody within it, making it sound like a song that many people would enjoy.

This is my favorite song of the year. The lyrics in this song are very meaningful, especially the line "Sometimes I feel like giving up, but I just can't. It isn't in my blood! ". However, I'm usually more of a melody and beat person when it comes to judging songs, but here the F-Bb-Dm-Bb chord progression works really well along with the melody which sounds amazing, and the beat's pretty good as well. 12/10

10 Firepower - Judas Priest Firepower - Judas Priest Cover Art

It's a wonder that this isn't in first place as of now while Lightning Strike is. Firepower is the third most epic song in Judas Priest history, I'd say...

Yup Lightning Struck again with another great song from Priest I like Lightning Strike more but this is a worthy title track.

To the person who said "who the heck is judas priest," you're clearly a pop music fan who knows NOTHING about rock and roll or metal.

Hell yes, I definitely like this one more than Lightning Strike.

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11 Moonlight - Xxxtentacion Moonlight - Xxxtentacion Cover Art

Its one of the better songs from that album. 3/5

I want to like the song but I can't.X sounds kinda whiny in this song.Only X song I don't like.

Rest is peace XXXtentacion we will remember you for making amazing music

Love this song

12 Youngblood - 5 Seconds of Summer Youngblood - 5 Seconds of Summer Cover Art

Being Australian and this song having being heard a lot from my school, friends singing it and playing it on the piano is something that is impressive. The first time I heard of this band was last school year listening to Hey Everybody! Really enjoyed that song and then looking at the artists other songs got me into it.

On 14/12/18 on the radio I herd young blood And me and my Friend put the music loud and put the windows down and singing young blood and my soccer coach was in the car next to me.

The song that is at the top of the charts in Australia and New Zealand right now and it is 5SOS best song without a shadow of a doubt. Great to get a break from the miserable trap and mumble rappers at the top

The vocals are kind of aggravating, but that instrumental and the beat are perfect in basically every way. About time we needed a revival of music, 8/10

13 Torn in Two - Breaking Benjamin Torn in Two - Breaking Benjamin Cover Art

I absolutely agree, this song is the best song off of Ember. While I do also love The Dark Of You, Red Cold River, and Feed The Wolf, nothing on this album can top Torn In Two. I also believe this song should be much higher than all that other garbage

One, I'm surprised that this is on this list but two, I am extremely happy to see it on here. This song was awesome!

If you click on the blue cross, and it goes to post, does that mean you voted again and you can comment?

Deserves to be higher than crap like Sick Boy...

14 Done for Me - Charlie Puth Done for Me - Charlie Puth Cover Art

So I think I can say that there has been a definite improvement from Charlie Puth with his new album and while "Done For Me' isn't the best song on the album ("If You Leave Me Now" with Boyz II Men is better), it's still pretty damn good, even Kehlani is better than she normally is on songs she collaborates on.

I agree that Charlie puth has gotten way better he was the first artist that I really liked there concert.

This is amazing! It's definitely one of Charlie Puth's better songs, and collaborating with the amazing Kehlani just adds to it.

Charlie Puth just keep getting better. From boring "We Don't Talk Anymore", to mediocre "How Long", and this song is great

15 Zombie - Bad Wolves Zombie - Bad Wolves Cover Art

Eeeh. It's basically a metalcore version of The Cranberries' song, a song which I'm not particularly blown away by to begin with, except this version is even worse. This is basically the "Sound of Silence" by Disturbed of 2018: An overblown, tryhard metal-ish version of a classic song which doesn't work in the slightest and doesn't fit the mood of the original at all. Luckily for Bad Wolves, however, their cover isn't as much of an insult to the original as that Disturbed cover I mentioned earlier was, but it's not very impressive. I'd say it's mediocre because it's got good moments, but that chorus is just the worst man. 5/10

The video is a great tribute to Dolores and Bad Wolves donated all the proceeds from the song to Dolores' children. They deserve to be on top. Also check out the guitarist's earlier band God Forbid if you like Bad Wolves.

Even though this song was originally released in 1993, for a completely different reason, it manages to stay relevant today!

As the machines of war keep turning, what are we? Simply mindless members of a swarm, slaughtering others?

16 Icarus - Dan Owen Icarus - Dan Owen Cover Art

I felt this song it is incredible.

17 44 More - Logic 44 More - Logic Cover Art

Really a great song. I'm not that big of a logic fan, but this is just spitting line after line in a catchy flow and great beat

If anyone doesn't take Logic seriously, than listen to this. It will shut all of them up.

I haven't listened to this song but I won't because who names their songs 44 more?

Logic killed it with this one. pretty sure he's up for something awesome!

18 From Hell - Dance with the Dead From Hell - Dance with the Dead Cover Art

The best song of the year! Loved to Death was a great album, but this is the best song on the album. I love how there are metal guitar parts in SYNTHWAVE! That is genius. Dance With the Dead is one of my favorite synthwave groups and this song is one of the best of the subgenre.

19 All the Stars - Kendrick Lamar & Sza All the Stars - Kendrick Lamar & Sza Cover Art

The song has sweet lyrics. The whole entire sound of the song is beautiful, calming, and dreamy. And bring SZA and Kendrick Lamar's voices in the same song sounded so good.

2018's hit music is legitimately so bad that I decided to forgive Kendrick's performance here, because other than that, it's amazing. 9/10

Straight up amazing! I remember hearing this in the Black Panther credits, and instantly loving it!

This song is awesome. Black Panther had a great soundtrack (well, this song and Pray for Me).

20 All Out Life - Slipknot All Out Life - Slipknot Cover Art

Taking cues back from Iowa eh? Regardless, it's a great song, and it proves Slipknot is still as strong as ever.

Kool song! Hyped for the new album!

Needs to be in top ten

21 Lucid Dream - Owl City Lucid Dream - Owl City Cover Art

I LOVE this song. Number 5 for best song of the year for me (number one goes to From Hell by Dance With the Dead of course, number 2 goes Adrenaline Burst by Midnight Danger, number 3 goes to The Video Game Champion by Gunship, and number 4 goes to Neon Paradise by CJ Burnett). This song is not only danceable with great synths, but the lyrics are brilliant and thought-provoking. This song has the best lyrics of 2018.

This song is awesome, best song of the year. I love the topic of lucid dreaming, the lyrics are well written. Combine good songwriting with a top notch, energetic beat(glad its not house), and good vocals, you get a good song. This song makes me dance, I wish more pop songs were like this. 9/10

I love how imaginative and beautiful this song is. It's catchy, creative and has amazing lyrics that goes well with a night time atmosphere when dreaming at night.

It suffers from minor mixing issues and Owl City's common problem of writing cheesy lyrics that only sometimes work, but it's still a really great song.

22 The Mountain - Three Days Grace The Mountain - Three Days Grace Cover Art

This entire album should be on here! Even for a huge Three Days Grace fan, it exceeded my expectations.

This is my favorite song off the album. I don't understand how it's this low, it's so great.

This was very good. I enjoyed it better than Lightning Strike. It is 2nd only to High hopes in terms of a motivationalsong. Overall a 7/10.

Yes! Why can't this be #1, or at least top 5? This is an amazing and motivational song. 20/10.

23 Fire and Ice - Andrew Swift and Catherine Britt Fire and Ice - Andrew Swift and Catherine Britt Cover Art

I really like the rhythm.

24 Adrenaline Burst - Midnight Danger Adrenaline Burst - Midnight Danger Cover Art

I can't tell you how awesome this song is! The synths are incredible and the guitar work featured in the song is awesome too. This is so awesome that it's my second favorite song of 2018, only behind the masterpiece known as From Hell by Dance With the Dead. I added this here.

25 Happier - Marshmello & Bastille Happier - Marshmello & Bastille Cover Art

Wow, 42nd? This is a really good song. It was performed in Marshmello's Fortnite concert... also, in school, there was an assignment where everyone picks a song, and the teacher plays it, and everyone has to guess whose it is. This was mine, but everyone knew that, but then one of my friends said it was his even though it wasn't. Sorry for telling a random story. Anyways, it's my favorite song!

One of the few good songs with Marshmello (he is NOT a true DJ). I love the message and that MUSIC VIDEO! I want more music videos like it. It's about a kid who always felt unloved and it all changed when she got a dog for her birthday, and the dog stood by her all throughout its life (I'm not spoiling the end). It was so emotional (I didn't cry). Great song. 9/10

This is my all-time favorite song. There was a comment on here saying this is "autistic" and that's rude. Autism makes my life really hard and I don't like people using it as an insult.

Bastille (EDIT: Meant the vocalist Dan Smith) kinda sounds lackluster (at least to me) and Marshmello could do a better job with the production aside from the drop, but it's alright overall, plus nice lyrics. 6/10

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