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1 Lightning Strike - Judas Priest

Oh hell yeah this song is awesome - christangrant

Well let's see... Judas Priest or Pop/Rap/Hip Hop/Other Crap... Yeah, that's easy. - Aweso

Wow! This song really is amazing! Never thought 2018 would start off with this. Epic! - naFrovivuS

I never understood the hype for Judas Priest - judo8alex

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2 Over Again - Mike Shinoda

This song killed me inside - growlbunny

Eh. It's... mediocre, honestly. I'm not a fan of Linkin Park. - Swellow

Beautiful song with very personal, honest lyrics and an incredibly catchy hook. Great production by Shinoda himself as well. Deserves to be at the top.


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3 Finesse - Bruno Mars

It's Bruno Mars trying yet again to sound nostalgic. I don't mind that, but the song's message really doesn't match well with it's theme. Overall, could be better.

This song is overrated and not even that good...just nostalgia but go off IG.. - Worksponge

I think this song is an epic masterpiece and is a tad bit overrated. I respect opinions. - Swampert02

good song

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4 No Tears Left to Cry - Ariana Grande

I am not a big fan of Ariana Grande but damn this song is a total jam. Its reminiscent of a lot of the stuff Janet Jackson was doing in the early nineties. - crowdiegal

Wow, Ariana has done a great job with this song, great vocal performance and composition girl. 5/5 - DaisyandRosalina

This song is my jam. I love Ariana Grande. She's so beautiful and nice and unique. I share her love for cute cat-ear bands. I don't know why people hate her. Many say that she sings too high-pitch. People, please! That's her singing style! You gotta admire the fact that she sings really well in high-pitch. This song should be #1. Ari, love ya, girl! AG all the way!

I am very sure u will be number 1

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5 Pray for Me - The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar

Honestly, despite Kendrick being my favorite artist ever, The Weeknd absolutely demolished this track. The Weeknd was the stronger part for me on this song, not to say that Kendrick didn't put up his end of the deal, but The Weeknd did amazing. - hiphopgod

My two favourite artists of all time did as I expected. The best song off one of an amazing soundtrack for the biggest movie of 2018. Doesn't get much better than that. Two amazing artists, brilliant song and an instant classic which will never get old - jaspyboy

This song is growing on me the more I hear it and I think it's The Weeknd's vocal delivery on this track. - crowdiegal

This song is sick.

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6 This is America - Childish Gambino

I'm surprised this is very low on this list. To fully enjoy this song you need to watch the music video as well to know what's really going on. The symbolism and underlying themes are absolutely spot on with this song's interpretation of everything wrong with American society. Try looking away from Childish Gambino and you'll see what I'm talking about. And the lyrics is purposely (just) like that as a diss on rappers these days. I absolutely love this song as an old school rap lover and this is first time hearing Donald Glover. - Bolshoy_Brat

A lot of peeps are commenting on how innovative and meaningful the message of this song is, instead of the trifecta of sex, drugs, and gangs; but I love this song for the opposite reason. I found it to be a homecoming to the original sound of hip-hop; you know, public enemy, a tribe called quest, biggie, and Nas. The bongo and hoo-ha production paired with a thumping bass line and jazzy vocals, talking about the struggle of blacks in American society, though I think the message is outdated, it nonetheless brings me back to the days of the hustle in 90s Miami, when I listened to those older artists. It appears to be becoming revived as a new sub genre to counter half-assed ATL trap and the SoundCloud mumblers. Overall:10/10

This song is not like the other new rap songs about drugs, gangs, or girls. This masterpiece is about Black history and the entertainment industry in America. - wren6

Masterpiece. Love it. 5/5 - The01Bro

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7 Street Livin' - Black Eyed Peas

This song is one of the best rap songs I heard in the recent years. Unlike the trappers of today who depend on looks, being talentless and behaving bad to be good, this is real rap here. In the last years, BEP really sucked, but this songs is better than what they did in the past years. This sounds like old school hip hop, like Tupac and Biggie. The message is incredible, this is about racism on black people during the Civil Rights Movement, very empowering indeed. The rapping is awesome, Will.I.Am does some of his best rapping on this song without having to be so auto tuned, and I thought he was a bad, super auto tuned rapper. I like the video too, it is unique. That bass is a killer too! Best rap song of the year. 9/10 - AnimeDrawer

Wait, the Black Eyed Peas came back? Surprised, I thought they weren't going to come back. - AnimeDrawer

I know, it's hard to believe that The Black Eyed Peas actually have a good song again. It seemed as the years went on, the more the Peas and went downhill, making the same overproduced pop/EDM songs over and over. I really was not expecting this at all, but when I saw the title I knew this wasn't going to be just some EDM song. Maybe it was Fergie holding them back the whole time. - DaWyteNight

best ever

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8 Call Out My Name - The Weeknd

Have I ever said The Weeknd is awesome? I don't feel like I have. But yeah, I really like this song. Do I like it as much as Pray For Me? I don't know, we'll have to wait and see. - hiphopgod

Weeknd is probably the only good singer today. However, his songs were lacking emotions and darkness. And this song did just that

Weeknd is amazing I like this song, pray for me and wasted time. Definitely he is one of the best artist of todays era - Gabrielore

Ehh. "Pray for Me" is better than this song quite honestly. - crowdiegal

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9 Sick Boy - The Chainsmokers

Can't wait for everyone to trash this and then call twenty one pilots their favorite band - ProPanda

Wait...people like this? - cringebinge

Looks like the Chainsmokers are going deeper with this 9/10 - Neonco31

The instrumental is awesome in this song, but the line "How many likes is my life worth? " ruins it a bit. 8/10 - allamassal

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10 In My Blood - Shawn Mendes

Why is this overplayed garbage here? Should be way lower.

With all due respect, Post Malone's songs are overplayed garbage, not this masterpiece. - allamassal

I am not a fan of Shawn Mendes (far from it. "Treat You Better" is still an absolute carbuncle of a song) but I can't deny I really like this song. Yeah it sounds a bit like Kings of Leon but wow it's still a good song. - crowdiegal

I don't like this song. To me, it sounds like he thought up a random phrase and shoved in a song hoping to make something out of it. The "it isn't in my blood" part sorta hangs out from the other part. 1/5 - TheInsomniac

This is a beautiful song, and I don’t get why people hate on it. He almost didn’t decide to release it, but I’m so glad he did. One of my favourite SM songs. I resonate with this song because of its powerful message.

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The Newcomers

? Tati - 6ix9ine
? Icarus - Dan Owen

Dan Owen is a singer-songwriter from the UK who released his first album "Stay Awake With Me" yesterday (it's a great album, check it out if you like pop, rock and blues) but I have to say I am really loving "Icarus" - a song about drug abuse, that chorus sends a real chill down my spine and Dan's vocals are incredible - crowdiegal

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11 Torn in Two - Breaking Benjamin

One of the best Ember songs

This songs is amazing

Easily a headbanger

I'm torn into...I'm torn into.i'm torn in to...nasty excrements even a pig won't feed on this.. - Vip3r

12 Firepower - Judas Priest

Yup Lightning Struck again with another great song from Priest I like Lightning Strike more but this is a worthy title track. - christangrant

It's a wonder that this isn't in first place as of now while Lightning Strike is. Firepower is the third most epic song in Judas Priest history, I'd say... - romanempire249

Hell yes, I definitely like this one more than Lightning Strike.

Me and my dad play this song everyday.

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13 Done for Me - Charlie Puth

So I think I can say that there has been a definite improvement from Charlie Puth with his new album and while "Done For Me' isn't the best song on the album ("If You Leave Me Now" with Boyz II Men is better), it's still pretty damn good, even Kehlani is better than she normally is on songs she collaborates on. - crowdiegal

I really like this song. It has a good beat, and the chord progression works really well for a song like this. 10/10 - allamassal

Way too poppy, but who cares? 8/10 - StarlightSpanks

love it

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14 Miasma - Ghost

An incredible instrumental track, but I feel like other songs off this album could be higher.

More 80's pop/rock feel than previous records, but catchy as hell

That sax solo at the end is amazing

Pathetic song, pathetic album.hang your boot guys it's high time...oh, yes people will act like clone of each other and say that "saxophone" part is cool to if they've never heard a sound off that instrument - Vip3r

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15 Lucid Dream - Owl City

This song is awesome, best song of the year. I love the topic of lucid dreaming, the lyrics are well written. Combine good songwriting with a top notch, energetic beat(glad its not house), and good vocals, you get a good song. This song makes me dance, I wish more pop songs were like this. 9/10 - AnimeDrawer

If you want to laugh, listen to Owl City's old songs! But I've got to give it to him, he's made a comeback with this song.

I am a big fan of pop, and this is one of the much better songs. Also I really like Bruno Mars and especially Count on me

Meh. Fifth of July and New York City from the same album were much better. 2/5 - TheInsomniac

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16 All the Stars - Kendrick Lamar & Sza

Bit disappointed with this one. SZA is fine, but the production is not, and Kendrick is disappointing. 3/5 - DCfnaf

Love this song! Love SZA's verse and the chorus. Kendrick was awesome! The song's a little short though

Straight up amazing! I remember hearing this in the Black Panther credits, and instantly loving it!

The song has sweet lyrics. The whole entire sound of the song is beautiful, calming, and dreamy. And bring SZA and Kendrick Lamar’s voices in the same song sounded so good.

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17 Over It - Bullet for My Valentine
18 Him & I - G Eazy & Halsey

The voice of Halsey is soothing in this song.

One of those songs with a rap part that actually sounds good. I mainly like this song because of Halsey's part though. Anyway, 5/5. - allamassal

Not a fan of G-Eazy but this is a pretty nice song. Sad that they broke up. - The01Bro

Halsey... I just love you!

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19 Something's Gotta Give - Camila Cabello

Easily one of the best songs from the album. A relationship on the edge of breaking point is something Camila actually sells really well in this song - crowdiegal

I'm votin for this because I love Camila Cabello. This song is inspiring.

CAMILLA! - AnnieCallie


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20 Feed the Wolf - Breaking Benjamin

Love this song as well as the whole album great mix between metal and rock in it

21 Church - Fall Out Boy

Best song of that garbage can album. 0/5 - AlphaQ

The only good song on that terrible album - AliciaMae

One of the best songs, I simply can't put into words how much this song means to me.

Get a new song-
KUURO- afraid of the dark

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22 Condemned to the Gallows - Between the Buried and Me

Great song, but Blot is by far the best one on this album - kempokid

It's weird seeing prog metal in the top ten, although I am totally okay with that. It'll probably drop once more votes get in. Great song otherwise. - cjWriter1997


Lol This is like the 7th best song on a 10 song album. If any song from Automata should make this list it’s The Proverbial Bellow

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23 Red Cold River - Breaking Benjamin
24 Alone - Halsey

Halsey is amazing on this song (like she usually is), and the beat is good, but the rap part almost ruins the song. Big Sean is at least tolerable, but Stefflon Don's part is insufferable. Overall, 8/10, would be 10/10 without the rappers. - allamassal

Could be better I give it 2/5 - TheInsomniac

Gosh, that beat though! - ZeroBlaster

Take away Stefflon Don and you've got a perfect song. - CharismaticKat

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25 Vincent - Ellie Goulding

I wouldn't have added this cover of the Don McLean song to this list if Don McLean himself didn't praise Ellie Goulding's version on Twitter but dead set Ellie does a stunning version of this song, it's not an official single but I think this cover is worth recognition. - crowdiegal

Don McLean's version is better...but this is great also. 5/5 - DCfnaf

Don McLean's original is one of my favorite songs of all time and I have to say I'm very much impressed with the cover.
9/10. - Undistinguished


26 Bulletproof - Godsmack
27 Distortion - Mount Eerie Distortion - Mount Eerie

Not good. Should not be on the list. - AliciaMae

28 I'd Rather See Your Star Explode - Slaves
29 The Mountain - Three Days Grace

This entire album should be on here! Even for a huge Three Days Grace fan, it exceeded my expectations. - 3DG20

This is my favorite song off the album. I don't understand how it's this low, it's so great.

Finally some music I like! I love me some Three Days Grace! - KingSlayer93316

30 Voice of Trespass - Between the Buried and Me Voice of Trespass - Between the Buried and Me
31 Joanne (Where Do You Think You're Goin'?) - Lady Gaga

The piano version of this song just connects so well and yeah, Lady Gaga's vocal delivery makes it hard not to cry. Well done both Lady Gaga and Mark Ronson - crowdiegal

Beautiful way to close an era. Xoxo, Joanne 💋 - - Worksponge

32 Blot - Between the Buried and Me

An amazing, varied song, one of the highlights of BTBAM's career - kempokid

33 Feathers - A Perfect Circle

I needed to hear Maynard in a new album. And at least this soothing melodic song was there. But now down to business: WHY THE HECK IS IT AT 31?

Even the very weakest from their newest album is at 32. - AdamDestructorJr.

A beautifully made song, I can describe it only as something other than all of the same pop music that currently dominates the list. Let’s just hope for Tool to blow the rest of the music out of the water.

34 Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea - Fall Out Boy

I made a Best songs of 2018 list before this one, and admin disapproves it. But does it to your list. Admin's a hypocrite - TeamRocket747

Dang you beat everyone to it

This sounds like it is going to be a good song! - AnimeDrawer

As a huge Fall Out Boy fan, I didn’t like this album very much but this song is just super catchy

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35 Duck Duck Goose - Cupcakke

I don't get why people hate cupcakke. Her songs are just jokes

I might be reaching but I think this girl's even worse than cardi b, now that's saying something! - DaWyteNight

She didn't have to snap like this but the queen always does - TheEvilNuggetCookie2

It’s a joke - lilrocketman

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36 Delicate - Taylor Swift

While I still find Reputation better than the past Taylor Swift, most of the songs from there sound way too "savage". This doesn't. Lyrics are questionable still but it's quiet in its good way. 7/10 - StarlightSpanks

I'm not even a fan of Taylor but I love this song because it is really simple and sweet and the beat is really unique and the ways she sings it is really beautiful! One of her best songs! Should be higher! - missyweirdo

I actually like this song (I respect if you disagree). The AutoTune kind of ruins it, and the lyric "you must like me for me" is lame, but everything else is good. 7/10 - allamassal

Really? I think "you must like me for me" sounds really cute and innocent but two each their own. - missyweirdo

We LOVE a pop masterpiece from the songwriter of our generation - TheEvilNuggetCookie2

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37 Diluvium - Obscura

The tone, fretless bass, guitar, deep growls, and progressive sound make this one of the better tech death songs I have ever heard

One of the greatest tech death songs I’ve heard in a while

38 Letting You Go - Bullet for My Valentine
39 Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken - P!NK

When you hear P! nk sing the last chorus you will wonder why this isn’t at the top of the list

40 1985 (Intro to "the Fall Off") - J. Cole

This should be #1 - jameshoward

The album KOD was a little disappointing, but this song further proves why J. Cole is the best mainstream rapper of today. - DaWyteNight


J cole neva disappoints and KOD is a masterpiece.. - D4-4C3R

41 Zombie - Bad Wolves

As the machines of war keep turning, what are we? Simply mindless members of a swarm, slaughtering others? - Cyri

Put this at number 1! This is the best song ever!

Whats in your head, zombie?

Ehh. Strips away a lot of the meaning of the original. I'll stick with The Cranberries. - crowdiegal

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42 Lucid Dreams - Juice WRLD

I can relate to this. The guy has a legitimately interesting and unique voice. I kinda love this. 9/10 - spiritofhiphop

This song is so unique and so much better than other mainstream hip hop artists. - DennisLai290

I still see your shadows in my room

It's lit

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43 Shadow of Your Love - Guns N' Roses

Really good song - AliciaMae

Yes! finally some good old rock 'n' roll for 2018

Get this to 1

Yeah Guns N' Roses! - Userguy44

44 Love Lies - Khalid & Normani

Amazing song. Khalid and Normani mesh so well.

I kind of like this song, and the chorus is somewhat catchy. 7/10 - allamassal

I really do like this song even if Khalid and Normani's chemistry is a bit off. I'm a sucker for a bit of guitar, it's decent R 'n' B - crowdiegal

Pretty great, but not the best. I’d give it an 8/10 - AliciaMae

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45 Lovely - Billie Eilish & Khalid

This song gives me chills...good chills - Y2K

Currently listening to this song on loop while surfing the web. LOL.

This song is my favourite, I give it 10/10

This jam is my favourite, It gives smooth relaxation

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46 When Legends Rise - Godsmack
47 Heaven's Gate - Fall Out Boy

I love it so much!

Love the lyrics to this song

48 The Middle - Zedd

This song is lazy beyond belief. Overplay is not helping this either. 2/5 - DCfnaf

While it is kind of good, I did notice that it sounds a lot like "Stay", which funny enough was another Zedd song. Listen to Stay and then this, and don't tell me you don't hear any similarities. - allamassal

While it did slightly grow on me... I'll get more into the details in my next Top 20 review, but as for now, nowhere close to great. Probably never will be. 2/5 - StarlightSpanks

I actually hate this song and everything about it. 0/5 - TheInsomniac

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49 Sunshine Riptide - Fall Out Boy

I've never heard of this song before.

No, this shouldn’t be on the list. 0/10 - AliciaMae

50 Fists of Fury - Kamasi Washington
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