Why Hendo is the Best Artist of 2018... so far

Hendo is an interesting figure. One of mystery, sure, but also one of importance. His output over the past several months have given us many classics in the genre of instrumental hip hop, rivaling that of established greats like J Dilla, Kane West, and knowledge.

Of course, he got off to a rocky start with his career, making electronic mush such as 425, which I would describe as IDM gone wrong. Horrid sampling, terrible percussion, and way too repetitive. It was a disaster of a track, hands down.

However, he stepped it up with his 1st EP, Ergo~!~, which was a combination of instrumental hip hop and ambient, with emphasis put on the ambiance. It was a dark, almost post-apocalyptic view of... something, that's for sure. Highlights like "ward" brought out melancholy influenced by DJ Shadow and the like. "mason" was an excellent outro with a twisted, morphed Minecraft sample carrying it all. It was a good project, front to back.

His second EP, Ergo 2, took the next step. Its lead single, Temperate, is a dark folk track combined with the jazz and drums of hip hop. It's sad, but also beautiful in it all. Of course, the EP kept it sweet, with tracks like "Beg for Ergo~#~ (Don't Even) [AKA Yeezus 2]" being perfect standouts in his collection. It was an improvement, sure, and it had the meat to hold it together, but something was missing...

Then he released 3, which was experimental hip hop through and through. While disjointed and chaotic at times, I think it was meant to be that way. It was glitchy and calm at some parts, and then it exploded in this noise of guitars and drums that could make the earth shake. It was changing into sounds that never stayed the same for too long, it was almost schizophrenic in a way. It was weird when it was released, but as time passed, it got better and more cohesive.

And then he disappeared. Until Christmas Eve, 2017.

Sad Tape Vibes was the name, and it was decent. To be fair, it wasn't edgy vaporwave exemplifying depressing attitudes as it was shown by the anime cover art, it was depression portrayed in a lighter, almost playful sense. Sampling XXXTENTACION and dark jazz songs, it brought out both satire through its short lengths and nice sounds, along with the hilarious, almost mocking song titles. He said it was a bridge for his debut rap EP, and this hyped me up a bit. What would he do next?

Release the demo beats for the EP, that's what. The collection was incredible. Going from 808s in one track to Odd Nosdam drums in the next, to walls of drone and shoegaze in the last two tracks, it showed improvement and atmosphere not seen since the days of Endtroducing..... It was progressive, dense in detail, but most importantly listenable. He never forgot that while experimental hip hop isn't bad, making it unlistenable is. He made sure that the samples he chose both worked in alteration and were good on the ears. It was mindblowing to see this type of genius at work, Kane West would be bowing down to him sooner or later.

So brings me back to the title. Hendo is the best artist of 2018 so far. Why though? Well, for one, he has a sense of humor in his character. He never takes anything too seriously. He also knows when to be humble. He admitted that 425 was bad. He never proclaims his stuff to be above everyone in seriousness, he plays around with it, and it's rare to see him do that. He also has a incredible disposal at his hands in 2017, lo fi beats from the 2018 debut EP by Hendo is a classic in instrumental hip hop. It puts him up there with Clams Casino as the all time greats of 2010.

If you have time to make an RYM account, please rate his music. It's worth listening to. Here it is.

Have a nice day.


You're not slick lmao - ProPanda

I find it more helpful to give the best artist of 2018 a shoutout. He's struggling, sure, but better to give him a voice then to let him rot on the streets of bandcamp. - Satire

You're just jealous cause Lil Akko Vert was gonna take him over on RYM - ProPanda

Hey what Lil Akko Vert failed to realize was that having songs on SoundCloud does not equal an EP. - Satire

He was SwagFlicks on here actually - DCfnaf

Wait...your favorite album is from DJ Shadow...hmm...that’s interesting... - DCfnaf

Strange coincidence, I can see why you'd think of him and I as the same person, especially with the repetition of the site. - Satire

. - visitor

Oof. - WonkeyDude98

You must be kidding. Hendo is one of the worst artists out there today. All he does is noise, unlike real rappers like J Cole or Logic who put deep meaning behind every single note and lyric. I wish I could turn back time to the days when rap actually meant something.

Now if you'll excuse, there's a party going on, Lil Uzi Vert is blaring through the speakers and I need to sulk in the corner about how everyone is an ignoramus except for me. - BlarchBlaces

If J.Cole and Logic drop another classic in collab form this year, Hendo will have the second best hip hop record of 2018. Nothing can really stop Cole and Bob, not even Cole and Kenny, who have been hyped to oblivion. - Satire

Bro y'all sleepin on NF and Tyler Joseph - ProPanda

You mean Eminem's clones who think that pandering will leave a legacy? No, they suck, and I'm completely serious even with this deadpan tone I have. - Satire

Both of you are excluding Tom MacDonald, the Martin Luther King of white rappers. - BlarchBlaces

Now that's a real rapper right there. - Satire

Go listen to REAL MUSIC like 6ix9ine. Tyler Joseph and Hendo are just noise that edgy 13 yr olds like to play while they whine for the billionth time that they wanna cut themselves. - visitor

Joyner Lucas too - DCfnaf

So many RYM users on here Lol - ZeroBlaster

Not a real good artists. The only good people worthy of anything are commies. If he becomes a commie, he will be a good rapper. Till them, yeah. - visitor

You need to understand that what you think as important and what I think of as important are different things. The main difference is that you only taking the worth of commies above everyone else is stupid. - Satire