Top 10 Songs with the Best Drum Solos

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1 Beast and the Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold Beast and the Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold Cover Art

This drum solo doesn’t get enough recognition. The insanely fast hertas and quads, rolling around the full kit like three or four times, and then the double bass break that leads into the final verse, it’s all an absolute masterpiece.

I'm torn between Tom Sawyer and Beast and the Harlot, I've been a Rush fan for a long time but only recently started listening to Avenged Sevenfold and I have to say that both drummers Jimmy and Neil are just amazing in their own ways and no comment can justify why one solo is better than the other, however I would like to see people try.

Avenged Sevenfold was my life through high school, and I found Beast and the Harlot and instantly fell in love with that solo. Being a novice drummer myself, I loved listening to that solo and trying to work on figuring out the coordination it took to move so effortlessly around a kit like that. Truly awe inspiring.

I love neil and rush I've known them sice I'm like 5 and I'm 14 now I love rock metal and these kind of thing and I think this is the best drum solo because it is just sick and it seems they just threw a badass solo in a badass song and I don't know why but this the argument for rush fans to say that tom sawer is the best one! But it is just a matter of taste The Rev and Neil Peirt are my personnal favorite drummer;) don't hate and by the way (completely out of context) up the irons

2 Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin Cover Art

If someone asks me how to define this song, I would only say "just, John Bonham". The complexity, power and outstanding technique used in this song reveals the magic John Bonham could do with his body and his drum kit. It's not a coincidence this is voted as the best drum solo ever by Rolling Stone magazine (and Bonham being voted as the best drummer of all time by the same magazine). This drum solo is so magical, surreal and amazingly fantastic that we could only say Bonzo left us a legacy to enjoy for ages to come.

No one can beat bonzo big bear's amazing moby dick! Solid half hours worth of mind blowing power with a mega 26" bass drum huge toms and a tight hell snare on a 5 piece kit in the 70's whereas now all the drummers have poncy custom made gold plate drums custom made with 100's gongs, gong drums toms bass drums and cymbals but bonzo just 2 floor toms 70's recording quality 4 cymbals, a gong a couple of congas and 2 timpanis a true legend. AND ONLY 1 BASS DRUM!

Nothing can be better than Bonham's Moby Dick. The artistic variety of rhythms coming out of his mind, his drumsticks and even hands is really awesome and creative. This drum solo has been awarded as no. 1 in Rolling Stone's top 10 drum solos of all time. So this must be no. 1.

Easily the best. Beast and the harlot is a greAt drum song but not much of a drum solo. Tom Sawyer is great on drums but so is every rush song and the solo is short. Most dick was the first of its kind and a true classic.

3 Tom Sawyer - Rush Tom Sawyer - Rush Cover Art

I like Avenged Sevenfold, but the drum solo for Beast and the Harlot is not that good. I don't judge solos by who played them. I don't even think Beast and the Harlot qualifies as a drum solo. It's just a double bass accompanied by a couple of toms and a snare. Tom Sawyer on the other hand, is a complex, creative masterpiece that blows any other drum solo except Moby Dick out of the water (no pun intended).

Neil peart is a genius! I've heard beast and the harlot and it's not as epic as this. It seems like Avenged Sevenfold just decided at the last minute to just shove a drum solo randomly in the middle of the song. Its got some crazy drumming in it but Tom Sawyer is better. I actually had "Ted, Just Admit It. " by Janes Addiction in mind when I looked at this page.

Tom Sawyer is one of Neil's best solo's but, if you have never heard his solo Off the All The "World's A Stage" album during Working Man, that one you really have to hear. I saw him play that in Lakeland FL. in 1977 and it was incredible to say the least. It's not just hearing the solo it's watching it live and his precision on the kit... That is why he is the Professor of the Drum Kit.

Neil Peart is FAR more diverse and skilled than John Bonham. Bonzo was good but he pretty much just had speed (which Neil certainly has as well). He is highly overrated. I know it's not "cool" to like Rush but give some credit where it is due.

4 Painkiller - Judas Priest Painkiller - Judas Priest Cover Art

Greatest album opening ever. No contest.

Crazy fast drum solo at the end there!

Wow that's something you listen to

The song starts and ends to withan epic drumming solo...

5 Hot for Teacher - Van Halen Hot for Teacher - Van Halen Cover Art

Have you heard another song that sounds like a car is running?! I don't think so! Well Van Halen did it! This solo sounds the best!

Have you ever heard a song that sounds like a car is running but it is just a drummer! This one is the best!

Yeah, his name was Alex van Halen!

The bass drum job is amazing

6 The End - The Beatles The End - The Beatles Cover Art

In addition to being the most recognized drum solo of all time, I also think this is the greatest drum solo of all time. And it is fitting that it is Ringo Starr, the world's most famous drummer in the world's greatest band, and one of the most influential drummers of all time. All those who don't think Ringo was a good drummer, should listen to this solo, because it is a beautiful piece of art.

Ringo had taste in his drumming, and was the perfect drummer for the greatest band of them all. His solo here is spot on and exemplifies his time keeping.

Well unlike Moby Dick, it sounds brilliant. Moby Dick might be technical and heavy, which heavy metal fans will like because you know, it is heavy. But this drum solo sounds really good. Ringo is as talented as his band members who is highly underrated, and this drum solo should be at top 5 because it sounds good, which Moby Dick obviously doesn't. And what is Rock and Roll doing there?

When people call Ringo a weak drummer, always, always, ALWAYS, point them to this song. While it is not long, unorthodox, and mind-blowingly radical like Moby Dick, It does get you in the groove and hyped up to this amazing ending to a perfect rock album.

7 If 6 Was 9 - The Jimi Hendrix Experience If 6 Was 9 - The Jimi Hendrix Experience Cover Art
8 In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins Cover Art

Number one for me because the song has great transition which ends with explosion of the emotional drum solo/bass duet. Awesome effect and style!

His drum solo after "...stranger to you and me" is one of the most oft-copied "air drum" maneuvers you'll see rock fans imitate! It's a classic

Pounds right through my heart and soul every time I hear it. Turn up the radio, stereo, on whatever or wherever I hear it!

As the other folks have said, you just wait for Phil Collins on the drums. Amazing and powerful drumming.

9 Toad - Cream Toad - Cream Cover Art

There’s just something else about cream that no one else has ever seemed to replicate and the 3 and a half minute long solo in toad is no different at all. Ginger was an insane drummer with a really unique and genuinely interesting sound and toad is just proof of that

Nobody- that is, no body- has ever been able to replicate the complexity, nor the progression of change of Ginger Baker's solo. Ever. Anywhere. There are a lot of good and great drum solos on the planet. And I have no bias toward cream. And I fancy solo's especially by jazz drummer. But Ginger's stands out far and above... Great to be alive.

Let’s face it if Ginger didn’t start it then there would be no drum solo. He unchained us drummers in the rock idim and set us free.

There is no way you can compare THIS to some of the other solos's listed here, this is supreme! A true drum SOLO. What a gifted drummer.

10 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly Cover Art

Who heard of drum solos before Iron Butterfly? First, best, and broke ground with guitar solo, drum solo and organ solo. All in a 17-minute package when only 2.5 minute songs were allowed. Ground breaking. And I'm old enough to remember it (67).

Back in Highschool band the drummers loved to play this. This song was the beginning of drum solos and set the standard. The song is a legend in and of itself.. In thte Garden of Eden

This is what a drum solo should be,a form of musical expression. It is unique, says something and goes somewhere. Instead of being just a way of glorifying the drummer, it fits perfectly with the energy and essence of the sobg itis part of. Also, it was created on the spot instead of being planned/written. I have been playing drums for 20 years, and still cannot duplicate it.

Have you all forgotten about a classic? This song has the most unique drum solo I can think of, and it last for 4 minutes. I'm ashamed that Avenged Sevenfold even made it on this list.

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11 YYZ - Rush YYZ - Rush Cover Art

Are you guys kidding me YYZ - Exit stage left live, BEST DRUM SOLO EVER. Maybe not as popular as sone of the other songs, but that's not what we are here to rate!

No one comes close to this solo, especially that Neil hits all 43 pieces of his drum set!

YYZ from Exit Stage Left is the best what I have ever heard.

One of the best solo's in all of rock&roll

12 Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin Cover Art

This should be a wee bit higher.

13 As I Am - Dream Theater As I Am - Dream Theater Cover Art

Just listen 6:14 to 6:26

14 Scavenger of Human Sorrow - Death Scavenger of Human Sorrow - Death Cover Art
15 St. Anger - Metallica St. Anger - Metallica Cover Art

Ok I like this song and love Metallica... This song should be more high... Guys Lars is a legend and he has inspired other drummers in this list... Metallica is best band of world, universe, heaven and everywhere...
There every work and they deserve number 1 position... There all albums are great, all guys Lars, James, Kirk, rob all are best and will live forever in our this world... Guitar heroes Metallica...

November Rain is more of the best guitar solo than drum solo. This is the most energetic solo I have ever heard

There is no drum solo in this.

Next leven drumming

16 Finally Free - Dream Theater Finally Free - Dream Theater Cover Art
17 Overkill - Motorhead Overkill - Motorhead Cover Art
18 Rat Salad - Black Sabbath

The complexity of the patterns and sheer tasty texture of Ward's drums blow me away on this one. I personally put it even above Moby Dick...and Bonham is a legend in my eyes

Had a kid play this for me - and I grew up Classic Rock, and had somehow missed this one. I was so into it, I share it with everyone I know likes rock or drums.

Why isn't sweet leaf on this list? That song has some pretty decent drums if you ask me.

Instant Jazz Metal God Drumming

19 Soul Sacrifice - Santana Soul Sacrifice - Santana Cover Art

Michael Shrieve. Barely 20 years old when he played at Woodstock and 21 at Tanglewood the following year. No competition. When Avenged Sevenfold is number 1 and this is 19, there's a problem!

Best ever. This should be number one. Some of those ranked above this are actually boring compare to Cul on the Woodstock version

This kid is beating the hell out of these drums the entire song but when he gets to his solo, he takes it to another level!

Mike Shrieve on drums and Jose Areas just nailed it on this one! This is my favorite of all time.

20 Ruin - Lamb of God Ruin - Lamb of God Cover Art

Beating on deaths door has a great drum solo. look at another list on this that I made. look up top ten best drum solos of all time. or something like that.

21 Dragon Attack - Queen Dragon Attack - Queen Cover Art

Great drumming.

This drum solo sounds really cool and it’s not as good as most drum solos but it’s still really good and sounds great

22 Paradise Lost - Hollywood Undead Paradise Lost - Hollywood Undead Cover Art

The solo is only in the live version but it is amazing none the less

23 Demons Gate - Candlemass Demons Gate - Candlemass Cover Art
24 C**tcrusher - Infant Annihilator C**tcrusher - Infant Annihilator Cover Art
25 Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine Cover Art

No drum solo in this.

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