Best Songs on Blind Guardian's A Night at the Opera

Best tracks from power metal band Blind Guardian's seventh studio album "A Night at the Opera" released in 2002.

The Top Ten

1 And Then There Was Silence

I definitely agree with this at #1! It's not only the best track on this album but for me this is one of their top 3 songs of all time. - Metal_Treasure

2 Battlefield

Very good drumming here - Metal_Treasure

3 Under the Ice
4 Precious Jerusalem
5 Wait for an Answer
6 The Soulforged

This song surprisingly grew on me. So catchy!

Thoroughly enjoyed the gripping, and the synchronized instrumentation is mind-blowing... - Arhaan95

7 Punishment Divine

It's way better live in my opinion - filuxx_

8 Sadly Sings Destiny
9 Age of False Innocence

This song shoul be at least at the top 5. It's great not only because of Hansi's vocals(which are the best he has done so far by the way) but because of the beautiful melody and lyrics and the remarkable progressive sequences. - Morgatron

This must be the most underrated Blind Guardian song - it's a very beautiful proggy song with some of the best vocals from Hansi (Hansi best note ever is around 1:25, on the word "walls"). - Metal_Treasure

10 Harvest of Sorrow

Japanese bonus, a very very beautiful acoustic song. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 The Maiden and the Minstrel Knight
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1. And Then There Was Silence
2. Battlefield
3. Under the Ice
1. And Then There Was Silence
2. The Soulforged
3. Battlefield
1. And Then There Was Silence
2. Battlefield
3. Under the Ice

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