Top Ten Best Songs by E-Rotic or S.E.X. Appeal

The Top Ten

1 Queen Of Light - E-Rotic
2 Dance With the Vamps - E-Rotic
3 Wild Beast - Sex Appeal
4 Love Me or Leave Me - Sex Appeal
5 Fly Away - Sex Appeal
6 Voodoo Queen - Sex Appeal
7 Shenandoah - E-Rotic
8 Save Me - E-Rotic

I mainly added this because the melody later was used by Vanilla Ninja for their song "My Puzzle of Dreams". - Martin_Canine

9 Victim Tonight - Sex Appeal
10 Love 2 Love - Sex Appeal

The Contenders

11 Lemmings on the Run - E-Rotic
12 Sexual Healing - E-Rotic
13 Livin' a Lie - Sex Appeal
14 Poison Called Love - Sex Appeal
15 Cat's Eye - E-Rotic
16 Ooh la la La - E-Rotic
17 En Mon Coeur - E-Rotic
18 I'm Over You - E-Rotic
19 In the Heat of the Night - E-Rotic

Especially that "Missing You" album consists of leftovers from David Brandes' short lived former project Missing Heart, which was more mystical and almost New age-ish in sound.
That's why this album really stands out and doesn't have as many awkward and silly sex songs with cat-in-the-hat rhymes in the title. - Martin_Canine

20 In the Dark of the Night - E-Rotic
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