Top 10 Songs Chester Bennington Struggles to Scream Live

Sometimes Chester can't scream certain songs live. These are those songs. I don't Chester's bad or anything I think he really struggles screaming some songs live.

The Top Ten Songs Chester Bennington Struggles to Scream Live

1 In the End

He tries so hard yet he could scream this easily in 2000 and 2001 now though he can't even scream "I'VE PUT MY TRUST IN YOU!, FOR ALL THIS!, THERE'S ONLY YOU THING YOU SHOULD KNOW! "

2 Numb

Just like In The End he struggles screaming this song live.

3 Given Up

He can barely even do the 17 second scream let alone the chorus.

4 Points of Authority
5 Breaking the Habit

Yeah no words for this one...

6 Somewhere I Belong

Watch the live performance of it on YouTube of Rock AM Ring 2004 he doesn't scream like he does on the CD enough said.

7 Bleed It Out

"I've pulled myself so far"

Like with From The Inside he scream the verse yet not so much the chorus.

8 Papercut

He doesn't only struggle to scream it live but also Mike sings the entire chorus live and Chester barely sings it live other than a few times. It's not entirely Mike singing it but it's most likely Mike singing it not Chester live.

9 From the Inside

He can easily scream Lying From You yet he can only scream the verse in the song not the chorus however.

10 Crawling

He used to just like any other Hybrid Theory song scream this song easy live back in 2000 but now he struggles just to sing/scream the chorus.

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