Best Songs On Drake's Nothing Was the Same

Over the years Drake has inspired millions of people with his lyrical genius and his sick flow. Thank Me Later and Take Care were certainly two albums that have made an enormous on so many people. Recently Drake released his third studio album nothing Was the Same which has in my opinion been his best work yet. But what song is best?

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1 Furthest Thing

The transition in the middle of this song is amazing and flawless.

The lyricism in this is great and impressive beats are evident.

Best song hands down.

My fave!

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2 Started from the Bottom

That was a tight song

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3 Hold On, We're Going Home

This song introduced me to drake and I'm his number one fan ever since then and I always stick by his side no matter what and if he got beef with someone so do i

I Love It So Much Great Song My Favorite From This Album!

This song is so romantic, but it still has a good beat and sound. The lyrics definitely make me think of someone special.

It is my most loved songs

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4 All Me

This song has 3 solid verses.. Even 2 2chainz which I am not a big fan of.. Beat goes hard too

Hook: 9/10 Good Classic Drake Singing
Verse 1: 7.5/10 Good, considering I wouldn't listen to 2chainz
Verse 2: 8/10 Beats comes in hard and its Drake so its good.
Verse 3: 9.5/10 Comes in with a classic line amazingly, long and good because big sean
Backing track: 9/10 Changes from hook to verses and they are both lit.

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5 Worst Behavior

This should be #1

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6 Tuscan Leather

I don't get it. This is the best song on the album. It had 3 good verses. Furthest thing should not be number 1

Lyrically, Drake at his best. Three beats in one song, only Drake and 40 could think of that.

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7 Too Much

Bruh top 3 no debating

Love it

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8 The Language

All I want is some head in a comfortable bed it could all be so simple

Simply the best, just don't know why it isn't #1

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9 Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2

Why is this a Masterpiece?

Easily his best song ever smh the rest on the album are ass - JCchrom3

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10 From Time UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Come Thru UListen to Sample
12 Wu-Tang Forever

Dark and stormy. Drive by music by Drake haha. I love it

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15 The Motion

Happy to be first. This is human nature showing the people don't call when they got everything and the u just move on in relationships - it's the motion. But all you Gucci fans probably thinking Gay thoughts when not one hetero- male or female were... Huh

16 305 to My City UListen to Sample
17 Too Good UListen to Sample
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1. Started from the Bottom
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3. Worst Behavior
1. Worst Behavior
2. Started from the Bottom
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1. Started from the Bottom
2. Worst Behavior
3. The Language

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