Best Songs from Eminem's Recovery and Relapse: Refill


The Top Ten

1 Not Afraid

The best

Great song

2 Beautiful

My favourite song ever

3 Forever

DAMN Son! Where'd you find that at?
Awesome. Just plain awesome.

4 No Love
5 Crack a Bottle

Awesome song. Insane is also awesome but it's not on here.

6 Cold Wind Blows

How is Not Afraid above this? This is has a way better beat with better lyrics!

6? Should be #1. Or Almost Famous.

This a great one but it isn't better than not afraid man

7 Talkin' 2 Myself
8 Careful What You Wish For

Good song depicting his past incidents

9 Going Through Changes
10 Elevator

This is the best song on Refill. Best on Recovery is Almost Famous by FAR!

19?! Have you not heard the hook?! Or just the song in general?! That's total BS! Best song on Relapse: Refill and better than every Recovery song (My Favorite on the original Relapse is Medicine Ball).

How is Going Through Changes above Elevator? That makes no sense. The hooks are the exact opposite. Elevators is EXTREMELY catchy and funny and GTC's is just bad.

that HOOK!

The Contenders

11 Space Bound
12 My Darling
13 Music Box

Great song. Should be a lot higher.

14 Taking My Ball

This is a funny song. Why do some people dislike it?

This was actually pretty funny. I liked it.

Great song

15 Cinderella Man
16 Love the Way You Lie
17 Insane - Eminem

This is actually good!

Boi this is #1!

18 Medicine Ball

Great chorus, amazing beat, dope rhymes. Should be #1.

19 Old Time's Sake

Awesome song!


20 Deja Vu
21 3 A.M.
22 We Made You
23 25 to Life

Why is this at #17?

24 Won't Back Down

Why is'nt this not number one? all the songs before this suck - CODcaker45

25 Almost Famous

This is such a fantastic song. Should be #1.

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