Top Ten Songs from the Eurovision Song Contest 2017

The Eurovision Song Contest is a huge annual music competition where each European country (and also some other nations) can contribute a song that will be performed live. In 2017 the song contest was held in Ukraine who won in 2016 with the song "1944" by Jamala.

In 2017, Portugal won with "Amar Pelos Dois" by Salvador Sobral.

The Top Ten

1 Amar Pelos Dois - Salvador Sobral
2 Occidentali's Karma - Francesco Gabbani (Italy)

You know, Italian music in general sounds very organic and emotive, and this song which is about the fascination for Indian culture is another great example of that Italian vibe (my mother listens to Italian music a lot so I know several songs). - Martin_Canine

Too intellectual and meaningful for this bad event. Like 24k gold stored in a plastic bag.

*Occidentali's Karma* Best Song ever! - jenigrano

3 City Lights - Blanche
4 Beautiful Mess - Kristian Kostov
5 Time - O.Torvald (Ukraine)

The only rock song of the evening, and it's cool alternative the way I like it. - Martin_Canine

6 Fly With Me - Artsvik (Armenia)

Armenia delivered a mystical oriental but still electro influenced song along a wonderful exciting stage show. With a great singer and a wonderful composition, this song was outstanding and phenomenal, and my personal favorite. - Martin_Canine

7 My Friend - Jacques Houdek (Croatia)

This guy sang both pop and opera vocals, and both exceptionally good. Yes, that's not a duet, it's one person. Also, the melody of the music sounds very beautiful. - Martin_Canine

8 I Can't Go On - Robin Bengtsson (Sweden)

Oh yeah, Sweden. Almost every year they deliver a memorable catchy pop song that gets you hooked. - Martin_Canine

9 Never Give Up On You - Lucie Jones (United Kingdom)

A powerful singing voice and a wonderfully dramatic ballad. - Martin_Canine

Well, since the UK couldn't vote for its own song, I'm voting for it here. It's a beautiful song. I would have liked to see contemporary dance during her performance but still...I really liked Portugal's entry (don't know what it was called) a gorgeous smooth Jazz piece. I'm pleased it won.
PS - have to thank Australia for giving the UK the maximum "douze points". - Britgirl

10 Lights and Shadows - OG3NE (The Netherlands)

They remind me of early 2000s pop music, most notably of the Sugababes (also known as the best girlgroup there was) and that's a pleasant flashback I had much fun with. - Martin_Canine

The Newcomers

? Spirit of the Night - Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson (San Marino)

Still a fun song - FalconEye1999

? Running on Air - Nathan Trent (Austria)

The Contenders

11 Skeletons  - Dihaj (Azerbaijan)

Apart from the gothic-ish stage show, she also has an outstanding singing voice that makes the music ten times more exciting. - Martin_Canine

12 Hey Mamma - Sunstroke Project (Moldova)
13 Yodel It! - Ilinca (Romania

A unique performance. My favorite this year! :) _ FalconEye99 - FalconEye1999

14 Flashlight - Kasia Mos (Poland)

A powerful female singer, dramatic delivery and a bombastic instrumental with emotive strings - that's all it takes to please my ears. - Martin_Canine

15 Origo - Joci Pápai (Hungary)
16 Grab the Moment - Jowst (Norway)
17 Apollo - Timebelle (Switzerland)

Also a very underrated song. Deserved a higher spot and a place in the Grand Finale just like Estonia, Albania and Macedonia.

18 Gravity - Hovig (Cyprus)

I'd rank this song higher if it wouldn't remind me of Humans by Rag'n'Bone Man that much. Also could be Way Down We Go by Kaleo. Those songs are already pretty similar.
But that doesn't change the fact that Cyprus' entry is a well produced and performed pop song. - Martin_Canine

19 Historyja Majho Žyccia - Naviband (Belarus)

Such a happy and enjoyable song. And I love the belarusian language. - Zukram97

20 World - Lindita (Albania)

In my opinion the most underrated song this year. - FalconEye1999

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1. Amar Pelos Dois - Salvador Sobral
2. Beautiful Mess - Kristian Kostov
3. Time - O.Torvald (Ukraine)
1. Fly With Me - Artsvik (Armenia)
2. Flashlight - Kasia Mos (Poland)
3. My Friend - Jacques Houdek (Croatia)
1. Amar Pelos Dois - Salvador Sobral
2. Occidentali's Karma - Francesco Gabbani (Italy)
3. City Lights - Blanche



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